Sleep. Or lack thereof…or something.

I know my mind is foggy, and I know that it’s been a while since we did this whole newborn thing…but I think Nolan slept more at Archer’s age than Archer does.
In fact, I can [almost] bet on it. I remember at least two naps twice a day, for a good chunk of time. Like, two hours each.
And he went to bed around 8pm. Woke up maybe once a night for a bit of a bottle {I was bottle feeding him after 4 months}, but when back to sleep and slept until about 7 or 8am.
Archer though…Archer is different. 
I’m pretty sure he only slept for about 55 minutes today.
And he was tired, so very tired!
Right now, as I write this, he’s upstairs in his room. Not sleeping. Not crying, but…not sleeping.
What. The. Heck.
Archer will fall asleep “on tap”, so to speak. But almost always, he’ll wake up moments later and cry. And then either continue crying or force himself to wake up and carry on with his baby business.
It’s nuts.
I’m feeling pretty worn out.
I think teething is the culprit.
He’s getting two teeth in beside his bottom two teeth…
Or at least, I think he is. His gums are swollen and sore. He’s made that perfectly clear.
My brain is totally muddled with lack of sleep and I can’t even tell you how long this no-sleep, even during the day, thing has been happen. 
Even the swing doesn’t hold any magical power to keep him asleep. 
Matt’s been extremely helpful, of course. No doubts there. He just went upstairs to try and get Archer to sleep now, by rocking him. 
Archer isn’t even crying. He’s just awake. 
Impossibly awake.
After little sleep today, and a crappy night of sleep last night.
I just don’t get it. I’m not a baby, and I’m exhausted. How the heck is he not sleeping?
This post doesn’t make a lot of sense. I know, I’m sorry for that. I’m trying to release some stress…
You know how it is.
Life of a blogging mom, right?
I know, things will get better.
One day, he’ll sleep.
This is normal.
But I’m still tired.
Very tired.


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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6 Responses to Sleep. Or lack thereof…or something.

  1. Aww, exhaustion is so difficult. You're right it will get better. I'm with you and you have all of my sympathy. It's so hard.

  2. Gahh! Teething is a bitch!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has he been checked for acid reflux? or possibly a lactose intolerance? My daughter was lactose intolerant and would wake from discomfort frequently, once we figured it out she was immediatly 100% better. All kids are different though not sure there is an actual “normal” and you as his mom would know him best, does he show symptoms of being uncomfortable.

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    He doesn't display any symptoms of acid reflux…but how do you know if there's a lactose intolerance? He doesn't seem to be in major discomfort as he's easily comforted and put back to bed (it just happens WAY often).

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