Archer, Three Months

Archer, 3 months old. January 5th, 2012.

Dearest Archer;

I can’t believe how quickly you are growing! Honestly, I forgot how fast time passed when you have a newborn. Some days it feels like forever (ok, mostly at night when you have your fussy times) but today marks your third monthday…you have been earthside for three whole months. But that’s impossible, because I just had you yesterday, right?

I can’t believe how much you’ve changed, in both appearance and everything else! You are playful now, during your awake times you loves to play and interact. You’re giggling, chattering away, and you are smiling like no tomorrow and I’m loving it. You actually enjoy my singing. Right now, anyway. Nolan was the same way….once he got bigger he realized that I was tone deaf and that he’d rather listen to REAL music than hear me croak out a nursery rhyme or too. ;0)

I love making you giggle, and smile. I spent the majority of my day when I should be cleaning doing just that. The way I see it is that you’re only this little once. If I let these moments pass, then I miss out on toothless, drooly-face smiles and baby coos. They’ll be gone all too soon, and soon enough I’ll have another toddler on my hands who doesn’t want me to sing silly nursery rhymes to him. So, I’m trying to live in the moment and enjoy it now. And I must say, I’m doing a fantastic job…our house is messier than it’s ever been! ;0) that means I’m doing it right though!

I haven’t had you measured and weighed yet, I should have on Tuesday but I was eager to get back to baby group because my friend Jamie was there with her newborn son and I wanted to get pictures of the two of you together…and holy hanna did Mason ever make you look massive! Anyways, I’m guessing that you are just over 13 pounds and maybe 24 inches or so in length. You can still fit in to some 3 month outfits, but you have more room in the 3-6 months outfits and you prefer the 6 month sleepers because then your sweet little toesies don’t get squished! It’s hard to judge on baby clothes…since they’re all different sizes. Even Nolan is still wearing a few 12 month sized clothing, but they’re the odd “larger” 12 month. It’s weird!! Baby clothing is totally odd. I personally think they should go by weight not month but HEY! I’m not a baby clothes designer. (Although, I’d totally love to be a baby clothes designer, but that’s a post for another day!)

I love how your little face lights right up whenever you hear your big brother talking. Clearly, aside from Mommy he is your favourite person in this house, followed closely by Daddy! We definitely can’t leave Daddy out. I’ve got a feeling that I’m your favourite right now because I have the food source and I don’t gag nearly as much as Daddy does when faced with a poopy diaper (although, I think you like making Daddy gag!).

As for sleeping…you’re doing an amazing job at that! Each night, I bring you upstairs around 10pm and feed you. Then Daddy and I take turns rocking you because we both enjoy holding you and literally argue over who gets to do it (daddy usually wins out only because I do get to feed you and cuddle with you each time I feed you!). You fall asleep around 11pm on most nights, and you stay sleeping until 7 or 8am. It’s wonderful! You sleep in a bassinet right beside me and I love having you so close! You love it too, because it means you get to the boobie faster when you’re hungry!

(Yes Archer, I’m totally aware that that last sentence is going to be met with an EW MOM! when you read this, because you’ll be old enough to be embarrassed by said sentence. That’s exactly why I wrote it ;0) ha!).

Anyways, keep on being your rocking self little man! We all love you so much!



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7 Responses to Archer, Three Months

  1. Aw so cute! Happy 3 Months to AJ!

  2. Renee says:

    Gah!! So Scrumptious!!!

  3. Karen In Oz says:

    So adorable.I love his eyes when he opens them wide in the video. So darn cute 🙂
    Happy 3 months Archer 🙂

  4. Sonya Marie says:

    Goodness!! He's a cutie! I love his hair!!

  5. Sonya Marie says:

    PS – I shoot with a Canon 50D

  6. I definitely agree, baby clothes should go by weight and not month!

    OMG Archer is cuuuuute. He kinda makes me want another. But not right now. Kind of. I don't know. I'll text you about that one later…

  7. jessi ♥ says:

    @Beautiful Mess: thanks 😀

    @Renee: hehe thank you! He is very scrumptious haha!

    @Karen in Oz: Thank you! I LOVE that video too haha. I was sitting there dying from cuteness!

    @Sonya Marie: Thanks! and I'm adding that to my list of cameras I would be totally happy with haha!

    @Danielle-Marie: They totally should, like 13 pounds tall/short etc or something. And thanks! Also; I hope you're okay from the whole white spider ordeal. Haven't heard from you since…where they DEADLY?! lol

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