Archer, Seven Months

My dearest little Archer bean is now seven months old. He’s growing bigger and brighter with each passing day. He’s so long now, and just barely fits into 6 month sleepers. If I could find some 6-9 month sleepers, we’d be done with 6 month size forever. This does make me feel a little sad.

He’s still 100% nursing {no formula}, although this past month has been a month of many firsts in the food world. Archer has now had rice cereal, wheat cereal, oat cereal, bananas, peas, carrots and sweet potatoes. I’ve made everything at home this time around, I can’t believe I didn’t for Nolan. I thought it would be “more complicated” to make his food, but it’s not. I have just been blending up a little of what we eat {well, the peas, carrots and sweet potatoes anyway} in my magic bullet. Banana mash is easy to make too, I squished up the bananas and added freshly squeezed boob milk haha!

His favourites out of that bunch have peas, wheat and oat cereal and sometimes {if he’s in the right mood} bananas. He could care less for carrots and only ate his sweet potatoes once they were mixed in with his oat cereal. TOTAL opposite from Nolan, who adored any and all sweet things and refused any and all veg, especially peas.                                      

Archer is also a fan of Mum Mum cookies! He loves to be able to hold them and feed himself. Of course…this usually equals out to a super messy baby.

Archer is getting very good at moving around too. He’s working on his crawling stance, and has yet to start “army crawling”, but he’s very good at the whole roll around to get around thing. I’ve put him on one side of the room, washed dishes and come back to find him on the other side of the room. Archer is a very curious, inquisitive little guy and just loves to find new things to play with and chew on. His favourite target is CORDS. Typical boy.

Archer adores spending any and all time with his big brother. Nolan can do absolutely no wrong, and even if he’s being a little rough, Archer will giggle like a manic with the BIGGEST smile on his face. I love watching them interact, every month it changes and gets even more incredible.

As for sleep? Well…some nights, rare nights, Archer will do pretty decent and only wake up once. Most nights he’s up a ridiculous amount still. I still feel that he’s far too young to do the CIO method {and I’m not even sure if that’s for us anyway. I know we did that with Nolan but Nolan was a different kid}. Archer usually just wants to be snuggled and have a little bit of boob.

Teething has been causing a lot of pain in his little world too, although he’s only got his two bottom teeth to show for it so far. We spend many a night comforting a sad, pained little man. Last night I laid in my bed, holding him in my arms so he could sleep on my chest. He needed Mama’s comfort to help fight those icky tooth pains.  

I’m not sure what he weighs right now, I’m guessing around 17 or 18 pounds. I’ll find out next week when I take him to get his 6 month shots {yes, we’re late, but we were late for his 4 month shots because he was sick for several weeks}.

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7 Responses to Archer, Seven Months

  1. Happy 7 months you cutie, Archer!

  2. Holly ♥ says:

    I have 6-9month jammies in storage but I'm not sure how pink would look on him!! =)

  3. I can't believe he's 7 months already. And what a big boy! He's like the same weight as my 20 month old LOL. I was surprised by how easy and convenient making my own baby food could be as well!

  4. Haha he's had to wear pink before, when he had a poop explosion and we were at my sisters. He looks very…pretty haha!

  5. It really is surprising. And so much cheaper! I just make him what we're eating {within reason, lol. Veggies I mean}

  6. tierney says:

    7 months already! Happy happy 7 months, Archer!

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