Questions About Cloth Diapering {gDiapers, GroVia, FuzziBunz}.

I’m doing that thing again…that thing that all moms are guilty of doing at some point, and that’s feeling guilty about something. I’m feeling guilty about never trying cloth diapering, and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to…it was because I didn’t save for it. It wasn’t a priority for us. We both assumed that it would be “too expensive” so we never looked into it.

That argument is rather redundant though. Diapers period are expensive, half time I have to take money out of our grocery fund to buy diapers. That’s when I start to wonder, if we had bought cloth diapers…would we be saving money in the long run? The answer is obviously yes, and that’s when the guilt and reprimanding myself comes in.


If I had the money, right this second, I would buy cloth diapers. I would stock up, I would do it. I’m not bothered by a dirty diaper, Archer has full out pooped on me before and I’ve just sighed, cleaned up the mess and showered. I don’t think that cleaning cloth diapers would be any different.

I’m kind of super mad at myself too. If we had cloth diapered Nolan, who has been in a size 3 diaper since 11 months old, we would have saved a ridiculous amount of money. I’m kicking myself, but at least I can redeem myself by cloth diapering Archer, who will probably still be in diapers for another 2 years if he’s anything like Nolan {who flat out refuses to potty train}.

So, no more excuses about why not to. No more “it’s too expensive!” bullcrud. Even Matt has changed his tune about cloth diapering. Before, he was so against it because he pictured us having to scrape poop off into the toilet or something {and if I’m being honest, I end up having to do that anyway since Archer is the King of Shitsplosions}. Matt is also warming up to the idea after learning that you can buy disposable inserts for certain types of cloth diapers. I’m going to [try] to buy some second-hand cloth diapers off Kijiji {if I can find any}. I’m looking for gDiapers, and I’m really hoping someone has a bunch they can sell me, or, best case scenario {since I’m broke} give me. I dream big, don’t I?

If I can’t find secondhand cloth diapers, I’ll just have to do it the difficult way and save. A 6-pack of gDiapers with gRefills cost $144.98, which really makes me anxious because {HELLO!!!} six diapers! But I know they’ll last a while. But still, nearly 200 bucks?!? Not including shipping? I sincerely hope someone answers my ad for secondhand gDiapers.

GroVia is also another company I’m looking at. I obviously fell madly in love with this cloth diaper:


Which almost had me pulling out my imaginary credit card and saying KACHING but obviously, that credit card is imaginary. And to be honest, GroVia is kind of confusing. gDiapers seems really straight forward and simple, for a novice like me.

I don’t think this town is big on gDiapers OR GroVia, which whatever…I can order online [eventually], it just hinders my chances of finding secondhand gDiapers {or GroVia}, which sucks because that’s what I’m sort of depending on to kick start my cloth diapering experience. This town is seriously all about the Fuzzi Bunz…which, you know, wouldn’t be horrible especially if I could get some kind of deal on secondhand stuff {inserts included}. Matt just told me he wouldn’t be changing any cloth diapered poop butts, and that he’d rather not have to wash poopy diapers in the washing machine, which is why I was leaning towards disposable inserts.

This whole cloth diapering thing is a literal minefield, it’s so confusing and there’s just so much information. I’m doing my research, but it’s really overwhelming. Like, typically how long does the gRefill case last? Ultimately, once I get the hang of cloth diapering I would like to switch to actual inserts and liners {which is why I’m really leaning towards gDiapers}.

So, if you have any cloth diapering advice, especially about the gDiaper, GroVia and FuzziBunz brands, please feel free to leave some tips for me.


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8 Responses to Questions About Cloth Diapering {gDiapers, GroVia, FuzziBunz}.

  1. tierney says:

    Hey! Soo, as you know, I'm definitely not a mom, but I am a nanny, which means, like moms, I've been pooped on, pee'd on and puked on like the best of us. That, doesn't phase me at all. However, I have nannied for two separate families that use cloth diapers, so I thought I'd give some input (you might not like what I have to say ..sorry!)

    I HATE cloth diapers. Sorry! Totally your decision, just thought I share some of my thoughts!

    While cloth diapers are absolutely adorable and babies/kids in them are so darn cute, I don't find them to be all that effective. For starters, you have to change them quite frequently. Not that I let kids sit in wet diapers, but cloth simply do not absorb the same. Most often, you have to buy special night time ones or put in additional liners AND a cover to prevent leaks in the night. Second, in the morning, the smell of urine is almost strong enough to make you vomit. While yes there are no chemicals, I for one cannot pick up the baby and give her a bottle before changing that diaper first- its a must, the smell will kill you. Third, while diapers are insanely expensive, cloth diapering has a huge start up fee (as you've mentioned). And, with so many types, it's really trial & error until you find the ones that you like and work best for you & Archer. Fourth, you have to wash cloth diapers separately from your clothing, which means if you're paying separate for utilities, it will cost you quite a bit more to be running the wash more frequently. Fifth, you have to rinse them before washing. If you do that after each diaper change, it gets old fast- especially with a toddler running around and a baby in your arms. If you happen to have a sitter (or in your case, if Matt won't clean the poopy ones) then you put them in a waterproof/smell proof bag that you get to come home to, dig through, and rinse shit from- what fun! Lastly, being out for the day, at the mall, park, families houses, etc, I hated bringing oodles of cloth diapers (they're bulkier) and then having to carry around dirty diapers until we got back to the car and eventually home. It's simply extra baggage when they've soiled 1, 2 or 3 diapers while out at the zoo and you're already carting around a stroller, diaper bag, sippy cups, lunch, toys, phone, keys, wallet, oh …and the kids! Haha

    I know I'm such a pessimist, and I'm sorry for raining on your parade, but I just wanted to give you my (unwarranted) input. If this is for you & Archer, all of the power to you! I really mean that, I don't have the patience for it whatsoever and while some claim it's easier on the budget, I'm not sure I see it that way with a) how many you need (my families have at least 30 each) and b) how often you're running the laundry. If you (or others) consider it due to the fact of no harsh chemicals, etc., I'd recommend natural diapers with no dies, chemicals, etc. as an alternative to cloth diapers.

    In the end, while I am whole-heartedly against cloth diapering (again, personal preference!) I would ABSOLUTELY use them for swimming. This is the one instance I do believe they are beneficial. If you have maybe 3, and bring a clean pair to any pool/beach days, I think they work awesome and double as a diaper & bathingsuit while they're still young.

    I'm so sorry for my (mostly) negative rant about cloth diapers. I did try to leave it on a positive note! Don't ever feel guilty for not trying something on your kids that others feel is better. You do the best for your kids in the best way you know how. I commend you & Matt for your amazing parenting skills. Regardless of being young & in a fairly new relationship when findig out about Nolan (in addition to health setbacks, family problems, jobs & school) you two have made an amazing family and are great parents. Your kids are happy & loved and have two parents that are IN love- that's all your kids really need, cloth diapers or not!

  2. tierney says:

    Ps. I think I should just get my own blog instead of basically writing blog posts in your comment section- SO sorry for that!

  3. You know what Tierney? THANK YOU. Seriously. Nobody has EVER told me anything remotely negative about cloth diapering…all I hear is the pluses and how great it is. I still want to try it, but perhaps instead of going all out I'll buy a start up kit {only have a few diapers and inserts etc}.

  4. Also, you know I've been dying for you to get a blog!!! PLEASE lol!!! Don't keep me waiting 😉

  5. tierney says:

    Haha I'm seriously considering it, and you'll be the first to know- promise! Thanks for not hating me for being so negative. I think the best way to go about it is either buy a start up pack or used ones off line (one family I sit for sold their old ones on kijiji) and test it out before fully committing! Good luck!

  6. Get on it! lol. No more thinking, just doing it 😉

  7. Well…when you put it that way…maybe I need to learn some more about cloth diapering too!

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