Nolan the Cat

I’m seriously loving the hell out of this age. Nolan is so much fun! At times, he can be super frustrating and difficult (what almost three year old isn’t?), but for the most part he cracks me up on a day to day basis.

Like last night, when he spent half an hour pretending to be a cat.

Yeah, it was totally awesome. I used to pretend to be animals. When JoJo and I were little, we’d take turns pretending to be cats or dogs. If we were cats, we’d get each other bowls of milk to drink out of on the floor, cat style. If we were dogs, we’d get each other bowls of cereal instead. Matt laughed at me when I confessed that to him, apparently that’s odd but I don’t think so.

I love that he’s doing imaginative play now. Yesterday, while at play group, I watched him and two other kids playing in a tent and talking to one another. Then one of the older kids said “There’s a monster! Everyone run!” and they all ran, and then Nolan kept telling me that there was a monster inside the ‘house’. 

I can’t believe how many sentences this kid is saying, and the crazy stuff he’s doing. He actually helps clean up now, and tells me when he’s doing it. “I’m cleaning up Mom!” is his favourite thing to say, especially if I am trying to get him into bed.

Some of his other current sentences:

“It’s circle time!”
“See you next week! BYYYE!”
“Nollie is NOT a bear!” (in response to my “come here cuddle bear!”)
“The chair is DIRTY” (as he plays musical chairs during each and every meal time)
“Time to brush my teeth Mom!”
Five more minutes MOM! Nollie BUSY!” 
“No poop! No pee! Nollie’s clean!” (when asked if he needs a diaper change – he usually does when he says that).

He says so much, it’s kinda hard to think off the top of my head! I should really start writing this stuff down but I’ll just say he talks and he rarely stops, even in his sleep.

He knows what a circle, square, triangle and rectangle are. He knows what most fruit is (although he still insists that pears are apples). He knows his colours very very well. He knows his ABCs and can count to 10 but can identify more numbers (just not always in order). He remembers lines from books (his favourite is The Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss. I read it every single night and he now excitedly tells me what’s on each page). He knows a lot of different types of cars too. He can point out a Jeep and a Chevy and so on and so forth, it’s freakin’ weird. He loves trucks like Daddy’s and “dozers” (which is what he calls any type of yellow construction vehicle).

But as much as he’s all boy, he has a super sensitive and sweet side too. More times than not, I’ve watched him set up all the dolls at play group at the little table and “feed them” a meal. Then he puts them to bed. It’s adorable, and I totally encourage doll play by the way, just like I don’t freak out when he plays with purses or wears my shoes. I don’t freak out that he likes My Little Pony (although I do dislike this show A LOT, it’s too girlie-girl for me. All about princesses and beauty…BARF), because he’s just as into Chuck and Friends.

He is peculiar, very peculiar. At play group, as soon as gym time is over, he starts asking for Daddy and doesn’t want to go to circle time. He won’t even come in the room again, he’ll wait in the hallway. It’s odd.

He’s a huge flirt too. A little girl sorta walked into him at play group, and he puckered his lips out to kiss her. He’s constantly giving his flirty eyes to any pretty girl we encounter. He even says “heyyy girls!” and winks. Seriously. He’s done it so many times, especially while we’re out.

I can’t believe my baby boy is going to be three in just three short months. THREE!!! Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were standing in the garden beside the tall flowers before heading over to my sister Kate’s for dinner.

And suddenly, it’s the now and he’s leaning against the ottoman, eating his cereal with his PJ pants hanging halfway down his butt because he’s got nothing to hold any of his pants up. He’s telling us elaborate stories about the things that he does.

He’s playing with his brother, helping me with chores, and just generally being a kid. The only time he resembles a baby is when he’s sleeping, and of course…in my heart, because he’ll always be my baby.

Love you baby boy! Even if you think sitting on my head and farting on me is a hilarious sport…
[I can thank your Dad for that]

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4 Responses to Nolan the Cat

  1. That's soooooo funny. Recently, Landon pretends to be animals too. He's mostly “GUS” my parents' yellow lab. Landon also lies about his diapers too. Most of the time I'm certain he's lying because instead of saying, “no, I'm not wet” it's “NO I'M NOT WET MAMA!!!!!!!!!!” Imagine seeing our two boys together? I bet we'd be in for a lot of laughs. Anyways, great post…made me smile.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    Haha! I love it! Can't wait til we all get together, watching them will be hilarious. We'll need to have the video camera out at all times lol.

  3. I started writing a post like this about Landon, and I'm going to do one about Hannah too. You should do one about Archer next :):):)

    And yes, I have a feeling we'll all be going camera crazy!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    Archer's monthly newsletter is coming up (January 5th), he'll be 4 months old! Nolan just “celebrated” 33 months on the 23rd. 😀 I haven't written a post JUST about Nolan in so longer, he never gives me time to haha!!!

    Camera crazy is a good thing. P.S. get an iPhone! lol

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