Week in iPhone Pics

It’s been a while since I threw together an “A Week in iPhone Pics”…but I assure y’all that I’ve taken a billion photos over the past several weeks. Just check out my Instagram, for one. My user there is “missbadcompany”. I take a billion photos, you’ve been forwarned.
Anyways, this week:
Monday: I love how much they love each other, and how much Sketch loves sunlight, oh…and how much I love puffy clouds, and Archer’s tongue. 
Monday was a good day!

Tuesday: It was a dark and cold day. There was SNOW, on my porch. NO JOKE. Nolan took to riding around on his plasma car. I read, A LOT. I cuddled the baby, A LOT. Nolan planked, a lot. Archer can’t get enough of squeezing my nose. That night Archer was a grumpy baby, and I spent a lot of time nursing him to get him to go to sleep for two hour stretches.

Wednesday: we had breakfast, went to play group, cuddled…a lot, and were just generally silly.

Thursday: I had a weird curl in my bangs, and then I reflected – upon cleaning my living room – that we have A TON of toys. I took the boys for a walk and to the park, then we played outside. Matt started to feel better {his teeth have been KILLING him lately}. Nolan was all “You can’t catch me daddy!” but he learned that his daddy could, indeed, catch him.

 Friday: we woke up to the grossest weather ever, slushy snow/rain mix. Uncool! We left for down south, and I read for a bit of the car ride. There was plenty of hand holding, of course.
When we got into town, we took Nolan and Archer to a park to blow off some steam.
That night my BIL’s fiance was over, and we got into the wine with my MIL Kim. Seriously…I drank a bottle to myself, so did Jacey, and then we got into the rum. Kim stayed sober because she knew I’d be useless the next morning haha.
I threw up, because I suck at holding booze. But I’m pro at barfing, so…yeah.
I learned a valuable lesson: to NEVER DRINK AGAIN…or at least, not that much, that quick.
I need to get rid of this “five minute party gal” nickname I’ve earned.

  Saturday: We had a super busy day! I felt like pickled buttholes so Kim sent me back up to bed in the morning, and I got to sleep in until 11am. Then it was GO GO GO. Matt’s grandparents stopped in, and they met Archer for the first time ever. They’ve been in Florida since last year, so that was neat. Nolan got some super nice presents from them, but true to Nolan’s style…he had more fun hiding in Grandpa Kent’s beer cooler haha.
Nolan’s birthday party started at 3pm at my Dad’s and we were a little late {opps!} Nolan got some amazing presents, pictured above is the super awesome tent my grandparents got him and a Woody costume from Nana Kim and Grandpa Kent! He got DVDs and clothes from my Dad and Jojo, a bike helmet from Auntie Shannon, the costume, a blanket and pillow, a lunch box and other various Toy Story themed things from Nana Kim and Grandpa Kent.
He had a Toy Story cake too, which he loved. Metro messed up on the wording. Originally I wanted it to say “Happy 3rd Birthday Nolan!” but then I felt guilty for not acknowledging Dalya so I called back and told them to remove everything and just say “Happy Birthday Nolan and Dalya”…oh well, it was still yummy!
On the way back to Kim’s we got stuck at the railway crossing, which Nolan loved.

 *We also took a bunch of pictures on Kim’s fancy camera at Nolan’s birthday party, but I’m waiting on her to send them to me. Then I’ll do another post on that haha.

 Sunday: we drove home. Someone asked me on Instagram how to do my liquid eyeliner….I think I’ll make a tutorial one day soon since it’s kinda hard to explain haha. The drive was nice, a little long but when is it not? Now we’re home, playing with birthday balloons and toys.
Our night will be very chill and relax: we’re gonna have chicken fajitas and salad for dinner, then it’s off to bed for the tired party boy.
Tomorrow, he’ll be three.

So, yeah. That was my week in iPhone photos! BUSY week. I’m hoping this week will be more relaxed! After Nolan’s little birthday party and dinner tomorrow, that is 😉

Y’all…he’s gonna be THREE tomorrow!!!

{Linking up with Amy from A Good Life}.


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2 Responses to Week in iPhone Pics

  1. Glad to hear you had a good night with some vino. You deserved that. Well, you didn't deserve the hangover but you know what I mean. Your braid is very Katniss Everdeen. I like it.

  2. I've been rocking the Katniss Everdeen braid for a while now haha. It's easiest to do!

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