My Boys

My boys light up my life.

I’m one lucky mama!!! Lately Nolan has really taken an interest in his brother. He always wants to hold Archer, and he loves to comfort him and massage his head. When Archer fuses when we’re out at the store, Nolan will gently rock the car seat back and forth in the cart, just like he sees Matt and I do. He’s so caring and affectionate with him, and now he includes Archer in his stories. For the longest time it was “Nollie, Mommy and Daddy”, but now when he tells silly stories, he’s got “baby” or “Archie” right in there too.

Some funny things Nolan has said recently:

“MOMMY! I asked for my cookie HOUR AGO!” (it was really just five minutes ago, but whatever, Mr. Sass…)
“Nollie’s belly is FULL”
“Nollie hold baby!”
“FEE FII FOO FUM MOMMY HAS A STINKY BUM!” (I used to say the same thing to him, only I obviously said Nolan has a stinky bum)

…he’s said a billion other adorable things too. He honestly has Matt and I both in stitches 99.9% of the day.

Tomorrow, we are heading down south for basically the rest of the month. I KNOW RIGHT?! WOAH. But Matt needs to do some serious job hunting, and won’t leave the kids and I alone up North without a car (and since I can’t drive in Northern Ontario winter shit anyway, it’s redundant).

We’re also looking at a house on Saturday…possibly, if it doesn’t get rented before then. I’m trying not to get excited about it. It’s over a hundred bucks more than here, but it’s a gorgeous two bedroom house with a huge yard, it’s five minutes from the waterfront and a two minute drive into town. Matt is excited about it…because not only is it in a location he actually doesn’t mind, but it has a huge workshop sized garage. Sounds perfect, right? Only…we don’t have first and last, and we don’t need it until May 1st so we’re kind of torturing ourselves for no reason. But we’ll still go, because I’m morbidly curious.

No worries though, even though I’ll be gone for basically a month, you’ll still hear from me because I’m bringing my laptop!

I love that I haven’t even started packing yet. SIGH. Maybe we’ll leave Friday instead…


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to My Boys

  1. Nicole says:

    Beautiful pics! Have a safe trip!

  2. Such lovely pics! I'm so jealous, Landon is annoyed more often than not with Hannah. I barely ever get a picture of them together because Landon hates having his picture taken and Hannah hasn't been that into it either lately! Have a good trip!

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