Teething Woes

The majority of today was spent holding a crying, miserable teething baby and trying my hardest to get him to nurse. All day long, he’s been refusing the boobs. Needless to say, the boobs are NOT impressed.

He was hungry, but he just wouldn’t nurse, so I pumped off some milk and put it in a little medicine dropper and we fed it to him that way. Then I gave him a bowl of oat cereal and tried to nurse him again. He took the milk from a dropper and ate his cereal but the moment I tried to put him to breast he freaked right out, arching backwards and going stiff as a board. No matter what side I tried him on. Left, right, it didn’t matter. He wanted nothing to do with my boobs all day. 

I don’t get it. He’s never been this intense, so I’ve been pretty much on edge and my nerves are all but shot. Currently, as I write this, Archer is sleeping in his room. I’m dreading tonight…I’m dreading the multiple wake ups that I know will happen and I’m scared that he will continue to refuse my breast, which will make things a thousand times more difficult for me. I’ve already taken out a bag of frozen breastmilk just in case he does refuse me, so I’ll be able to at least offer him breastmilk from a bottle, and if that fails…the medicine dropper.


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4 Responses to Teething Woes

  1. Amber or hazelwood teething necklaces are your friend 🙂

  2. tierney says:

    So sorry to hear that Archer is so uncomfortable! Have you tried giving him something natural, like Camilia Teething? It comes in a little tube you pour ini his mouth and helps with painful gums, restlessness & irritability! You can repeat after 15 minutes if you see no relief. Maybe worth a try!

  3. Yes but they're so expensive 😦

  4. I will definitely look into that. Thank you!

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