this & that vol.3

Monday we went to the EYC in the morning, while Matt went job hunting. He picked us up when it was over, then drove me to the other side of town so I run some errands. I picked up a Nuk bottle for Archer because that’s what all the breastfeeding mamas recommended for a bottle when pumping. I also tried a new brand of nursing pads, they are so thin and actually more absorbent than the other ones I was using! Matt actually trimmed back his beard a little! Apparently he’s going to get a haircut and shave. We’ll have to wait and see if that happens 😉 Both Archer and Nolan looked adorable in their outfits {Archer’s is from Sears, a gift, and Nolan’s clothes are hand-me-downs. I love the sweater haha!}. We spent the afternoon reading books and playing games!
Then Matt and I went on a date to see Breaking Dawn! Only I didn’t snap any pictures because I was too excited haha. Best part? Free movies. LOVE being a Scene gal!
Tuesday was a “stay at home and do nothing” day, so that’s what we did! Archer spent the morning smiling away, and Nolan and I spent a lot of the day colouring. That’s my vampire elephant there, isn’t it awesome? Then I noticed that Archer’s side burns are getting even longer. Let’s see how long we can go without cutting his hair haha! He already looks like an 80s baby with his long side burns and long mullet haha. It’s awesome! That night I videochatted with JD on Google Plus but she ditched me because apparently ghosts were talking to her and she got scared {yeah I dunno, she’s delusional that one}. 
Wednesday I got all dolled up and took the boys to the EYC. Despite being tired, I felt good haha! The afternoon we spent playing on the floor {Archer seems to love belly time now!} and being silly.
Thursday I ran to the store to buy diapers, milk and cheese and ran into my first “begging” experience in this town. A guy in his 20s asked me for change so he could get some food. I apologized, told him I didn’t have any {because I didn’t} but still felt really bad. It’s probably a good thing I don’t carry cash, because I’d probably hand it out to anyone who needs it. It’s not like people can buy booze or drugs with two bucks, or even five. The rest of Thursday was uneventful, lots of baby snuggles and toddler laughter. I only took a grand total of THREE pictures from Thursday haha.
Friday morning the boys and I went to the EYC. It was so quiet, only four other moms were their with their kids! It was nice, actually! Nolan {and I} made a craft, and Nolan played with the hollahoop and balls during gym time, I wish I had remembered to bring my phone because it was so adorable! I didn’t have any pockets though. I had fun chatting with the other moms there, I really like them. They are nice! I guess it just goes to show that you shouldn’t stop going to things like the EYC because there are new people constantly going and who knows, you might strike up a good friendship with someone! I also got a little invite to the library’s Christmas party {which I forgot about and will have to grab another copy on Monday, unless it’s supposed to happen this weekend…then I’m SOL}.
Friday is our Family Movie Night and we watched Elf together – which Matt and I found hilarious and Nolan was all “wtf?” haha. I gave Archer a comb over again after his bath haha, he wasn’t impressed with me {note the eyes rolling at me, already ahha!}. Friday evening I took Archer upstairs at 9 in hopes of actually getting some sleep, we nursed in bed for about an hour {lazy, slow feeding} and then he stayed asleep until 12am, woke up for a quick feeding and went back to sleep until 4am. WAY better than Thursday night, where he stayed up from 9pm-2am crying, cluster feeding and crying some more.
So yes! That was our week in cell phone pictures!
I’m going to be linking up with Amy from A Good Life, if you have any cell phone pics you should too!!

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2 Responses to this & that vol.3

  1. dramaticmama says:

    I DID HEAR GHOSTS! It was really scary. 😦

    Also, might I add that you are looking fabulous Jess! 🙂 ❤

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Dramaticmama: Haha, no you didn't, you heard interference – an echo from your TV noises being heard on my computer and back to you lmao 😉 and thanks!

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