Nothing Like Home!

So we are home now!! We got home around 1pm.
I was an anxious mess the entire drive home. We could barely see out the window, because our windshield fluid line is totally busted. Like, the cold made it snap into a kazillion pieces. Matt had to pull over to toss a bottle of water with windshield wiper fluid in it over the windshield any time it got too hard to see. Matt’s going to fix it…soon I hope. I have to go back down in a few weeks for a dress fitting.
Anyway. I took some pictures of our drive to try and distract myself. It was very scenic and beautiful, so there’s that. 

The moment we got home, I fed the baby while Matt unloaded our seriously loaded down car. Then we both started the major process of organizing all the new gifts and opening them for Nolan. While Matt ran to the grocery store, I put away all the Christmas decorations because our living room was simply chaotic with the tree and all the new toys everywhere, I just couldn’t deal!

I still have a lot of laundry to go through, and there are still so many gifts to open and set up too! I’m going to wait on that though, first I want to go through all of Nolan’s old toys and get rid of the things he doesn’t play with anymore. He has a room full of toys he never plays with downstairs, and there’s no reason why this kid needs to keep ALL his old toys and still have his new ones. I have no room in my house as is, so my plan is to donate the old ones.
But Nolan is enjoying the toys we did open up for him!
 Sitting in his Thomas desk from Nana and Grandpa Kent!
 He got two new monster trucks for Christmas! And lined them up that way haha!
 He was driving them into me haha. I got hit by four monster trucks today 😉
 Matt {I mean Santa} saw this Pirate ship at Winners and HAD to snag it for Nolan, his main reason? HE wanted it. Haha. Luckily Nolan likes it too!
 Nolan loves his Chuck and Friends truck. I can’t figure out how to make it play games though. I thought it was supposed to play red light/green light with you? {I have no idea where the instructions are, haha!}
Best friends.
I’m kinda thrilled to see that I now have 103 followers on GFC {Google Friend Connect}!!! I never thought this little blog would have even 5 followers, haha! So thank you to all you wonderful followers and readers! 
I heard a rumor that GFC was going to disappear, and that makes me super sad since that’s how I read ALL my favourites. So, if you have a moment, subscribe by email so you don’t miss out on my posts when/if they toss the GFC thing! I hope they don’t, because I love it, but I guess Google doesn’t do things based on what I like…
Kinda lame, because every Blogger user loves the GFC feature.
And on another note…I am so stoked for 2011. If you wrote a year end review post, please link up! I know I didn’t invent year end posts, but I love reading them and figured it would be a cool link up for anyone to join 😉
I’m growing increasingly excited for April/May! Matt and I are finally – I think – on the same page about moving, and we’re going to start looking for a place to rent for April 1st down south. I can’t wait to be closer to my sisters, my dad, and my grandparents.
But yeah, back to right now. I’m going to try and sit back and relax. I need to, especially after our trip and power Christmas clean up but I still need to vacuum…majorly and it’s bothering me. However, my vacuum cleaner died a few days before Christmas so I can’t vacuum! Matt’s going to take the whole thing apart and see if he can fix it. Keep your fingers crossed, I need that sucker to work!
Happy Wednesday friends!

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9 Responses to Nothing Like Home!

  1. Glad you're home safe and sound! Miss you already though…you and those fantastic kids of yours. Nolan is hilarious! Happy New Year, cuz! 2012 is going to be wonderful!

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Karen: Miss you already too!!! Had so much fun with you guys, we definitely need to do a glorified summer bash, somewhere we can all crash 🙂 Dylan and Thomas are amazing, thanks to Dylan I was able to actually visit instead of chasing Nolan around haha!! YAY FOR BIG KIDS! 😀 2012 is going to be wonderful! If, you know, the rapture doesn't happen 😉

  3. Lukasmummy says:

    Sounds like you had a great christmas have you considered using google reader to subscribe to the blogs you want to follow I have too many to count on mine because I love it lol. Hugs Crystal x

  4. Allie says:

    I hear you….no place like home!:) I love the pictures, the snow looks amazing and perfect! It has barely snown here!:( Looks and sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!!! xoxo

  5. Cute pics we're still going through the madness of opening toys and putting things together. Hopefully this house will look somewhat decent soon. Sounds lie you guys had a great Christmas

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    @Lukasmummy: See I liked GFC because it added the blogs I follow into Google Reader, and I can read them all on Google Reader on my android app and it's AWESOME. Now I'm worried that, if/when they delete GFC, I'll have to refollow ALL my favourites 😦 I follow a lot of blogs! Hugs to you as well Crystal!

    @Allie: There is no place like home! Now if home was closer to everyone else…I'd be a happy mama 🙂 We did have a great Christmas!! We only just got snow this week though ahah. I'm already resenting snow!

    @jessicaclarke: It takes FOREVER, doesn't it!! Coupled with the fact that my vacuum cleaner doesn't work…UGH. I am gonna be spending a lot of time picking up fluffs and toy box pieces from my rugs tomorrow!! Hope you guys had a great Christmas too!

  7. I think they are only throwing on the GFC on non Blogger blogs.

    Cute toys! He is so adorable. Brayden lines up his stuff too!

  8. jessi ♥ says:

    @Rj and Jessie: So they are still keeping GFC? So confused about this whole ordeal ahha! And thanks! Does he? I love when Nolan does it, especially if it's all cars lol…traffic jam!

  9. Landon was thrilled by these pictures, just thought I'd share. I put all our Christmas decorations away too because I also couldn't deal. I get really anxious over messes and my entire house was a freaking write off! I really hope they keep GFC too, I read a lot of my favs that way too. Hope Matt figures out your vacuum cleaner!

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