Potty Training…ish: Day 3

Friday I got the Potty Training Bug. You know, that desire to potty train your toddler. I packed up the diapers, put them away and told him no more diapers Nolan! We pee in the potty now, like a big boy!

So. I caught him squatting and managed to get him to the potty in time to drop a little deposit in, but I was less successful catching the pee face. Mainly because Nolan doesn’t have a pee face. He peed on the carpet, near the bookshelf and was instantly apologetic. I said “that’s okay babe, next time we go pee in the potty!” And he just said “okay Mommy!”

Then about half an hour later, he peed in the kitchen, right on the newspaper I was saving for Matt to check job postings. He told me immediately, since I didn’t catch him doing it (I was preoccupied with Archer). So, that kind of counts right? Peeing on newspaper? No. Damn. Again, I repeated the “we pee on the potty” speech as I cleaned up the mess. I didn’t make a big bad deal about it, like I never do. Pee’s pee, after all. Besides, he’s already ruined the carpets with fruit juice anyway. What’s a little pee?

Here’s where the problem arises: and that problem is Matt and I. We both get lazy. Potty training is hard and you have to be on top of it all the time, and that’s kinda hard with a newborn and all that jazz. So, around dinner time we sort of gave up and put the diaper on, because Nolan kept asking for it. And he wore a diaper to bed, of course. We’re still miles away from going diaperless at night.

Then, when Nolan woke up yesterday morning, I should have taken his diaper off and continued about our lesson. But Matt went back to bed and I was exhausted and lazy so I didn’t. That was my bad.

When Matt woke up, we went to the EYC drop in play group for a while, and we obviously can’t potty train there because, well…I have no idea how to go about potty training in public. Suggestions, anyone? When we got home, Nolan had lunch (sat on his brother. Sigh) and then went down for quiet time. I can’t leave his diaper off during quiet time because that usually ends up with him peeing/pooping ALL over his bedroom and that’s a mess I would like to avoid if possible.

After quiet time, I took off his diaper and told him “no more diapers Nolan, we’re gonna go in the potty!” and then he wanted to go into the bathroom. He went into the bathroom and set up his potty seat, all by himself, and then spent the next half of an hour sitting on the toilet. I couldn’t coax him off it. Of course, he didn’t pee or poop while on the toilet but about 15 minutes later, while he was sitting at his Thomas desk, he peed. He ran over to me and told me, and again apologized. I didn’t make a big deal about it, just told him next time to try to make it to the potty, or tell me, and cleaned it up.

The rest of the afternoon was literally amazing. Nolan would get the urge, say “Eee! Ooo! Haa!” (just like in the Potty Book) and run over to his potty to pee. Half the time, it was just little dribbles but still I got just as excited about those little dribbles because he was getting the sensation. During dinner time, he jumped off his chair and ran to his potty, sat down and peed the biggest pee that potty ever did see!!!

We put a diaper on him at bed time, but he actually begged us not to. We told him when he starts waking up dry, we’ll ditch night time diapers.

This morning, as soon as I went into his room I took off his [wet] diaper and changed him into a warm shirt (since we’re waiting on undies until we have no accidents). It’s nearly 10am and he hasn’t gone in the potty yet, but he also hasn’t gone anywhere else. He’s not feeling the greatest so I’m a little nervous. While sitting on the potty this morning, he threw up. I think it’s just him getting rid of all the mucus build up from his winter-long cold, but still.

Right now, as I write this, he’s sitting on the potty seat in the bathroom. Yup. He asked to use the “other potty” instead of his potty chair (which sits in the living room, in front of the TV just in case he has to go but doesn’t want to leave the living room. I’m nothing but not prepared, and I totally understand the not wanting to miss important parts in a good TV show). He occasionally does this, prefers the big potty to the little potty, especially if he has to “poop” (aka fart), but he likes his “me time” and sends us out of the bathroom.

But seriously, I am now officially determined. No more laziness. Yes, it’s hard potty training with a newborn but it’s never going to get any easier, and now that I know he understands and is ready (more or less, with a little encouragement), we can do this. We will do this.

This is Day 3, although technically speaking yesterday and Friday were “half days”, and so will most days because we go to the EYC and I’m really not sure at all how we’ll do potty training in public, since Nolan thinks diapers = freedom to pee…but still. Day 3. I’m very optimistic about today!


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7 Responses to Potty Training…ish: Day 3

  1. natasha says:

    With savannah, we have a travel potty seat we bought from walmart. It folds up & goes in the diaper bag. & we try to put her on it when we think she needs to go. She's still afraid of a lot of public bathrooms though, so its hard. Just a suggestion (because it seems to work with sav) but have u tried putting undies on him and then a pull up or diaper over? Savannah will pee in a diaper or pull up no problem, but doesn't like her undies wet. This way they get the wet sensation better and no mess on ur floors. It might not work for him, but its something else to try. Its all trial and error.
    & I totally get you with the laziness. Its so hard to keep on top of it with a baby. 😦 I'm all for bribery lol. It works for my kids. We have a “treat box” on a shelf and if she pees or poops she gets to pick one. It has stickers, small dollar store toys & small candies. She doesn't get one everytime, we just use it when nothing else works.
    Potty training is hard work! Noah still has accidents at night and he's 4. & its even harder when ppl put such a demand on parents to have their kids trained early. Every child gets there eventually!

  2. Good luck. It is hard and I get sad when I hear everyone is doing so good with potty training. Skylee seems not to care any more.

  3. Hi Jessi, I found you from Young & Restless Blog Hop. I have 5 kids and all were different at the potty training stage. When I was pregnant with baby #5 this summer I was trying to potty train my then 2 1/2 yr. old boy but he wasn't interested. After a week of accidents and frustration, I decided to wait. So finally a month later he came to me & said “momma I have to pee.” I didn't expect him to & I was so shocked he did. I thought maybe it was luck but every time he had to go he did. I was so happy, especially because I was 8 mos. pregnant and didn't want 2 in diapers. He likes my bathroom and doesn't care for his Cars potty chair. And he likes me to go with him to the bathroom. When the new baby arrived he still wanted me to go with him and if I didn't he'd have an accident. So there i was standing in the bathroom nursing my new little guy & watching him pee. Now my baby is 6 mos. & Gabriel is 3, it's easier but sometimes he still wants me to go with him. It's hard but it will get easier. It's just a lot of repetition, encouragement and work. Good Luck!!

  4. tierney says:

    That's awesome that he likes to sit on the big toilet- soo many kids are too afraid! From my nanny days, my only advice is to give him a reward for using the potty/toilet correctly (i.e., 2 m&m's each time) and to ask him to go every 30 minutes. Eventually you can make that less frequent, but as he's still learning the sensations (and for you to avoid a messy clean up) its best to set a timer for every 30 minutes and prompt him to at least try at those times. Good luck- you'll be SO happy to only be buying diapers for one!

  5. Nicole says:

    Good progress… potty training is SUPER hard and mostly hard on the parent. Consistency is KeY! Easier said than done with a newborn, I know all about it. We did the Potty Boot Camp. It's a $5 ebook on Amazon. Worth every penny. After the first full day, Marco “got it”. That doesn't mean he was perfect, but he actually understood the concept. For us, the drilling made all the difference. Some people think that drilling is too strict or too mean, but for us, it worked great. Children need reinforcement that is MORE than words. Saying “we go in the potty now” doesn't help them to “get it” as much as SHOWING them. And I strongly suggest you section off at least TWO days where you don't have to go anywhere… potty training in public is horrific. We'd put pull ups whenever we'd go out and then use the bathroom when we got somewhere and before we left… but it took about 3 months before it worked. Now, we're only in pull-ups for bed. Success!

  6. With regard to potty training in public, I did the three day method with Ari. I got rid of all my diapers and stuck him in underwear. He didn't like the feeling of being in wet underwear, and it worked. He potty trained in like five days. Sticking them in underwear does work I tell you.

  7. Dani says:

    You have inspired me! Jax is a full 4 months older than Nolan, and we are so nowhere near potty trained. I think it's time to stop being lazy for me as well and step it up! (to be fair recent upheaval in our life has set us back quite a bit!)

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