It’s time for the truth…I’ve never been very consistent when it comes to most things in my life. Sure, I’m consistent with punishments – time outs, taking away toys, that kind of thing. But when it comes to myself and my goals, I’ve really lacked consistency. That’s probably while I dropped out of college twice, and why Nolan still isn’t potty trained.

I pacify myself saying that “he’s not ready yet” simply because he refuses to give it a try, but he is ready. He is capable of holding his pee and using the potty – we’ve done it before, after all. I just wasn’t consistent because we ended up traveling down south for a “visit” that stretched to over two months, and I didn’t stay on top of it or start it up again when we got home.

But we’re going camping this summer, at the end of June, and I want to say goodbye to diapers for Nolan forever, ideally before we go camping. Changing one diapered butt while camping will be shitty enough {pun intended}, but two will just not be fun. Even when we’re not camping and when we’re at home, it gets old changing diapers nonstop throughout the day.

And so, this weekend is Potty Training Boot Camp for Nolan. No diapers, and we aren’t going anywhere. I chose this weekend because Matt is away, and he is worse than I am when it comes to potty training consistency, one accident and he wants to throw in the towel. But I am determined, I know Nolan is ready to be potty trained — especially during the day. Maybe not so much at night, and I’m not expecting that for another 6 months, but definitely during the day.

We started Potty Training Boot Camp yesterday afternoon. He only had one accident, when Matt came home from running errands and he wanted to show daddy how he goes on the potty, so he whipped down his underwear and sat down on his potty and peed a little. He thought he was done, so he stood up and pulled his underwear back up and then was playing with his toys and he peed. He felt really bad about it, but I told him it was alright and he helped me clean it up.

Today he woke up with a dry diaper, and then when I removed it he started freaking out and kept telling me he wanted a diaper. I ignored him and he peed on the potty {!!!} and since then things have been pretty good. He’s had a couple dribble accidents, and one slightly large accident when Matt was getting ready to leave but other than that he’s been pretty good about sensing the sensation and getting to the potty on time. He just gets so involved in what he’s doing that he ignores the sensation, and my reminders. When I try to force him on his potty when he doesn’t think he’s ready, a fit ensues so I’m trying to allow him the space to go himself.

I imagine that this potty training experience is going to be full of accidents and successes. Point is, this time I’m really sticking to it, because I’ve had enough of diapers and enough of Nolan pretending to not be ready when I KNOW he’s fully capable. It’s all about control, and how he likes to assert himself as the controller. I’m not saying I want to control him, I just want to teach him that he can still control things by being potty trained – if that makes sense.

I’m also determined to stay consistent with my weight loss goals. YES, I actually have weight loss goals now.


Left: me as is, not sucking in or anything.
Right: what I hope to look like in a month…I want to tighten up my stomach, my tushy, my thighs and my arms. Not loose weight per say, just get toned and fit.

I am finally feeling motivated in the whole fitness department. Since Archer’s birth, I have felt no desire to get back on the “in shape” wagon. I’ve been content to whine and sulk about my post baby weight and I’ve had enough of it. I’ve been walking more and I feel better about myself even just doing that, so I’m going to start doing more things to get in shape.

I’ve got the 30 Day Shred DVD, and I plan on starting that Monday. Matt insists that starting something new at the end of the week makes you more likely to fail at it. So, Monday will be day 1 of the 30 Day Shred.

In addition to starting the 30 Day Shred on Monday, and going on long walks with the boys, I’m going to start doing YouTube Yoga haha.

I’m going to be successful and consistent this time, because I want to see a change. I want to be more confident in my skin. I don’t want a muffin top. I want to fit comfortably into my clothes and I want to keep up with my energetic boys. I’m also dropping ALL expectations on what I can and can’t do. I’ll alter the exercise routines if my body can’t do it, and simply trying will be enough for me. I’ve never really tried before. Sure, I joined a gym but that didn’t last very long at all before I found out I was pregnant and then decided to quit in order to save money and “embrace pregnancy” {aka, sit on my ass eating all day}.

So, along with exercising I’ve also started making these healthy diet changes:

* I’ve cut chips out of my diet. Usually, I’d consume at least two bags of chips per week. It was NARLY.

* I’m drinking more water, and less juice/caffeine.

* I’m cutting candy and chocolate out of my diet, and trying to snack healthy.

I’m going to keep the occasional cheat day, just for special occasions and to keep myself from going ALL OUT.

So, yeah. Hopefully by the time Matt gets home from his guys weekend, Nolan will be potty trained and I will have started the Yoga part of my exercise program 😉

SPEAKING of Matt, I have some really awesome, exciting news….MATT GOT A JOB!!!!

He starts Monday at 8am, and he’ll be working at a paint and powder coating factory. It’s not the welding job he’s been waiting for, but we’ll take it! Matt has been out of work for nearly 8 months now and things have been hard. Matt isn’t the kind of guy who can just not work, not working makes him miserable and depressed…needless to say it’s been a LONG 8 months!

He’s still going to pursue the out west job, but for now this will definitely tide us over!

However…I guess this means I’ll be traveling down south in June with the two kids by myself….yikes. Please hold me. I’m terrified.


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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8 Responses to Consistency

  1. Isha says:

    Congrats on his job! And yay for having weight loss goals. I am working (slowly) toward a healthier me. It is hard work, but it's easier when you have support! I know you can do it!

  2. tierney says:

    Awesome goals! Your life (and wallet) will definitely improve with only one kid in diapers! Also …I have the Shred DVD too!! We should do it together, that way, if I skip a day you can tell me how much I suck?! Haha

  3. Haha alright! Do you have twitter? I can't remember lol!

  4. tierney says:

    No 😦 I obviously fail at social media. I have email, facebook, text & am working on a blog? Haha

  5. Lisamello says:

    Aw well done Matt on the job! And good luck with the potty training! My niece is almost over with it and she is SO proud saying she gets to wear big girl knickers lol 🙂

    Ah you've reminded me that I need to set up healthy goals. I've been looking for my 30 day shred DVD but can't find it, so right now I'm doing little things like weight lifts and star jumps whilst watching an episode of something. But I should go to the gym or cancel my subscription cause its a big fat waste of money 😦

  6. Haha get working on the blog! And are you following my Facebook page? ?

  7. Canceling gym memberships can be just as expensive though 😦 I found I worked out more with a membership, I was there every day for the week I had it LOL.

    He's pretty much in love with his underwear…although he keeps having accidents because he's like “meh, I'll just get a new pair!” :/

    And thank you!! He starts today 🙂

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