Of Playdates, Tantrums and… a TOOF!

Yesterday, my friend Natasha came over with her two little ones – Savannah and Cole! Savannah is extremely close to Nolan in age, and Archer and Cole are a mere months apart too. Nolan absolutely adored playing with Savannah – he kept chasing her down to give her kisses. It was adorable. Also, my son loves the ladies, apparently.

Cole and Archer played well together too. They were all smiles for each other! I was able to snap only two photos that actually turned out of the entire day because the kids all moved so much.

As soon as I snapped the first picture, Cole flipped onto his belly. And the second picture cracks me up because Nolan is pantless and playing with Savannah’s potty seat. My kid hates pants? I kept putting them back on but….yeah. He wiggles out of them, especially if they’re a little loose (and these were, I couldn’t find his belt yesterday morning).

I had tons of fun, I can’t wait to move down here permanently and put together that ridiculous coffee group play date thing I mentioned forever. A half day dedicated to my mom friends hanging out and kids playing together! No structure at all, because who needs structure? Sometimes you just need utter chaos. And coffee.

Also…Archer cut his first tooth yesterday! I was a little surprised, isn’t it early for that kind of thing? I was checking to see if he’s hungry and he latched onto my finger and then I felt something sharp, so I checked and there it was! Just poking through the skin, but definitely there! I laughed because Natasha had just asked me if Archer had any teeth. I guess the answer to that, now, is yes.

March 1st, just after I discovered the tooth!
So, that was exciting. Around 7:30pm he became so pissed though. His gums were so swollen that I couldn’t even feel the tooth poking through, and he screamed bloody murder and cried huge alligator tears. It was so sad! I didn’t want to go out and buy him Orajel because he’s still so little, and I don’t want to numb his gums (and possibly numb his throat…scary). I gave him some Tempra and when that finally kicked in he was good to go, but holy crap. I know Cristy gave me some tips for all natural teething remedies when I was pregnant, I’ll need to re-ask her because I totally forgot. I was planning on stocking up soon anyway, but this tooth kinda threw my off guard with it’s early appearance. Nolan’s first tooth came around Thanksgiving (6 months), so that’s sort of the timeline I had in my head for Archer. Of course, Archer does the polar opposite of Nolan just on principle.
And while we are on the subject of Archer…
He had a bad hair day yesterday 😉
Now…on to Nolan. First off; I now officially have puppy fever, thanks to my future sister-in-law and her adorable 7 week old puppy Dante.

Nolan’s expression of pure joy is enough to insure that I will be wanting a puppy until, well, I get a puppy. But no worries, I’ve got my hands full right now with Archer, and I won’t be going out to get one of Dante’s siblings (although I REALLY WANT TO!). My resolve is also weak…luckily I have my step-father-in-law and mother-in-law to kick my ass any time I suggest getting a puppy. But, LOOK AT HIM! LOOK AT HIM NOW!

Ehem. Anyways. Moving on.

So we’re back in the “I don’t want to eat anything” phase with Nolan. Even his regular go-to foods are struggles. I’m giving him Pedisure every single day but still. The mom guilt sets in, and it’s like a wave of “you suck as a parent” that I can’t even rationalize. I mean…come on, what kid refuses mac and cheese? Chicken nuggets? Pasta? PIZZA? What am I doing wrong? I should start offering him broccoli and tofu for every meal. Then he’ll see how good he had it.

The meltdowns last night were so draining on me. I held him in my arms while he freaked out, and tried to talk to him. Tried to explain that he could have the TV back on after he eats his dinner, that he could have his cup back after he eats his dinner, that life will be significant better if he just ate. But alas, mommy knows nothing…right?


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2 Responses to Of Playdates, Tantrums and… a TOOF!

  1. Natasha says:

    We had an awesome time! the kids were so good together. & Nolan seriously cracks me up! Can't wait til your here permanently & I can see you's whenever 😀

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    We had tons of fun too! I also can't wait 😀

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