Week in iPhone Pics,

Our week in iPhone pics…


  1) Brothers sharing secrets. 2) Our neighborhood. 3) Hot husband pumping gas. 4) Visiting the local k-cups warehouse! 5) Sitting in the grocery store parking lot while Matt grocery shops. 6) Sleepy Nolan. 7) I love his big blue eyes!


 1) 5am hour long walk around the house with the baby in the sling, damn teething! 2) A selfie. 3) Slingin’ it during the day. Outfit of choice: Matt’s t-shirt and my best fitting pair of jeans. 4) Cuddling with my big boy. 5) Intent looks from the husband man. 6) Intent looks and wicked hair from the littlest boy child. 7) Brooding. 8) How Archer sits in a Bumbo now…I think it’s time for a high chair.


 1) I tried something new with my bangs, I kinda like it… 2) Running errands! 3) Nolan picking out the wipes he wanted haha. 4) Matt browsing…how come there are NEVER any 6-9 month sleepers at Walmart?! Awkward in between sizes FTS. 5) The boys, sharing stories & giggling. 6) Archer chewing on his sock…seriously, he’s so amused by clothing.


1) Another super early wake up with a sad, teething baby who just wants to be held. 2) More cuddles. Sad mama. Heard some devastating news in the blogging world, and became an emotional wreck grieving for a family I don’t even personally know, but who’s story has touched my heart. 3) Archer’s sad, tired teething eyes. 4) Cuddles with my boys all day long helped improve my mood (but my heart still aches terribly). 5) Nolan got a hold of my winter hat & R’s pink shoes. He’s superman. 6) More snuggles with Nolan, after dinner. Very needed. 7) He’s so gorgeous. 8) Archer nearly passed out on the floor. 


1) First time Archer actually cooperated long enough to attempt a new nursing position. It only lasted two minutes, but I’ll take it. 2) Sleeping with his eyes open haha. 3) Play time! 4) Archer just wanted to be held on my shoulder, so Cristy recommended I lay down with him on my stomach. Seriously, she’s a genius haha. Honestly it was SO COMFY I would have fallen asleep myself, if I wasn’t so scared of the whole falling out of bed ordeal.

I took way less photos on Friday for some reason.
Anyway, that was our week!
Linking up with Amy.


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2 Responses to Week in iPhone Pics,

  1. That last photo is how Hannah and I slept every night for the first month. Great pics!

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