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Last night was the worst night of no sleep in the history of nights of no sleep. Usually, Archer allows me at least one two hour stretch at some point during the night or early morning, but that wasn’t the case last night. We went to bed at 11pm, he woke up at 12am. Then at 1am. Then at 2, then 3, and 4, oh and then 5…and 6…and 7…until it was 8am and he woke up again. During all those wake ups, he fed every single time and insisted on being held on my shoulder, any time I tried to lay him down he’d wake up crying.

At 5am I finally gave up and brought him downstairs. I propped myself up on some pillows with him on my chest, and he stayed that way for all of 27 minutes before waking again. I’m exhausted, even though my MIL sent me upstairs to sleep when she woke up at 8.

Granted, both Archer and I are super sick. We had to leave Kate’s wedding (which I’ll blog about momentarily, once I’m done complaining about last night) because Archer was running a fever and refusing the bottle, then he threw up when I finally was able to nurse him. I also have a fever, and a cough and a cold. It’s no wonder that he can’t sleep flat on his back, I certainly can’t. So, that sucked. I feel massively stoned because I’m that tired, every time I turn my head it feels like the world’s in slow motion.

Ok, so I think I’ve complained enough about last night. Onto the good stuff: Kate’s wedding. It was amazing, I can’t even begin to describe to you just how stunning my sister looked in her wedding dress. I wasn’t able to get any pictures of her (or even us bridesmaids) all done up because we were really short on time. (Besides, I’m not all that confident that Kate would approve of being on my blog, or Shannon for that matter). But I did get some pictures of me (and Jo, who doesn’t really give a rats ass) before we put our hair pieces in and our dresses on:

I didn’t give Mel (my cousin-in-law, the wonderful talented makeup artist and hair stylist) much to work with, but she sprinkled her magic and we all looked fantastic – even my sicker than hell self! Honestly I wish Mel could apply my makeup every single day and make me look that good all the time.

Kate’s wedding was so romantic and adorable. The boys didn’t beat each other up while walking down the aisle, but Nolan had to leave the ceremony because he was being rather disruptive. Of course, my kid would be the one making tons of noise and being naughty. I cried when Kate did, because I’m a sap and HELLO! Nothing makes you cry more than the bride crying, right?

The dinner, speeches, and reception were all wonderful. Sucks that I had to leave around 9pm with the boys, but poor Archer was so sick and only wanted me. Matt tried to get me to stay but I knew I wouldn’t have been able to relax and have fun, especially knowing that Archer wouldn’t take a bottle and just wanted me. That’s okay though, I felt like a big steaming pile of crap anyway.


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8 Responses to [Insert Witty, Captivating Title Here]

  1. So sorry that you didn't get any sleep and that you and AJ are sick. I hope you both feel better really soon!

    You looked GREAT! I wish we could see you in your dress.So glad you had a good time, besides being sick and having to leave b/c of sick lil man. How did your slideshow go?

  2. You really wouldn't know you were sick based on that pic. Beauty! Apparently I need your make up artist too! I hope you feel better soon, and Archer too. Hopefully you're getting some sleep as I type this.

  3. I hope you both feel better soon… I hate it when I'm sick at the same time as the lil one, then it's twice as hard to deal with taking care of her! You did end up looking great for the wedding, not sick at all! Congrats to your sister. 🙂

  4. Skywaitress says:

    Wow, sick looks good on you. Seriously wouldn't have guessed you didn't feel well, you look stunning. Sorry you didn't get any sleep, that has to be so frustrating. Hope you both feel better really soon.

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    I'll try and find a singleton picture of me in my dress haha! I don't know if one exists though. We'll see! The slideshow went great!

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    She used an air brush machine! It's magical Danielle, MAGICAL!

  7. jessi ♥ says:

    Thanks Camille! It is definitely hard being sick at the same time. I think I'm beginning to feel better finally though!

  8. jessi ♥ says:

    No way man, air brush machine and a talented makeup artist who works on models looks good on me lmao! I look like crap today and I'm still sick 😦 only difference is I don't have a makeup artist making me look good. WAH! But thanks haha! I hope I'm back to normal tomorrow. Still sick today 😦

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