Montreal! [Part 2]

{If you haven’t already, read the first part to our Montreal trip here…}
After a rough night with Archer (spent in the living room so at least Matt and Nolan could sleep), I decided to let Matt sleep in. 
 Me; just waking up and realizing that I forgot my hairbrush. Damnit.
Nolan had a fruit cup for breakfast! Because he’d rather have that over the leftover pizza…weird kid.

 Guess where Nolan is?!?
He honestly had a blast in that cupboard thing.

 Still rocking the fedora!
We had to make a mad dash because someone thought our appointment was at 2pm when it was really at 10am…yes, I realize I look horrible. I had NO time for makeup, and that’s the only jacket I have since I left my other one down south so it majorly clashes with my shirt haha! 
We ended up getting lost on the way to the hospital because I can’t navigate worth shit
But by some stroke of magic we ended up being only 10 minutes late, even with leaving the hotel at 9:40am and getting crazy lost. 
Then the wait began…
Nolan was crazy. He ran all over the place, didn’t listen to a word we said, was super loud and even rude.
I told him off and tried to implement time outs, but that’s incredibly hard to do in a hospital waiting room. He generally protests time outs loudly at home, so that wasn’t too fun.
 I get it, the kid had spent 8 hours of the day beforehand in the car, and was going to spend another 8 hours after we left in the car again. He was full of energy and in a new place. Matt was stressed about it though. He thought everyone was judging us for bad parenting. 
Frankly, I didn’t care. All those parents seemed to be from Montreal area, so they didn’t have an 8 hour long trip to make. I thought Nolan did incredibly well for waiting so long, being in a car so long and being in a new place.
We waited for about an hour and a half, then the doctor came in. She checked out Nolan (who was still being a rambunctious two year old) and explained to us that they no longer remove growths before they get problematic because it tends to cause more damage than not. They’ve done a lot of research in the past 20 years on MHE and found that not all the bumps needed to be removed from patients when they were removed. Yes, pain is a fact of life with this disorder but they’re finding that the surgeries didn’t really help with pain levels, they just opened a whole new can of worms.
Right now Nolan has full range of his arm and wrists, so they don’t want to touch it – which is great. Then the doctor asked if we’d like to stay at Shriners or continue care at Sick Kids. 
Matt and I looked at each other and said “Sick Kids” at the same time haha. Nolan’s doctor at Sick Kids said essentially the same thing, I just wanted a second opinion to be 100% sure. 
So, he didn’t need any x-rays and he won’t need any surgeries! I just have to watch and make sure I call and get him in if he starts complaining of lots of pain and stops using his arm the way he uses it.
Same as the Sick Kids doctor said….
I feel kinda dumb that I insisted on driving all the way out to Montreal now, but at least now I can say I’ve been to another province?
I would have loved to explore Montreal more, but Matt wanted to get on the road and get home
I understand, but was a little bummed out. From what we saw, Montreal is a beautiful city (if not super confusing!). The houses had garage in the hill!!! Matt and I were in love with that. Plus they were all super gorgeous and huge!
 Houses I fell in love with (two of a million, really haha)

 Even the apartment buildings and business buildings were beautiful!
I’m pretty sure that Montreal is one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever seen…although I could never live there. Not only was it way too confusing and overwhelming, but it’s French and I don’t speak a word of French haha! 
Again, I entertained myself by taking photos the entire way home…
 Passing over a large body of water, which I think was the Saint Lawrence River but am embarrassed to admit that I don’t actually know for sure…should have paid attention in school!
Entering Ontario! Matt wouldn’t stop until we were out of Quebec!

 During one of our quick roadside nursing sessions. Oh those eyes!
Matt is extremely attractive. Good thing too 😉

 More attractive Matt driving pictures, because…well, he’s hot.

 We made a stop in Deep River!
Archer clung on to me for dear life while he nursed.

 We had some moments before I put Archer back in his car seat so we could get on the road again.
What a silly boy!

 I sat on my sunglasses and they broke. Womp womp 😦
Of course, the sun would come out after I broke my sunglasses…

 Just the open road, and my toddler rocking a pretty sick fedora even still. He loves that hat!

 I wanted to stop for a picnic there, but it was too muddy and wet. Maybe in the summer!
The Canadian Shield is so beautiful, I never get tired of looking at it.

 Train bridge and stopping for gas!
So, that was our trip. All in all; it wasn’t bad. Matt had a few road rage incidents, but that happens even if we just go to the mall in town haha. Matt thinks he’s the only one that knows how to drive 😉 snort. 
The kids were fairly good, they did fuss a bit but it was an 8 hour drive, 16 hours in two days. That’s pretty ridiculous for kids their age, and they did amazing!
I really wanted to stop in and visit a bloggy friend, but the timing didn’t work out 😦
She was at work when we were passing through her town. Such a shitty deal!
And it would have been nice to visit Ikea too…although I’m way too broke. I want to go when I actually have money!
We came home, had a quick visit with Matt’s step mom, had dinner and put Nolan to bed. Then I sent Matt out to blow off some steam with the guys, and Archer kept me company while I watched 16 and Pregnant. Anybody else thoroughly impressed by Katie’s episode? The first one felt like a repeat of every other episode of 16 and Pregnant out there, but Katie’s episode was rather refreshing.
I love the fact that she breastfed. Rarely do any of the MTV 16 and Pregnant girls breastfed. I was so over the top happy about that! I know, I’m a nerd. 
Anyways! That was our trip. I’ve got a #photoanhourday blog post coming too sometime in the future. So, yeah…lots of pictures around here!

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10 Responses to Montreal! [Part 2]

  1. Liz says:

    I am so, so, so glad Nolan doesn't need any surgeries, and that everything looks okay. (:

    Also, don't beat yourself up about getting a second opinion — it's a good thing. It means you're thorough. It means you're a concerned mom who is on top of things. It means now you know exactly what Nolan's current treatment plan is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing what another doctor has to say.


  2. dramaticmama says:

    I love the pictures of you and Archer! Too cute. 🙂
    Montreal is awesome. I could live there. I was good at French in highschool. But it's been a while since I had to speak it. lol. When I was there, we took a cab to get to McDonald's, but we didn't know french and the cabby wasn't good with English. We were like “DOOUUUUBLEEE (spoken with fake french accent) BIG MAC!” lol.

    Anyways, I am glad things are good. 🙂 ❤

  3. Sacha♥ says:

    love the photos.. sound like you all having a fun.

    Check it out if you are interesting. I'm giving a giveaway for a design blog, the talented sisters from Truly Your blog, they will be drawing a blog something you want, with props, a draw picture that look likes you. Interesting? Go on and enter and hope to win… Good Luck

  4. Excellent, so glad Nolan doesn't need anything done yet. It might be a good idea to start photographing areas that could be problematic so you can see if they are gradually changing.

  5. I am so Matt (stressed out, worried about being judged) and you are so Ryan (doesn't care what anybody thinks, let's get down to business). Landon and Hannah were so poorly behaved the days following our long car rides and I think you're right. It's all that suppressed energy from the long trip exploding at once. I'm glad you got good news and no surgeries are necessary right now. I definitely think you did the right thing by getting a second opinion. I'm doing the same thing with Landon for my low-iron concerns and I'm fortunate enough to not have to leave town to do it. But if I did have to make an 8 hour car trip to be sure, you bet I would. They're worth it! Great pics, Montreal is very beautiful…and yes, overwhelming too.

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    Archer makes any picture cute haha! I want to get a tattoo in Montreal. And Ottawa! And every “big” city in Canada haha.

  7. jessi ♥ says:

    Thanks I will definitely look into it!

  8. jessi ♥ says:

    Great idea!!! I'll definitely do that!

  9. jessi ♥ says:

    Haha! That's hilarious! And yeah, it's pretty intense there huh?

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