Archer, Six Months

 Six months.
Half a year.
I just can’t wrap my head around that…
Half a year. My baby has been here for half a year.
It seems like just yesterday he was born…
Now he’s six months old. 
Where does the time go?
I’m not sure how much Archer weighs at the moment…
We haven’t had him checked since he got his shots at 5 months.
But I do know that he no longer fits into anything sized 3 month, not even the 3-6 month stuff.
He is in 6 month sleepers, and growing fast out of those too…
I predict within the next week we’ll be getting him some 6-9 month things.
He wears 6 month pants and shirts…and is probably a size 4 shoe now.
His little converse shoes are so tight on him, I’m going to have to retire them immediately. I just can’t though…
I have a hard time letting go.
Archer has been eating cereal twice a day for the past week now…
We tried it when he was 5 months old, but he just wasn’t all that into it after a few days.
Now he can’t get enough of it! He gets so excited when I break out the cereal.
So far, I’ve only given him rice cereal. 
We’re going to try wheat next, I’ve just been hesitating because I wanted to get him adjusted to being in his own room before I introduced new foods that may or may not mess with his belly.
Archer had his first haircut last week.
He also moved into his own room, and he’s stoked about that.
I’m sure he enjoyed having the boobs close to him, but I think Matt and I were unknowingly waking him up more. 
He still wakes up several times each night, but he’s so much easier to get to sleep and now, when I move him to his crib he doesn’t wake up crying. He stays sleeping. 
He now loves belly time, although he gets very frustrated fast when he can’t move about the way he’d like to. He’s rolled over from tummy to back once, last week. I missed it – I was washing dishes and when I turned to look at him, he was on his back!
He hasn’t done it since.
He truly enjoys exersaucer time now! He loves to scream at the farm animals and stand up. 
Archer’s very good at standing up, and wants to do it often. If I hold his hands and support him that way, he has no problem standing for several minutes. Then his little legs kind of give out and he gets frustrated.
I’m sure all he wants to do is start running and playing with Nolan!
Archer is chatty, very chatty. He loves to talk and make noises and interact!
He especially enjoys talking with Nolan.
Nolan still cracks him up like no other! 
Archer is still nursing.
In fact, now when he wants boob, he says “mmmm mama! mmm” and sucks on his finger.
If I don’t get to him fast enough, he starts crying.
It’s adorable. 
The mmmm mamathing, not the crying.
He screeches for attention, and he’s so grabby now.
If you hold something in front of him, he instantly reaches for it.
He tries to take toys off Nolan, and food off me.
He’s getting so big so quickly. 
Part of me is thrilled, I can’t wait until he’s toddling around and playing with his big brother. 
But another part is very sad about this…
He is my last baby, my youngest.
He’s growing too quickly.
I’m trying to enjoy every minute of this babyhood…because before I know it, he will be toddling around.
And I won’t ever get to do this again.
  I don’t regret my decision to get my tubes tied
I know that my body couldn’t handle another pregnancy, that I couldn’t handle another.
I knew it wouldn’t be fair to my boys, all three of them, if I were to get pregnant again…
Archer’s pregnancy was a thousand times harder on my body than Nolan’s was.
I couldn’t keep up with Nolan, I was in pain constantly and it wasn’t fair. 
Financially, two is perfect.
But I think, as a woman, I will always have a desire to hold babies. That doesn’t mean I should keep popping them out.
Besides, I can live through my other sisters’ pregnancies.
I’m so thankful to get to do all this again, with Archer. To breastfeed and to co-sleep (for a while there, anyway, until he decided he didn’t like it). I’m thankful that I got to have a less traumatic birth experience with him, I’m thankful that I got to bring him home immediately, to have him in my arms and with me immediately.
I’m still sad over the fact that I didn’t get to do that with Nolan.
I may complain {at least, to JD} about how much more challenging two is. 
And I do find it very challenging…but I love it.
It’s amazing. It’s remarkable. I love watching my boys gaze at each other with such admiration and love. Nolan is protective of his baby, and Archer adores any time spent with him.
I love watching their bond.
I love the way Nolan will cuddle up with his on the couch, and rest his hand on his little baby brother’s head.
I love how Archer searches the room for Nolan, and as soon as he spots him, lets out a huge grin.
It may not always be easy, having two, but it’s worth it.
Catch up on my monthly updates on Archer:
I really need to figure out a way to bring my archives over from WordPress, then I can share my updates on Nolan’s first two years without linking to an entirely different site.
Some days, I toy with the idea of going back to WordPress…only I like how simple blogger is.
And I’m too lazy.
And I already bought more storage space here…
I’m rambling off topic, sorry about that.
Happy Six Months Archer!


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9 Responses to Archer, Six Months

  1. Stephanie says:

    Jessica, it is INSANE that Archer is already 6 months!!! I felt like you just had him…I swear the second baby grows SO much faster then the first. I know how you feel about having more babies. We made the decision of only having two as well. At this moment I have some MAJOR baby fever but it's natural and it will pass. You are blessed with two wonderful gorgeous boys! 🙂

  2. I'm finding myself thinking more and more about having another. I want to let ethan be a baby, but I only want too, and i dont want them spaced to far apart. Right now I feel ready, but I dont know if everyone else is.

  3. jessi ♥ says:

    I waited until Nolan was turning 2 to get pregnant, I got pregnant in January of 2011, and Nolan turned two in April. I love their age difference – 2 years and 6 months! It's awesome. 🙂 Matt wasn't ready, I had to talk him into it and I told him it would take us forever to conceive cause we were gonna actually try instead of have an opps and TADA two days later lol.

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    I think you're right, the second baby does grow quicker! He's currently inspecting his exersaucer and I don't remember Nolan being that mobile at 6 months…it's nuts. And thank you!

  5. tierney says:

    I can only hope I'm as fertile as you when it's my turn (all this radiation from surgeries has me worried- just a gut feeling!).

    Annnywayys. HAPPY 6 MONTHS ARCHER! I remember being so anxious to hear about the birth & your name choice and now.. Well, it's 6 months later! So happy for you & your little family! It's just the best!

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    I almost want to attribute my fertility to the Celtic ankh tattoo I got when I was 18 haha. I got the tattoo, (which apparently symbolizes fertility, among other things), and BAM pregnant. I've had plenty of radiation too (surgeries, x-rays every single year growing up, sometimes twice a year) so I don't think that will be a problem for you!

    Thank you so much Tierney!

  7. Your 6 month old has bigger feet than my still tiny 19 month old! Oh, I love Archer's eyes. I'm glad to hear he's sleeping better in his own room. I'm starting to really come to terms with Ryan's vasectomy too…because as I'm enjoying more sleep, I'm realizing I don't want to go through the sleepless-nights-for-months-on-end stage ever again. My second pregnancy caused me A LOT more pain than my first as well, and my hips still ache 19 months later. So yeah, here's to being happy with each of our two perfect children, girl! Happy 6 month's little man!

  8. jessi ♥ says:

    I'm glad you're coming to terms with it, I still feel sad on occasion but I really do think that's 100% normal. My hips kill me too now, well…I think they always did :\

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wow, 6 months! You should throw some fruits and veggies into the little guy's diet to mix it up a bit :). My little guy loved sweet potatoes and carrots at 6 months.

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