Nine Hours.

Just when I think I can’t get through another night…Archer gives me a major break. I slept nine hours last night! Without interruptions! I headed upstairs around 10:30 with Archer. Put him down, crawled into bed. Had to wake up at 10:50 to feed him and cuddle him. I almost cried because I was afraid it meant he’d be up every hour again. But he wasn’t! After that feeding and cuddle session, I put him down and we both slept a glorious nine hours. My head is still heavy and I still feel groggy (from missing so much sleep the past 4 months, I think) but nine hours! I’m doing a victory dance here.

Anyways, sleep mumbo-jumbo aside, we’re in for quite the week. I’ve got to get Archer in for his four month shots (nearly a month late…I totally suck – but in my defense he was sick for most of this month) and Nolan in for bloodwork that was ordered by his pediatrician to double check that everything is healthy with his system (since we have such a hard time getting him to gain weight). The bloodwork wasn’t a pressing matter, which is why I put it off so long, but his appointment with his pediatrician is creeping up so I need to get that done.

Aside from those unpleasant things, I’m hoping the boys and I will have a busy, fun filled week. Matt has gone up North again, to finish working on his truck and to pack up more stuff. Apparently we received a letter in the mail from the rental company detailing all of the things we have to do before we move, and what they will charge if they have to do it…things like “cleaning cupboards” and “changing light bulbs”…they will charge us $2 a bulb if a light bulb is dead. Um. Ok? Cheap bastards. I’ve never lived in a more terrible place, managed by such cheap assholes before. Pardon my French but…damn. I’m so looking forward to the day when we don’t have to put up with their nonsense anymore! 

So, that’s what’s on our agenda today…along with doing some cleaning and reorganizing. Clothes have begun to consume my room now, I need to put them away in our bags to save space. We have a dresser for Nolan, thanks to a friend. I’m hoping to get that soon to at least put away his clothes, and make a little more space in the room that Archer, Matt and I are sharing (well, Matt when he’s here…anyway).

I also need to think of a creative way to store all of Nolan’s toys so they don’t overtake my in-law’s living room. I feel bad, marching in and basically exploding all over their house. I know they don’t mind, but still.

Also, this is unrelated BUT…I’m kinda hating on Facebook. I’m backing away from it…it’s just drama drama drama. I still have it, mostly for messages etc, but yeah. Facebook is just a time waste and I find myself sitting around comparing my life to other peoples’ and it’s just not fair or even healthy for that matter. So, backing away slowly from Facebook. Purging my lists, organizing things. I guess I’m just in transition about every aspect of my life – online and otherwise. I’m preparing to reorganize. I’m deleting people who I don’t talk to regularly, or who are just negative people. That negativity pours through in status updates, in turn making me feel negative. I’m trying to surround myself with positivity, you know? 


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11 Responses to Nine Hours.

  1. Our old apartment charged $5 to clean our ICE TRAY!!! How bogus is that??

  2. Dani says:

    Let me know if you come up with any genius ideas for containing Nolan's toddlerness. I feel the same way about my parent's livingroom and Jax's stuff!

  3. Vicky Ortiz says:

    Apartment management companies are such bastards. They overcharge everything and nit pick the smallest details.

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    Really bogus. It's hard enough moving, now you have to make the house look brand spanking new??? We're clean, and we clean before we leave…but holy crud muffin. Things like the BASEBOARDS, ugh.

  5. Lisa says:

    Congrats on getting some quality sleep! Also, yeah, I've never heard of such greedy landlords and I've rented in a bunch of different places over the years. Charging for light bulbs? Crazy!

  6. dramaticmama says:

    Guess we won't be friends on facebook anymore? lol. #dramatic

  7. So glad you got some rest!

    But…CHANGING LIGHTBULBS? Fucking seriously? (I'm sorry, I try to keep the swearing to my own blog but it was necessary here). I don't even have to deal with your rental company and I. HATE. THEM.

    We just use a giant clear tote to put all of our kids' toys in. Why not get one of those for your MILs? It also makes it easy to move the toys to your new place when you guys are ready to do so.

  8. jessi ♥ says:

    Yes, quality sleep is definitely mint! Especially after days of…not so quality sleep lol. I know, right? Charging for light bulbs? UGH. I hate them.

  9. jessi ♥ says:

    I replied to this on your Facebook. LOL

  10. jessi ♥ says:

    SERIOUSLY! I hate them too, they are such cheap ass pieces of crap. They evict people on ODSP too, unless they have a co-signer. So, yeah. Pieces of crap.

    I like things that don't look like they'd contain toys, you know? So that Kim and Kent would still feel like they having a living room, yet toys can magically appear? I don't know if that makes sense lol! I'll probably just end up using the tote!

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