On Moving. Maybe.

Matt and I have been tossing the idea of giving our notice here and getting the heck out of Dodge, so to speak. Mainly because we know that this place is far too expensive for our budget right now, and the sooner we find somewhere more affordable, the better.

I’ve mentioned several times the desire to move back south. That’s where all our family support system is, really. My sisters, my dad, my grandparents Matt’s mom, step-dad and brother. Everyone is literally basically in the same town, or a stone’s throw away. The doctors in town here are “ill equip” to handle my MHE issues too. I’m waiting on a referral to see a hand specialist….in Toronto. Plus, I miss my old orthopedic surgeon. He did stuff right the first time, and could handle basically any MHE related issue (my hands, for example). So if all my care is in Toronto, and all our family support system is close to there, why stay up North? What happens when I have these surgeries I’ve been putting off (and putting off)?

It’s just so…mind blowing, trying to figure this stuff out. Basically, it boils down to whether or not Matt is going to actually get hours at the old shop. If not, he’s going to take off down south early and get a job, and if that’s the case we might as well put in our notice here, because what’s the sense of sticking around?

If we do give notice (on Monday) that means we could be out of this place as soon as the first weekend of March. Woah. That’s pretty soon, right? Guess we should start packing regardless.

I am deeply nervous about giving notice here. I’m afraid they’ll make us pay out of the eye of the needle. I’ve never had issues giving notice before, but then and again we’ve never rented of major rental companies before.

I spoke to a woman who could help us get a place in town for pretty cheap, if the whole thing with our old landlord doesn’t pan out. And if worse comes to worse we could always crash at my MIL’s for a few weeks, and store our furniture at Matt’s brother’s house until we find a place.

But…I’m scared. I’m afraid of leading our family down the wrong path. But staying here just simply isn’t an option, or at least…not a really good one. Montreal would also be closer when we move back, which totally boogles my mind but Matt says that’s how geography works! Go figure ;0)

In the mean time, my goal is to keep busy by majorly downsizing. We all have WAY too many clothes, and to be honest I find myself wearing the same 7 things anyway, so what’s the point in keeping all of the other stuff? This weekend is for re-organizing our closets and dressers, purging basically everything and only keeping enough clothes for a week. I plan on keeping what I can but saving to buy more functional multi-pieces, if that makes sense. I’ve seen it done on fashion blogs and in magazines, where you have like 4 articles of clothing and can create 10 different looks with them.

ALSO: Yesterday’s visit with the representatives for Shriners hospital went well. Nolan’s referral is in the mail. We still have a lot of corresponding and paperwork to get through, but hopefully we’ll be seen quickly!

Oh, and thanks to Karen I heard this song. Of course, it made me think of you know who, but I had to share it because it’s a really awesome song AND, come on…five people playing ONE guitar? Talk about teamwork! (Also, the guy in the middle has an amazing singing voice!)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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4 Responses to On Moving. Maybe.

  1. Poppy says:

    It's ok to be scared. It's also ok to do your best to get your family out of a tough situation, which it sounds like you're working on doing.

  2. dramaticmama says:

    I am so happy that you guys are talking moving back home so soon and just in time for nice warm spring and summer weather!
    We can plan so many outings! Beach. Toronto Zoo. Niagara Falls? Oh I could go on and on! This is going to be awesome!!! I can't wait. I need my BFF in my life again.

  3. Renee says:

    Haha! You are Loved!! Your doing the best that you can with a crap situation!! That's what counts! Your kids will be Awesome so long as their mum and dad are happy!!
    And OMG that cover is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! I had to put it on my fb!! Thanks!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Poppy: *hugs*

    @dramaticmama: Yeah, I'm stoked for it! I need mine in my life again too <3

    @Renee: I know I am very loved! :0) and I am doing my best, although sometimes its hard!! And I KNOW RIGHT?! Seriously an awesome song! I've played it so much in the past 2 days hah!

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