Blood Work and Tears

We took Nolan to get bloodwork done today. I’ve had the requisition since December, I’ve procrastinated so long because I was afraid and it was only allergy testing. Nolan’s pediatrician told me the hospital can have the results back within five days, so I procrastinated until the last possible second because that’s how I roll…plus I kept forgetting about it, to be honest. Things have been hectic around here, what with going to move and then not going to move, ya know? I’ve got no excuses. 
It hurt, watching Nolan’s big tears and hearing him say “please stop touching me!” when the nurse came at him for the second time with the needle. The first time, they lost the vein and weren’t getting anything so the poor little guy had to get pricked twice. I had horrible luck with bloodwork growing up too. They lost veins or blew out veins all the time
So, that sucked but it’s done now and just in time for Nolan’s April 4th appointment.
He was so polite afterwards, he thanked the ladies as we were leaving – even though he had been crying and yelling at them five minutes prior to thanking them. He got a lollipop out of the ordeal, and a coupon for a free meal at Swiss Chalet so that was pretty rad.
I took some pictures today, because that’s what one does when they are addicted to their iPhone and Instagram. If the world ends in 2012 (which I DO NOT believe for a second), I’ll probably Instagram every moment until I become a zombie. You’ll see pictures with captions like “Matt killing a zombie! WOO! Zombie kill of the week!” hah. I crack myself up.
Anyways, lets get to it….
 Me, before we left…reflecting on ALL THE STUFF I need to do sometime in the near future. Like clean Nolan’s room (behind me, it’s a mess).
A picture of Archer’s bedroom. I’m half committed to moving him to his own room…see? There’s his change pad table. The two most important things, his crib and the rocking chair, are still in my room. I STILL DON’T KNOW IF I WANNA! Either way, he’s gonna wake up a billion times during the night. But on the other hand…we’d have our bedroom back?

 Every trip must start out cashing those free coffee roll up the rim wins…
and a picture of the waterfront, where we had our wedding photos taken.

 Close up of a bench, and the other half of this little garden area.

 Matt is hot, and some random out of business shop that sold bar clothes. HAH! The irony is that people who go to bars in this town don’t wear clothes! Snort. I’m funny.

And yes, he’s still wearing the fedora.

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Montreal.
Nolan’s Shriners appointment is on Thursday, but we’re heading down a day early so we don’t get lost the day of. Instead, we get to get lost tomorrow…
I’ve never been to another province before, so I’m pretty stoked. 
I’m incredibly nervous about Nolan’s doctors appointment, but I’m trying to not duel on that…

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4 Responses to Blood Work and Tears

  1. Liz says:

    I give Nolan mad props for saying “thank you” after they poked him twice. He's a tough little guy.

    I'm still in love with that waterfront. Maybe I'll have my wedding in Canada. (;

    I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts during the next few days. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy Montreal just a little bit, and hopefully they'll have good news for you at Shriners. Hugs and love.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    He sure is a tough kid! And thank you!!

  3. Oh poor Nolan, I don't handle my kids getting poked and prodded very well. It sounds like you're doing great though. Archer may sleep better in his own room. Obviously you know him best, but Hannah was up multiple times a night and then I moved her to her own room and her sleeping improved. A LOT. I think Hannah was just aware how close I was and thought “Oooh Mommy! Play time!” Haha. You are so right about people in that town going to bars and not wearing clothes. I have the pictures to prove it!

  4. Aww poor little dude. Skylee has only had blood work done once. I made my mom hold her while I cried in the hall. It just broke my heart.
    On another note. Looking forward to this zombie killing pictures!

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