Some Pretties for the Home

If I had more money, then I’d probably be a major shopaholic. Since I’m broke more often than not, I can’t be the shopaholic I long to be. Otherwise our house would look like something out of Design Inc. because I would totally hire Sarah to decorate for me. LOVE everything she does.

Anyways, I’ve veered off topic a little. To satisfy the shopaholic in me, I’ve been “window shopping” via the Internet and drooling over tons of new stuff for the home. None of it I can buy, but hey…it looks pretty, right?

For the boys’ bathroom:

Currently, a see-through fish shower curtain resides in the boys’ bathroom and I hate it. I want something boyish but still appropriate for when we have guests…
For all the bathrooms:
How nifty would that be?? It would save space on under the counter storage, and it’s always at hand! Hah.
For the living room:
Because I love the colour. Seriously. I want turquoise everywhere.
It would totally go with the couch I want, wouldn’t it?
Because I want it, I need it. I love it! Two if them.
It goes perfectly with the side tables, am I right?!
For the dining room:
I love this table set for our now kitchen. It’s tiny enough to not take up the whole dining room, yet I can really work with it. And it’s only $149! I was looking at dining chairs at Walmart the other day, and the cheapest ones they had were 45…if I bought four of them, it’d come to $180…so obviously this is a better deal. I love me some Ikea!
For Archer’s bedroom
I still rock him to sleep every night, and although I love our current rocking chair {a hand me down from Matt’s mom!}, it’s getting too narrow for my fast growing chunkers.
Random things I’d buy just ’cause:
Well, I am married to a bearded man, aren’t I?
Maybe one day, I’ll have a super fat bank account and the ability to indulge a little…and put the items that I want and like in an actual shopping cart…and then maybe, I’ll be able to do a “redecorating” feature on my blog! Wouldn’t that be exciting? For me…anyway haha.
I know it’s super materialistic, but I’m really counting down the days until that day…until the day when I can purchase some new pretties for my house. Be it second hand or brand spanking new…I feel guilty for admitting that. I really do. I know that life isn’t about the stuff you have but the memories you make…but it sure would be nice to have some nicer things! Or things that at least suit our personalities better…you know??

Next month, when the weather warms up a little more, we’ll be staining my living room end tables. So, that should help ease the major “home makeover” bug I’ve gotten.

P.S. For those of you interested…the Facebook blog page link up is still live! Go join in on the fun!


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5 Responses to Some Pretties for the Home

  1. tierney says:

    Love all the stuff you picked out. I bought that beards glass (along with one that says Mazel Tov Bitches) for a Jewish friend for Christmas. Urban Outfitters, right? They were on sale- 2 for $10!

  2. They are on sale now too! I want to buy several of them for Matt. I suppose I should wait until we have our own house with his man cave/bar haha!! OR….maybe for his birthday/Christmas? haha

  3. I love those beard glasses… but then again, I'm tied down to a bearded man, too.

    I'm also a little in love with everything else. I found an awesome chair at the thrift store the other day. Someday I will have my own apartment to put these pretty things in! Until then, I'm in the same window shopping boat. Being broke sucks.

  4. I like the coffee tables. And I like the turquoise couch a lot but it doesn't look very comfy.

  5. dramaticmama says:

    i LOVE those shot glasses!!! i need to get them. lol.

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