Fearless in Friend Making

Yesterday I kept super busy, because I didn’t want to dwell on things. The boys and I spent the majority of yesterday outside playing (when we weren’t inside for naps/food). Nolan had tons of fun and I enjoyed sitting out on the porch with Archer, watching Nolan use his sidewalk chalk and ride his bike.

Then this little girl from a few doors down saw Nolan playing outside, and just ran right up to him and gave him the biggest bear hug ever. It was adorable. Like, seriously cute. They made friends within an instant, just started talking to one another and playing together like they’d known each other forever, and they didn’t even know each others names!

I tried to not interfere with their play. I didn’t really like that Nolan kept running off to a few doors down to play with the little girl’s water table, but I didn’t put a stop to it because this is what kids do…they make friends. When he gets a little bigger, I’m hoping he’ll understand boundaries with strangers a little more but I’m still hoping he’ll remain fearless in friend making.

The little girl’s grandma (who was watching her and her little brother) and I chatted about the neighborhood, and our houses, and how long she’d been there and how she likes it etc. She has the same issues I do with the place (tons of space, but they’re horrible at keeping things updated/fixing things, and she’s heard equal amounts of horror stories of what they charge when you try to move out).

Then Nolan stopped listening, so we had to go in…which kinda sucked but then and again I was pretty tired from holding Archer and trying to chase Nolan away from the dumpsters – he kept trying to play with garbage again. It’s seriously frustrating. He was so good for most of the day, listening to me and steering clear of the dumpsters…but towards the end he started getting curious and wanted to touch everything. Gross.

When Matt came home, we went for a little walk along the water front.

I love walking along the waterfront. I love looking at the lake, at the clouds, and at the boats. I love the breeze that always accompanies the lake. I love the sand, the shady picnic areas, and the play ground.

We skipped out on the playground and actually going to the beach/water because we had the double tantum stroller and it just kept sinking every time. Archer was asleep and Nolan was cranky as all hell, so we decided to just do another lap and go home. 

So, I was successful in keeping busy and enjoying myself yesterday. Today I was supposed to have a play date but stuff has moved to Monday for several reasons. I’m kind of dreading the weekend…Matt’s got guys’ weekend so I’ll be having my first official solo weekend with the boys. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for if/when he gets a job going out of province for 20 days at a time…but it’s gonna be hard, regardless. I don’t think I’d have an issue at all if I was closer to family, but being so far away and isolated…well, I’ll [try to] manage.

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2 Responses to Fearless in Friend Making

  1. When Hannah was born, Ryan went back to work the day after I got out of the hospital. I was in so much pain from my c-section but nevermind that, I was just outright terrified of being alone with two babies haha. We got into a routine pretty quickly though and I'm sure you will too. In fact, I'm now just so used to doing things on my own (since Ryan works like 60 hours a week) that I consider it a rare treat when I have help haha.

    I hope we can get our boys together! Landon does great with new friends too and I think it'd be so cute to see them play!

  2. It's not so much their care that terrifies me, I can handle all that…sure, I'll probably get frustrated haha! Who doesn't?? I think it's the whole going 48+ hours without seeing or speaking to another adult…THAT'S gonna get me :\ I was going to try and keep busy and make plans but people are busy and I lack a car right now so yeah.

    I hope we can get our boys together too! I'll be down south for a week or so in June? from like the 12th-20th probably?

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