Misc. STUFF :)

I was looking through my cell phone videos, and I found this gem from our trip down south:

Then it made me think about our trip, and about how great it was being so close to everyone I care about.
And about how Matt and I are tossing the idea around about moving…again.
I say tossing, because we toss that idea around a lot.
Matt is a Northern man, he loves the North and all that comes with it. He’s 100% happy with it being just the four of us. I also love it being the four of us, but I also long to be closer to the rest of my family…my dad, sisters, grandparents, cousins…I grew up with a huge family and I’m used to being within arms reach of them.
Living up North has been hard, because I haven’t really been within arms reach. I’m not a ten or fifteen minute drive away from everyone. 
Going down south reminded me that I thrive being close to everyone. I’m not saying I would see my sisters and dad every single day, but knowing that they’re close at hand makes things a lot more bearable for me. Occasional family dinners, play dates with my sister, movie dates with them all and way more hang outs with all my friends.
Right now, everything is up in the air and it’s driving me nuts. Seriously. I am a planning freak. I have lists about lists, yo. For real!
I have budget lists, and wish lists, and to-do lists, and I have to plan everything out or I get anxious. Right now, I can’t plan everything out.
Matt has been applying everywhere we can think. He’s applied at places here, in town, and places down south, and he even applied at a job out of province.
Secretly? My fingers are crossed on the out of province job. Twenty days on, ten days off…he’d have to come home for the ten days. It would be better money than the other jobs, better money than we’re used to…and we’d be able to, you know, do shit.
Like pay off our debts, buy some new couches {I like these ones!}, start building a credit and one day in the future, buy a house.

Anyways. I’m getting ahead of myself. But that’s no surprise, because I have an addiction of “window shopping” and checking out the MLS listings.
I know.
I’m great at self torture.

ANYWHO, the whole point of this post was to share that adorable photo of Nolan and Xander, and I already did that so I guess I can carry on with my night of consuming an entire box of chocolate chip cookies, guzzling back a huge glass of milk, and reading my book. What, I’m practicing for Christmas Eve?!

Also, here are a few random cell phone pics to make this post even more random:

 taking pictures of the Christmas tree while babywearing. Can you spot the mama & baby?!

 check out Archer’s hair today, totally awesome 😉


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to Misc. STUFF :)

  1. I think you guys will toss the idea of moving back and forth until it actually happens. I don't blame you for feeling more “secure” when closer to family. I've felt really “insecure” since my parents moved to the States. It's only an 8 hour drive away buuuuut it bugs me. Like a lot.

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