Montreal! [Part 1]

Yesterday we headed to Montreal for Nolan’s doctors appointment at Shriners Hospital for Children. The GPS said 6 hours and 49 minutes, however it took us a solid eight hours of driving to get to our hotel room in Montreal. 
The drive was…long. We had to stop [several times] for Archer, and both kids were super fussy by the end of our trip. I tried to entertain myself by taking lots of pictures.

 An airplane! I was so excited, I made Matt stop the car so I could get a pic. I would have gotten out if we weren’t on private property!
And I was having a weird hair day lol.

 Taking more pictures of myself…
and I got Nolan pouting after I told him [for the 100th time] that we weren’t going to see Nana.

 Matt’s so hot.
And Archer’s eyes KILL ME. Those gorgeous blues were staring at me the entire time we stopped and nursed. Heart melted.

And we were near a military base, so there were TONS of military vehicles and gorgeous men in uniform…

 The closest I have ever been to an Ikea…the first one was in Ottawa, and the second in Montreal. SUCH A TEASE. Matt promises he’ll take me in the summer…but we’ll see. I think he has good reason for keeping me away…
So we finally got into Montreal after spending over an hour in traffic. It was nuts! And so stressful! Neither Matt nor I speak a word of French so we got lost and it was stressful and no fun. 
But we finally arrived at our hotel room and it was super nice!
 Nolan was so excited to pick his bed, and explore haha. Those beds were super comfy….to bad I had to sleep on the couch with Archer in the playpen in the living room!
And that, by the way, is the living room. Couch cushion on the floor thanks to Nolan!

 Kitchen table, and behind those doors is the galley kitchen (which I forgot to take a picture of…)
A desk and the hall to the bathroom/bedroom.

 The hotel had beautiful hardwood floors! And no matter how many times I picked that pillow up, Nolan would throw it back on the floor haha.
I got to rest a little bit in the bed while Matt was on diaper changing duty!

 Matt and Nolan chatting and then Matt and Archer having a conversation across the room haha.

These houses (or apartments?) were super cute…I loved the street we were on. So nice!
Same street, different time.

 I really like that black and white photo I took of the street off our balcony. 
Archer is getting very interested in everything, he kept trying to steal my drink last night!
So, that was Day 1 in Montreal…part 2 coming soon, with more pictures and the down low on how Nolan’s appointment went. 
But right now, Archer is fussing and it’s time for bed 😉

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7 Responses to Montreal! [Part 1]

  1. Glad you had a safe trip. Been thinking about you and I hope the appointment went well!

  2. I always get a bit of a laugh out of women passing through our town who drool over the men in uniform. I've lived here almost my entire life so I'm immune to it, the whole man-in-uniform thing has no effect on me whatsoever. I got lost in Montreal too. Fortunately (uh, sort of) I was with my ex at the time who is fluent in French. He's also military which is probably part of why I'm immune to men in uniform haha. Your hotel room was gorgeous though! What a great relief after such a long trip with two young kids. You got some wicked pictures too! I'm starting to really want an iPhone…

  3. Tierney says:

    You look amazing in each of those photos from the car! I've been kind of MIA lately but I really hope you get the news you want from Shriners! Also, here's to hoping you get a full night of sleep sometime soon!!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    Thanks Karen! It did go well, Nolan is in the clear for the time being! Just gotta keep an eye on things. We'll stick to Sick Kids because it's closer lol.

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    That's definitely probably why your immune to men in uniform lol. I loved our hotel room! It was kinda cool because you could probably rent a hotel room for a long period of time. You need to get an iPhone, for sure…jump on it!

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    Thanks! I hope that full night of sleep happens tonight.

  7. dramaticmama says:

    I LOVE how well your iphone captures Archers eyes. For real. Amazing.
    Your freaking hotel was the nicest hotels i have ever seen. lol. Honestly, i thought you were at someone's house. o.O

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