It’s a Potty Over Here!

So, it’s day 5ish of potty training. And we are actually doing really awesome! Yesterday was a good day with no accidents, of course we didn’t take Nolan’s diaper off until the afternoon (but only because the morning was spent at play group and then he went down for a nap). He played a lovely game of pee two dribbles in the potty chair and insist that we carry it to the big toilet to dump and clean. So, that was fun, but still…pee in the potty is pee.

Today has been awesome so far, we have no plans so Nolan has been out of his diaper since he woke up. In fact, he just pooped in the potty for the first time ever and I’m so excited about it!!! He asked to go on the “other potty” (which is what he calls the actual toilet with the potty seat), and I let him do his thing – not really expecting anything to happen because usually he just sits there for a while and gets into trouble. But to my surprise, he leaned forward to excitedly show me the poop!!

Before I became a parent, I never thought I’d get that excited over poop. But lets face it, any deposits made not on my floor or not in a diaper are totally worth celebrating and mentioning.

My next goal is to make all pees happen in the actual potty. I know it’s a little confusing to him since he just mastered pees in the potty chair while he watches TV, but I don’t want him to get too used to it, you know? So I’ve moved the potty chair and told him pees and poops can both happen on the big toilet. He’s cool with it – but he also has to learn how to hold his pees a little longer. Whenever he gets the slight sensation, he tries to go and it usually is only a couple dripples. So far he’s spent a lot of time on the big potty this morning and I can’t seem to coax him off for any length of time. He keeps saying “one more minute” when I ask if he’s done, and then when I leave him to his business he hollers for me because he literally wants me to entertain him while he sits on the toilet (without the real need to go, I might add. He’s already pooped and peed to his little heart’s content).

My main issues are getting him to “hold it” (as in, not have to pee every 5 minutes, when he doesn’t really need to pee, you know?) and the whole “game” of running to and from the bathroom. But he’s wearing underwear now (see picture, please ignore the crumbs on my ottoman. I have a toddler who will only eat breakfast in front of the TV…I know, bad parenting 101 whatever) without accidents. I was expecting underwear to pose an issue but they haven’t so far! Other than the fact that Nolan prefers to not wear anything and will throw them down the stairs declaring them “dirty” after two minutes of wear. BUT STILL, no diaper/underwear confusion.

My other issue is potty training in public, since Nolan gets lazy when I put the diaper on him. He has no problem just going in it without mentioning it. He still hates having his diaper changed in public, but he also hates public bathrooms so I’m really at a loss right now. I’m going to try the underwear under a diaper thing tomorrow at play group and see if that helps, but I am concerned that putting underwear on under the diaper will confuse him.

Blarg. Potty training is fun, isn’t it?

In other news, I’m cutting coffee completely out of my diet. Or trying to, anyway. I’ve been massively sick lately (you know, cramping, the gross bodily functions), and I can’t peg it to anything other than coffee. I thought it was pork (and pork does aggravate me), but it seems to occur also on days when I drink coffee. I’m really sad to say goodbye to coffee because I love it, but if it helps…I’d rather not spend long periods of time in pain in the bathroom. It’s a good thing that I love tea!!!

And not to jinx things (I really hope I don’t jinx things), but Archer has been sleeping through the night for the past three nights in a row! I’m stoked, and feeling so well rested I don’t even know what to do with myself! I’m hoping that this will continue on.

ALSO: Today is JD‘s birthday, she’s 23! So if you have a minute, go wish that crazy lady a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Fun Fact: this photo was taken in January 2007 (5 years ago!), our final year of high school, in the dirty high school bathroom. We were both just turning 18!!! Holy smokes. Hard to imagine that a year and nine months later, I’d be peeing on a pregnancy stick and she’d be moving in with her boyfriend.
ALSO! I’m totally sick in that photo, and I’m sick today! Told you I get sick every winter, all winter long.
And one more photo of JD and I from back in the day: 
It totally sums up our awesome level.


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5 Responses to It’s a Potty Over Here!

  1. noraisins says:

    I recall to fun days of potty training 😉 What worked for us was having him wear the underwear and bringing several changes of pants and underwear with us everywhere. The feeling of going pee (or poop) in the underwear REALLY encouraged him to go in the potty. I told him no more diapers and no matter what that is what we did – even at night. There were a few accidents at first, but this really worked fast. I wanted to get him into a preschool program that required him to be potty trained and we accomplished it.

  2. noraisins says:

    Also, I had the same issue with coffee. I finally figured out that the “blah” feeling and unhappy tummy was due to coffee. I cut it out of my daily routine and have felt soooo much better since then. I miss it terribly, but I do not miss feeling so icky.

  3. Mama says:

    I saw real success in potty training our son when I started taking the potty EVERYWHERE with me…. It's annoying but it works!

  4. kara says:

    Yay! Sounds like the potty training is going well! Snaps to you 🙂 potty training sounds like sleep training where consistency is the key! Mind you, I have decided that “sleep training” is not something that you just put a certain amount of hours into and then vamos – baby goes to sleep perfectly every night…it's more like a sleep system, you just do the same thing every time and eventually you will start to average good lie downs..maybe 70% of the time 🙂
    Awesome to hear that the little one is sleeping through – sleep deprivation is horrid, so good news you are on the road to feeling human again 🙂
    On the coffee – I am totally feeling for you…not sure what I would do without it!
    Just a thought here – my partner is lactose intolerant (kinda alergic to milk) and so is my lil man (he's a soy milk buby)! When my partner (Trev) drinks too much milk (or eats too much icecream 😮 ) he gets the same symptoms! Just a thought, maybe you could try lactose free milk – here in Australia we have a thing called A2. Anyways just a thought!

  5. Thanks for sharing your potty training methods! I'm glad it's going well for you guys! I'm saying goodbye to my XL steeped tea double doubles because I'm on a weightloss mission.

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