On Organization (and my other goals)

Now as you know, one of my goals for 2012 is to get more organized. When I told Matt this goal, he actually laughed at me. Apparently, I am the most organized person he knows. Which is kind of sad. I do have great intentions on being organized, I’m forever writing out to-do lists and all that jazz…but rarely do I ever make the time to DO the things on those to-do lists. I suppose a more accurate goal would be to improve my follow through on organization attempts…but whatever. Mote point ;0)

The other day, I stumbled across these printable organization lists. Seriously, loving the hell out of them! Of course, first I need to get a printer to actually print them off…but hey! I thought I’d share them anyway, since I know many of you have the same goal in mind (get more organized).

I’ve decided that these goals I have won’t happen over night, and that’s totally okay. If my goals for 2012 are a 12 month work in progress, I’m cool with that. So I might be a little delayed on meeting these goals as I figure out how to tackle them.

I’ve asked Matt to get me some exercise DVDs. I saw an exercising program on Dr. Phil that I actually really want to try. It’s called the P.I.N.K Method, a diet and exercise program designed for women by women…and according to Dr. Phil, it works. I know…the fact that it was even on Dr. Phil has me questioning it’s creditability too…but, I like that the testimonies are from women exactly like me; longing to get healthier but lacking the motivation and drive. I’ve joined the gym before. And it was hard. So I quit. Well, not really… I mostly quit because I got pregnant with Archer and just going was a work out in itself because I had to take Nolan and I joined in the winter so I had to bundle us both up and fight for parking and trudge through the snow and slip on the ice and then finally when I got him all set up in the day care, I was way too exhausted to work out for anymore than 15 minutes. I figured the monthly fees were just too much for me, considering I wasn’t getting enough use out of the gym. I’ve really wanted to try exercising at home, while Nolan has his quiet time and Archer naps.

As far as eating healthier goes…well, it’s going to be a process. I have a bottle of Dr. Pepper, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Bar and a bag of Honey Mustard pretzels (nevermind, I ate those already) in my pantry with my name on it. I know, I know. Most determined women (like my cousin Karen) would just toss that crap in the garbage, where it essentially belongs. HOWEVER…I’m all for easing into things slowly. I’ve found that, in the past, when I dove head first into something, I’d end up giving up sooner than if I slowly ease myself in. I want to learn how to eat healthier, and I want to enjoy it…it won’t be an overnight thing and that’s alright. Instead of buying junk food like every other night, we’re going to stop that. Maybe stick with one treat once a week, like Fridays or something. Maybe we’ll have a cheat day. I want to cook tasty, healthy meals and provide tasty, healthy and filling snacks for myself and Nolan. Although seriously? I can’t get that kid to try ANYTHING. Yesterday he turned up his nose at my homemade very berry muffins! He’s even turned up his nose at rice crispie squares. Yeah, I don’t get it either – my kid is certifiably crazy.

 Muffins I made yesterday, using this recipe. SO GOOD, yet Nolan ran away practically crying when I offered one to him. Oh well, more for me ;0)

A little side goal I made for myself is to bake something at least once a week. I love baking, even if I’m not exactly good at it sometimes (like when I managed to burn the hell out of marshmellows when I attempted to make Rice Crispie squares, or that time I tried to bake Matt a graduation cake from scratch). I figured if I baked some healthy goodies (muffins, oatmeal cookies, maybe even some granola bars) then snack time would be a little healthier too. Anyways, so my side goal is going to be that I’m going to start baking once a week. Maybe Thursdays, since that’s the only day we don’t go to the EYC play group. HOLLA! I’m already doing awesome at this baking thing.

As for the whole strengthening our marriage…I’m proud to report that all 24 hours of that is going super well! I’m being more conscious of Matt’s feelings, of his wants and needs. I’m trying to let go of the whole “everything must go according to MY plan” thing, and to realize that if I really want something to happen (like the bathrooms to get cleaned or something) then the best way to approach it is do it myself. I’m not saying that Matt is useless and won’t do anything I ask of him, because he DOES do like everything, but Matt also doesn’t get bothered by the same things I do. He doesn’t see the sense of urgency of doing and cleaning certain things like I do. Example: the front hall closet. He thinks it’s perfectly fine, I think it’s a freakin’ disaster. So, I’m going to clean it while he plays with the kids, because him playing with the kids actually helps out more than me MAKING him do something because I’m too lazy/sore but want it done ;0) and that is, sadly, where most of our arguments string from. I’ll be lazy, sitting on the couch asking him to do stuff. UNCOOL. Bone disorder pain be damned, I felt good (emotionally, anyway) when I cleaned the entire upstairs top to bottom yesterday. I even reorganized our bedroom, moved some furniture around and it looks and even feels better.

But, strengthening our marriage is going to be a lifetime thing. I know we’ll have days where one of us or both of us gets selfish and snippy. I’m personally working on not getting snippy with him. Bad pain days are no longer going to equal out to me being a banshee days. It’s not fair to him, and I’m kinda a dick for doing it previously…I know. But hey, better late than never…am I right?!

ALSO, you’ll notice that I’m sporting a new fantastic look; all thanks to JD from Dramatic Mama! I think this one is my favourite over all look, with the Christmas one coming in a close second! I can’t keep the Christmas one up when it isn’t Christmas anymore, as much as I love it. Seriously, I packed up my tree on the 28th, an hour after we got home from visiting family! I’m all for Christmas…but I basically want stuff back to normal as soon as boxing day is over with. Am I weird? Or are you also the “Christmas is done, let’s get it out of my living room until next year” types? Matt laughs at me because I was so freaking excited to put it up and so eager to take it down. Go figure!


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10 Responses to On Organization (and my other goals)

  1. Poppy says:

    Yup, lifelong working on relationships that matter. Exhausting, but worth it. And I think you're making a really smart choice to do things you want done instead of yelling at Matt about them. 🙂

    Happy 2012!

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Poppy: Yeah, sometimes it takes me a while to realize the obvious ;0) lol

  3. momto8 says:

    good luck with theses goals! Effort always pays off!!!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @momto8: thanks! It sure does :0)

  5. I feel like I just read my own goals. I am trying to get more organized (I am slowly improving every year), healthy eating I definitely need to work on and eating less processed food, and as for my marriage I think the more you work the better it is and I will be doing that as well:)

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    @jessicaclarke: :0) they are great goals to have, I just know they will me me (and you!) waay happier! Good luck!

  7. Tierney says:

    I've made those exact muffins like 10 times. I love them! I use brown sugar and split the flour so I have half whole wheat, half white (just to oomph up the heathy part! lol) and I use like double the amount of blueberries just because they're yummy! Nolan doesn't know what he's missing! I plan to start exercising more this year too. Go us!

  8. Liz says:

    I'm drooling over those printable organization tools. I love lists and things like that. I may or may not have a problem.

    I had a monthly gym membership, too, and never went because the gym was all the way across town and, let's face it, I didn't exactly love working out there. I want to try yoga or Zumba. I've been eyeing the non-credit courses at my community college, just waiting for one of these to be available. I'm on my feet running around the store all day while I work, which helps keep me somewhat in shape, but I need something to destress with. Poor Mike is always getting the brunt of my stress, which is not cool. Let me know how the P.I.N.K. Method works out for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you like it!

    Triscuit makes delicious olive oil and cracked peppercorn crackers. They're whole wheat and they are CRACK. I also love veggies — baby carrots, broccoli, and celery — with ranch dip. Those are my favorite healthy snacks. I can't believe Nolan doesn't like Rice Krispie Treats! Those things are crack, too. We were all over them Christmas Day at my sister-in-law's.

    Those muffins look really good. I love, love muffins. I love baking, too. I have a recipe for macadamia, white chocolate, cranberry, and oatmeal cookies that you would probably like… though they're not as healthy with the white chocolate chips, I suppose. You could always omit them. They are so, so good.

    I've noticed that men and women really don't see things the same way, at all. I'm learning that I just have to pick my battles, and the things that feel like a big deal to me may not actually be a big deal. It's always so hard to tell, though, hahaha. You're right that strengthening a marriage is a lifetime process, though. I'm learning that Mike and I will figure things out as we go. We love each other, which is what matters the most, and as long as we keep working together, we'll be fine, so the same goes for you guys.

    I never knew what Boxing Day was until a year or so ago, and I think it's now my favorite holiday. Then again, I don't go too crazy with Christmas decorations, anyway. I like to keep it simple. That being said, my grandmother passed down some ornaments to me and my sister, so I can't wait until next year when Mike and I have our own place and put up our own tree. I so don't blame you for wanting it all put away! The new year always makes me want to be clean and organized, heehee.

  9. I'm kind of intrigued by the P.I.N.K. method. But I do really want a gym membership…just dunno if it's worth it with Ryan working 12 hour shifts, I'd probably have to take the kids with me more often than not and yeah, you listed all the reasons that sucks. Hurray for ever picky toddlers! *Face palm.* I really loved this quote in The Notebook (so what if I'm a sap):

    “So it’s not gonna be easy, it’s gonna be really hard, and we’re gonna have to work at this everyday but I wanna do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday.”

    It's so TRUE.

  10. jessi ♥ says:

    @Tierney: We would have used brown sugar instead too, but I didn't realize we were out so white it was! Matt doesn't like whole wheat muffins, but perhaps I just haven't found *the brand* yet :0)

    @Liz: I'm so excited for you and Mike to have your own place! I can't wait to read about your tours and how you decorate etc :0) LOVE decorating posts and visuals of where my bloggy friends are :0) I shall have to try those crackers, they sound yummy!

    @Danielle-Marie: Do the P.I.N.K method with me!!! VERY TRUE, that is like a fantastic quote!

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