The Switch

I’ve been torn over whether or not to put Archer into his own room or not. For the past several weeks, his change pad table has been in his room, making my nighttime life significantly more complicated, as his crib and the rocking chair were still in my room. In the middle of the night, I’d either have to change him on the floor of our room, or carry him to his room for a diaper change.
I just wasn’t ready, I guess. But yesterday, I was ready! 
We finally moved over the crib and rocking chair…

I still need to figure out what to do with the crib wall. Cristy recommended a vinyl sticker, I love that idea and I love the ones on Etsy but I have no idea how long we’re going to be here, so I’m going to see if Canadian Tire has any ones I like – they are cheaper and I won’t care so much about not being able to reuse them, opposed to buying one of those fancy expensive ones.
{I’m also gonna see if I can find one there for Nolan’s room and the boys’ bathroom}.
So, how did it go?
Really well actually! Around 10:30pm, I took Archer upstairs and nursed him for the first time ever in his own room. It was totally relaxing and nice – probably because Archer’s room is all spotlessly clean and wonderful, and my room looks like a tornado went through it. Clothes and stuff everywhere. I really need to make a date with it to clean it very soon. 
In our house, our bedroom and the basement are the two places that constantly get put on the back burner. Our bedroom because it’s just, you know, there and the basement because we’re hardly ever down there. I’m trying to change that though, considering I made a playroom for Nolan that I’d like him to get some use out of, but yeah. 
ANYWAYS. That’s totally irrelevant to this post.
So, Archer slept wonderfully in his own room. He was still up three times from the time I put him down around 11:30pm, but he wasn’t such a pain to get to sleep. He nursed and then allowed me to place him in his crib without waking up and screaming his head off, thus allowing me to get a little more sleep than I have been getting lately. 
So, that was fantastic!
He woke up super happy too, just grabbing at his feet and babbling away to himself. I would have taken a picture of how cute he looked but alas I didn’t have my phone on me.
Shocking, I know. 
Another milestone completed; Archer’s first night in his own bedroom.
You can bet your ass that Matt and I celebrated having our bedroom back…
we were able to hold an actual conversation without whispering in fear that we’d wake up Archer.
And yes, I really do mean “conversation”, I was way too tired to perform wifely duties 😉

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5 Responses to The Switch

  1. Shannon says:

    If you have a Dollarama or Dollar Store where you live that is a great place to find cheap vinyl wall stickers. I've bought some for like $20 at Walmart but at the dollar store they're $2.00 and often cuter! Good luck! Just make sure they are not actual stickers, but meant for wall decoration! (Not that I'VE made that mistake before…ahem.)

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    I actually did that! Post to follow!! 😀

  3. Hahahaha…the end of this post. Perfect.

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    HAH. Life of a mom with a newborn, huh?

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