Face, Meet Floor.

I’ve had a pretty interesting weekend…and by interesting, I mean accident prone.
Yesterday, I was walking quickly from the living room to the bathroom, where Nolan was sitting on the toilet waiting for me to return with his ABC book. Somehow I managed to get my right toes tangled up in my pajama pants and I bailed. I went down hard, landed basically on my face. I didn’t even bother trying to stop myself because I basically didn’t know what was happening until I ate the ground and watched Nolan’s ABC book fly out of my hands… 
Matt couldn’t stop laughing. After he had checked that I was okay of course.
And it was pretty funny, I’ll give it that.
But it wasn’t so funny when I did it out in public.
We took Nolan to the hair salon to get a haircut, and I was inside waiting with him. There wasn’t any waiting seats available so one of the stylists said Nolan and I could sit in the hairdressing chair, and she locked it so it wouldn’t swivel. So we sat in the chair and waited, and then when it was our turn I stood up, still holding Nolan. I forgot the chair was locked and went to back up, not really thinking at all about it {because swivel chairs, well, swivel…right?}. Of course, because it was locked it didn’t swivel and because I was walking backwards, about to grab my hot tea, I didn’t look where I was going and ended up tripping over the foot thinger and falling backwards. I landed on my back, but somehow managed to keep Nolan from getting hurt.
It was mortifying, everyone was staring at me! I’m just thankful I hadn’t had time to grab my hot tea, otherwise things could have been even worse and more embarrassing – we could have both been covered in hot tea! But Nolan was okay, he loudly said “OH NO WHAT HAPPENED!?!” when it happened, followed by “oh no, Mommy fall down” which made me laugh and made the whole everybody staring at me like I had eight heads a little more bearable. It was so awkward afterward haha.
Matt laughed his ass off when I told him, and then told me my Christmas present is going to be a bubble so I stop hurting myself. My arm, neck, back and shoulder are all killing me now, thanks to two pretty fantastic falls in less than 24 hours. I’m winning? Clearly?
At least I only had one super klutzy incident while pregnant with Archer. So, yeah. Guess I’m making up for it now or something.
Anyway, here are some pictures from our little outing today to draw attention away from the fact that I’m the klutziest loser in the world 😉
1. I need my eyebrows waxed bad haha
2. waiting downtown for lunch…
3. pizza from 2 4 1! best pizza in town, 3 bucks for that and a can of pop!!
4. more pictures of myself because I’m so vain 😉
 1. grabbing coffee while we wait…
2. drive thru? more like sit thru haha!
3. waiting for our turn with the snippy snips!
4. “before” shot
1. a little unsure!
2. right ticked off haha! 
3. the finished after shot.
4. laughing at me…haha.
I love Nolan’s new hair cut! Matt picked up some baby styling gel so I can do his hair up in a little faux hawk on my own time, haha I love little boy faux hawks! He looks so much older now and it does make me a little bit sad but he’s so handsome so it’s alright haha! 
{I keep singing this to Matt and he is getting seriously irritated with me haha! I love it}. 

About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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8 Responses to Face, Meet Floor.

  1. dramaticmama says:

    You can buy baby hair gel? WTF! Why was I NOT informed about this? I need to get some!!!

    Nolan looks too cute!
    And your beautiful as always.
    I can't wait to meet Archer this weekend!

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Dramaticmama: I'll take a pic and tweet it at you…got it from Shoppers! And thanks lol! We are hoping to head up Friday afternoon if all goes well. 😀

  3. tamara says:

    lol sorry you've been so accident prone this weekend…i'm the same way…as of right now i have 5 mystery bruises and my mom has been joking about buying me bubble wrap for christmas so i can wrap it around me to prevent accidents and injuries…lol

    the haircut looks adorable! did he sit well getting it done??

  4. jess ♥ says:

    @tamara: haha Matt suggested that too haha! AND YES he was so good, I was shocked. He made a lot of pissed off, funny faces but he stayed still and didn't cry. AWESOME kid 😉

  5. OH gosh you poor thing. Glad your ok and didn't get too hurt! his hair looks super cute!

  6. jess ♥ says:

    @Nikki Darlin': I'm glad I didn't get too hurt either, but I won't be going there anymore…you know, for the whole “embarrassing moment” factor. SIGH. And thanks!!

  7. Oh LORD. How embarrassing. I'm a total clutz myself, so I really feel your pain. Nolan's hair cut is SO handsome! I watched a guy on a bike get SMOKED by a car while sitting in that drive thru once.

  8. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: YEP, super embarrassing. Thank you!!! I think it's so handsome too. OMG was he okay?!

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