Week in iPhone Pics,

Another week has just flown by! Here’s what we did:


 1) Nolan wouldn’t eat his breakfast before play group, so we couldn’t go, and then around 10 he decided to finally eat it haha! 2) Morning baby snuggles are bomb! 3) My boys having a cuddle sesh.
4) Matt getting ready for his interview! 5) He’s sexy. 6) Nolan playing in the dirt!
7) Chasing birds. 8) Watching me build a “castle” (or pile of dirt, meh). 9) Here Mommy! A ROCK!
10) I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty! 11) Pushing me down the slide. 12) My man and I!


 1) Sitting around. 2) Archer before our walk. He’s wearing 12 month overalls, 9 month onesie, size 24 hat and size 3 shoes {that Nolan was wearing until he was like 2 years old}. 3) Future Biker? I think so!
4) Nolan at the park! 5) Come on Dad! 6) Going for adventures.
7) So gorgeous out! 8) Couple photo 😀 9) Off on another adventure!
10) Archer’s baby blues.


1) Silly faces first thing in the morning. 2) Mr. Nolan Potato Head. 3) Snuggles with Nolan.
4) Snuggles with Archer. 5) Sleepy cuddle bug. 6) Homemade chicken soup! Noodles were added later haha.
7) My boys! 8) Archer and Daddy. 9) Daddy is a fun jungle gym.
10) Playing. 11) More snuggles with his boys. 12) Reading before bed!



1) Laying around. 2) Nolan stole Archer’s toy, so moments later Archer jacked Nolan’s bear haha. 3) Pretty handsome!
4) Watching TOY STORY! 5) Just me. 6) Teething baby cuddles.

7) SAD BABIES. 😦 8) Nursing strike equals out to feeding via medicine dropper. Poor babes.


 1) How can someone THIS CUTE be so difficult 90% of the time? lol. 2) Feeding Archer pumped milk with a medicine dropper, thank you nursing strike. 3) Mama’s much needed coffee!
4) Archer’s “I’m teething and pissed and chewing on stuff” scrunch face. 5) Nolan being a FANTASTIC big bro and pushing the swing {since we don’t ever buy batteries haha}. 6) At the bank, running errands. Grocery shopping, Walmart for baby supplies. Fun times.
7) Cuddling a teething babes who only wants to munch on my necklace. I need a teething necklace, stat. 8) Archer’s first time eating those PUFF snacks, and he loves them. 9) Nolan “helping” me fold laundry.
10) Attempts at babywearing in the sling to try and help end the nursing strike were fruitless against struggling baby. 11) Or perhaps not…as he did eventually pass out. 12) Dinner! Mashed potatoes covered in Chunky soup with cheese. NOM.
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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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11 Responses to Week in iPhone Pics,

  1. Olivia Grace says:

    Looks like a great week!! Your family is adorable!!

  2. Great pics! LOVE the Tuesday blue sky ones. Gorgeous!

  3. That first one of you and Archer is adorbs. He's your twin FYI! Like you didn't already know that 😉

    Gonna have to try Chunky Soup that way. I don't normally like it but that looks pretty good!

  4. oh man, im always saying its a good thing parker is cute… sure makes it easier to love them through some of the more difficult moments!!

  5. Dumb Mom says:

    I'm still waiting for my “challenging” child to grow out of it. He's 7. You guys sure are a cuddly family! I love that!

  6. Thank you!! 🙂 I love sky pictures haha!

  7. Ahaha he totally is my twin 😉 and thanks!

    Let me know how you like that meal haha. Super easy for those lazy days 😉

  8. Definitely makes it easier! lol.

  9. Haha! That doesn't give me much hope 😉 and yeah, we like cuddles lol

  10. Guess what I had tonight…chunky soup with mashed potatoes…it was pretty good BUT…Landon doesn't like mashed potatoes so I fried some up like hashbrowns style for him and put the chunky soup on top of that. THAT was SUPER NOM.

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