Silly Sleep Sunday {Week 1}

Jessie from RJ and Jessie has started up a cute little Sunday linkup!

I’ve taken these photos of the kids sleeping over the past week!
 1. Archer fell asleep that way, and I snapped a picture because I’m perpetually twelve haha!
2. Archer sleeping in the play pen at Nana’s house! Close to Eddie the Teddy Bear 😀
3. Nolan “not sleeping” on the ottoman {he had his eyes closed and was pretending to lol}
So, yeah! I actually didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of them sleeping this week. Probably because it’s been a pretty shite week for sleeping {thanks Archer!}.
If you have cute pictures of your kiddos sleeping {and all pictures of kids sleeping are adorable!} then why don’t you link up with Jessie’s Silly Sleep Sunday linkup?!


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5 Responses to Silly Sleep Sunday {Week 1}

  1. Aw. Too cute! Thank you for linking up!

  2. Ohmigod look where Nolan fell asleep! Aww!

  3. aww thats such a cute link up!

  4. You should join, Nikki! 😀

  5. jess ♥ says:

    @RJ and Jessie: No prob, it was fun!!!

    @Danielle-Marie: Haha, I know!

    @Nikki Darlin;': yeah, join up!

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