The Trip Thus Far…

Thursday, we had a little play date with Jamie and her two boys! I got some pretty cute pictures, but I won’t post them here because I haven’t asked her permission yet. HOWEVER, we all had fun and I got some adorable photos of the boys together. Seriously, I’m going to miss Jamie and her boys a lot when we move back down south! If only I could merge all the awesome things about NB (like the EYC, and the friends I’ve made there) and the awesome things about down south (family, more friends, more things to do as a family i.e zoos, splash pads etc), then I’d be happy as a clam! 

Speaking of down south, we’ve been here for two days now. I know, I said we weren’t going to be leaving until Friday but my husband decided that we would leave Thursday, and so he packed up the car and we left Thursday afternoon! I don’t exactly like when he does that to me, because I am constantly afraid I’m going to forget something (and usually do) but this time? I did pretty damn well and didn’t forget anything really, except for switching out my thick heavy winter boots with some shoes. There isn’t any snow here, so my boots are kind of overkill.

I love the drive from NB to here (and back). Seriously, so pretty, so scenic! I love the fall scenes best. I took a lot of photos on the drive, here are my favourites:

  1. The house the Dionne Quintuplets were born in. 
2. Bright afternoon sun.
3. My handsome husband, concentrating on driving.
 1. I love the Canadian Shield. SO PRETTY. I love the icicles off the rocks too. I’ll need to get a pic one day.
2. Hand holding 🙂
3. Long stretch of road, hills and tree lines in the distance.

 1. More South than North now. 
2. Blurry cute little town.
4. Even though this is also blurry, I love it.
 1. LOVE the clouds. 
2. A frozen lake. 
3. Setting sun, tree lines.

When we got in, my sister Jo came over almost immediately to see us, and Nolan stayed up way past his bedtime to see Nana (who was at work until 9pm). He didn’t fall asleep until nearly 11pm! He was so excited to see everyone. 

 1. Jo and Archer.
2. Nolan and his Grandpa Kent
3. Nana with Archer (after Nolan went to bed).
It was a rough night, Nolan kept waking up and crying. Matt actually had to sleep with him. Well, more accurately, Matt had to sleep with Nolan on top of his head. My night wasn’t any better – Archer was also restless.
Friday morning, I went to the library for a toddler sing along group with my sister Shannon and a mutual friend and our batch of children. Natasha has two girls, Shannon has Xander and Dalya, and I have Nolan and Archer. 
 1 & 2. Nursing Archer at the library, smack dab in the middle of the group thing (he has great timing).
3. Nolan and Xander watching me and making silly faces. They crack me up.

It was pretty busy, and kind of fun – although I didn’t know any of the songs really and Nolan was not into singing along or sitting still. Plus I had to carry Archer’s 20+ pound car seat (it’s super heavy, even with him not in it) for like a block and hold Nolan’s hand so I totally screwed up my neck, shoulder and arm trying to hold the car seat in one hand and Nolan’s hand with my other. Seriously I can not WAIT for summer, when I can just take Archer out of the car seat and plop him in a carrier. (In case you were wondering, I can’t do that now because Archer has a pretty radical “sleeping bag” thing for the car seat that keeps him warm, and he’s never dressed warm enough for me to take him out of the car seat while standing outside in the cold winter air to put him in a carrier. If I dress him too warmly then the sleeping bag thing over heats him. I can’t win). 
After the library thing, we had a six kid play date at my sisters. HOLY MADNESS. Again, I’ll only post pictures of my kids (but I assure you, Natasha’s kids are adorable). 
 1. First time being in the Jolly Jumper EVER and totally enthralled with it.
2. It’s still awesome the second time I put him in it.
3. My beautiful little niece, trying to jack my necklace. Girl has great taste 😉 (And yes, Archer DOES look like his cousins!! It’s all the dark hair haha). 
Friday night Matt and I got to escape for a bit for a date night! A totally FREE date night thanks to having enough Scene points for two free movies, two pops and a bag of popcorn. We saw Underworld: Awakening and it was awesome. The popcorn was horrible, and so was the Ice Tea. How does Ice Tea taste horrible?! I’m not exactly sure but it tasted like metal.
 1. We had the theater to ourselves…but we got there 45 minutes early. BAM.
2. Rocking the 3D glasses!
3. We were so excited to see the movie!
When I got home, Archer was chilling with Nana chattering away. He barely touched the bottle, but instantly wanted to feed. Sigh. I don’t know what I’m going to do with that boy, if I don’t get him happily accepting a bottle by March, I won’t get to stay late at my sister’s wedding and drink my face off. I really want to drink my face off, I haven’t gotten drunk in a billion years and it’s my sister’s wedding, so, ya know.
 Sleepy baby cuddles…totally fantastic.

Today I was supposed to accompany Shannon and Natasha (who is also a bridesmaid of Kate’s) out shopping for the bridal shower and what not, but it didn’t work out that way because somebody wanted Mommy and refused the bottle. So instead, Kate visited with us for a bit and then I had a late afternoon nap (I needed it, desperately, so sore). When I woke up, Nolan had already had his dinner and was beginning the wind down process a little early (he too was super tired).

Matt, his step-dad and his mom all went to the UFC fights and I stayed in and had Robyn over to watch a movie with me. Then I spent a good hour trying to get Archer to fall asleep, and now? I’m blogging. And eating pretzels because I suck at keeping goals (well, the health related ones anyway).

I’m not really all that sure what tomorrow’s plan is, but I’m sure it will be fun. I’m trying to get in tons of visits with friends. And I’m trying to figure out our game plan…but more on that later. I’m already over tired and rambling. 😉

P.S. Please go check out my guest post that I wrote over at Elizabeth’s blog about budgeting and balancing the Moneyz. 


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2 Responses to The Trip Thus Far…

  1. Sounds like a great trip thus far! You're a trooper about the drive…I used to find that drive to be the most boring one ever. I love the picture of you and Matt holding hands. And I love even more that you got to go out and have a little time to yourselves! Your niece is adorable!


  2. Liz says:

    Jeez, I guess I picked a bad time to schedule your post! I had no idea you had all of this going on. I'm glad you're enjoying your visit, though. xoxo

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