Sunday Wrap Up

Sunday was simply gorgeous. It was sunny, it was perfect t-shirt weather…and we spent the majority of the afternoon outside. We went for a walk, and then Matt and Archer went inside for a bit while Nolan and I played. Nolan had his first encounter with a worm, which was hilarious! He picked it up and then said “EW GROSS WORMY TOUCHING ME!” and dropped it, then ran away. On his way back he accidentally squished it – he felt so bad! He kept saying “I’m so sorry wormy!” in this sad little voice and asking if the worm was okay. Oops?
I took so many photos yesterday. I got a little camera friendly? I can’t help it…Instagram is such a cool ap, it makes everything look even cooler! Here’s the loot from yesterday:

 There’s something about baby’s wearing jean jackets that kills me. Paired with the gray sweats and red converse shoes from our friend Elle, and Archer looked like a baby straight out of the 80s! I love it!

 Nolan’s latest fashion statement is Matt’s fedora hat. He wears it all the time, in fact he’s wearing it right now while I blog this haha. Out for a walk! It was so nice out!

 Matt showed me another shortcut home, and we walked past these apartment buildings. Then I took a picture of Matt because he’s handsome. 🙂

 Stroller wheels and then Nolan showing off his fancy rocks!

 The beginning of a rock pile! And of course, Nolan taking off after I specifically told him to stay put….

 The corner of our house…because, well, why not? And Nolan’s first encounter with the worm!

 So obsessed with the worm…haha. And later on, while we sat on the back porch.

 Still rocking the fedora…and my vantage point from where I was sitting (on the stairs).

 Our living room window, and Archer came outside to sit for a bit too!

 Random moments…

 It kills me that Nolan wears that fedora all the time. And that’s our “view” from the porch.

 Trees and Toy Story 3!

 Archer couldn’t believe last nights episodes of The Walking Dead! And look at those baby feet, so adorable. 
So, yeah, it was a pretty rad day! I can totally tell that spring is here…I’ve already had to go out and give the neighborhood kids hell for being destructive. They destroyed an end table someone threw out by the dumpsters, and then proceeded to use the legs of the end table to smash the other furniture. So I went out there and told them to clean it up after they were done being destructive. They gave me a “WTF LADY” look but ended up cleaning it up (otherwise there would have been HELL to pay!).
That’s the biggest thing I hate about living here…is the kids and the dumpsters. I hate how everyone just throws their garbage wherever, they don’t even care if the dumpster is overflowing – they’ll put stuff out anyway. They throw out furniture and things that clearly can’t fit in the dumpsters, and they don’t care if this place ends up looking trashy and ghetto with the full furniture set out in front of the dumpsters. Then the kids will play there, rip up the furniture and it’s just gross. I would never let my kids play near the dumpster, that’s just…ew. That’s garbage people! Matt’s seen older kids pee on it and stuff! Like, come on. What’s the appeal?
Another irritating fact is that the parents of these kids seem to be nowhere to be found. They aren’t even outside watching. I find that incredibly irritating because then I have to give all these kids that aren’t mine shit for stuff, and I hate doing that because they aren’t my responsibility but if I don’t then I get to hear them smashing stuff when I’m trying to get Nolan to go to sleep. Or I get to have my front yard look like shit because we’re closest to the dumpsters. It’s really not fair. It boggles my mind why everyone here just doesn’t give a shit what the area looks like. Have some pride and respect for where you live. I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning up the yard and picking up nasty cigarette butts that weren’t even mine so my kid could play. Gross.
Part of the reason why we decided to stay though is because we rent month to month here. So, I’ve just got to remember that it’s the trade off for that. 
Maybe things will be better this summer, last year was hell. The kids were up until 2am or later shooting BB guns and loudly playing. It was enough to make a pregnant chick rage out! And I did, a lot. I think most of those kids and families have moved out, but still…new ones always seem to fall to the same patterns.

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2 Responses to Sunday Wrap Up

  1. I totally love jean jackets too. Landon has an Osh Kosh jean jacket AND that Lightning McQueen jacket. And Hannah has uhm…I think like 6 different coats to choose from on any given day. If I can't dress my fat ass nicely I will dress my kids adorably dammit!

    That's so cute that Nolan was so sensitive about the “wormy.” I mean I know it's just a worm but it shows how sweet Nolan is. I'm loving his hat too hehe.

    Yeah, that's pretty annoying about the “dumpster kids.” We had those when we lived in a highrise type building, and even on the 12th floor it drove me nuts because every time I went out on my balcony I'd see them “playing” with the garbage. I don't get it either. When I was a kid I had no desire to play with garbage.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    I'm pretty sure Landon and Nolan have a lot of the same clothes actually LOL! We have similar tastes 😉 I hear you. I try to dress my kids super cute too, because I look scrubby all the time. I can't wait until there is money there for me to go shopping! I need to, desperately.

    He was very sensitive about the wormy, even today he was asking if wormy was okay haha. I need to find a Nolan sized fedora! I think it's gonna be his signature look 😉

    Dumpster kids…ugh. Seriously, with all the cool gadgets today it BLOWS MY MIND that kids want to play in GARBAGE. Playing outside, playing with nature is awesome and fantastic but playing with GARBAGE? What is this, lord of the flies?!?

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