Photos, Lately

We’re still down south! I’ve got a ton of photos I’ve taken recently. I don’t remember what days are what, but figured I’d post them anyways. I’ll try to be a little more organized next week, promise 😉

 Seemingly sweet; however moments after he yanked my hair and bite my ear.

 Black & white handsomeness.

 When Robyn came over the other day; she helped me with the kids and then had a dance party with Nolan. She’s clearly awesome! She doesn’t have kids, but she’s cool with chaos and totally doesn’t mind hanging out with my kids and helping me out.

 Archer, and a picture of me.

 He loves my silly faces. And aren’t baby toes and fingers just the sweetest?!

 Brother cuddles!

 Weird angle of me, and then Archer and I. He was trying to grab my face!
So, that’s the last week or so. Kinda. Obviously I took a thousand more pictures than that but those are my favourite. Seriously, I’m addicted to Instagram…I’ve only had my phone for just over a month and I have shamefully taken 845 photos. Yeah, it’s kind of…crazy haha.
I have more photos, of our day yesterday and what not, so I’ll be back with later on. Right now, I need to get ready for JD‘s visit! She and Dustin are coming over for the day. We’re going to have lunch and then go outside to play in the snow! I’ll probably take a thousand more photos just doing that haha. It’s been forever since JD and I got to actually hang out!
P.S. I think I need an instagram intervention.

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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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6 Responses to Photos, Lately

  1. Archer is getting so big! He is so cute!

  2. Haha, I was just noticing on FB you have sooooooooo many Instagram photos. Oh well, who cares. Proud mama or what?! Hope you and JD had a nice visit today!

  3. tierney says:

    You need to frame the one of Archer's hand and foot, it's uber adorable! Also, I love the one of the boys holding hands- so precious!

    I'm happy to hear you're still down 'south'. This might be weird, but I feel that when you blog when you're down south I can actually sense you in a better, lighter, happier mood (not that you're not happy at home!) but I just get a better, more positive vibe (through the computer, if that's even possible?) haha don't mind me– I read you all the time so I guess I think I know you! Hope you're having a fun time catching up with everyone and spending time with family 🙂

    Ps. From your last post, I definitely think that Matt was trying to be cute since it was valentines day, but didn't want to admit to it or give into the idea of it haha. My boyfriends not big on it but I told him long, long ago that this world is so busy now and I think its sweet to have one day where you stop and think a bit more about the people you love (boyfriend, dad, kids, friends, etc.). Hopefully one day Matt see's it as something more than a commercialized fake holiday and instead see's it as one extra day to appreciate the amazing wife and mother you are (I mean, who doesn't love a box of chocolates or a goofy card?) haha. Sorry, this was a long one!

    Enjoy the rest of your time with family & friends!!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    He IS getting so big! WAH! But also; YAY lol. And thank you!!! ❤

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    Oh I know, it's rather shameful really. But…I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. Definitely proud mama. And definitely addicted to Instagram. P.S. Get a iPhone!! (and we did have a nice visit, although it wasn't NEARLY long enough).

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    I need to frame a lot of them lol. I'm going to wait until we get our own place again though. I'm having fun down south but I'm missing Matt tons! Especially during the nights haha!! I miss falling asleep in his arms. I'M SUCH A SAP ASS haha!

    And yeah, you're right about him trying to be cute. I'll be trying again next year (and I'm sure my threat about steak and BJ day will stay with him too haha!!).

    Thanks love!

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