Breaking Muuunday

Holy smokes!!!! What a freakin’ day. 
This morning, I took the boys to the EYC and that was fun and awesome. Nolan totally flashed everyone like 6 times because his pants kept falling down, poor kid. I couldn’t stop laughing, I’m totally scaring him for life haha!
Despite the trauma, Nolan had a blast playing and I had a good time chatting with the other moms and caregivers.
After the EYC, we ran some errands and then came home. Nolan had “quiet time” in his room while I cleaned the entire upstairs. I organized our dressers, purging the crap we didn’t need. I organized our walk in closet {now you can actually walk in, it’s pretty sick} and cleaned both bathrooms. I picked up all the clothes and stuff off the floors, then had Matt vacuum. It’s very pretty up there right now, I’m impressed with myself. 
Then I finally sat down to pump because we were going on a date and about halfway through I noticed that my milk had somehow gotten into the tubing, and I know that’s bad {it can cause bacteria in the motor} so I researched the product contact number so I could call them and demand a new one. I wasn’t expecting them to say yes haha, I was expecting them to say “sorry bout your luck but you’re just going to have to buy a new one”…they totally didn’t though, they took down my information, the product information, and asked me some questions about it. They’re sending me out an entire brand new one since the milk also got into the cradle, but the best part is that I’m getting the double pump because the single one is on back order. Yay for free upgrades!
…only I can’t pump until I get my new pump. Womp womp 😦
So I saw Breaking Dawn today.
It was…meh.
Ya, I went there. Meh. I bet all the twihards are going to unfollow me…
but…I was expecting so much more than that.
Since I don’t like spoiling the plot for other people, that’s all I’ll say! 
I was more interested in this Hunger Games trailer…I haven’t read the books yet but now I really want to.
Besides, it’s time to take my little munchkin upstairs and attempt to go to sleep. I’m so tired that I can’t even remember what I’m supposed to be blogging about haha.
OH! And thanks to JD, I have a new header and two new buttons. Swell huh?! She rocks. 

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5 Responses to Breaking Muuunday

  1. April says:

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  2. I feel ya on feeling like Breaking Dawn was meeh. I had such high expectations because it was my favorite book. I felt a little let down. I also saw the Hunger Games trailer and ran out and got the first book. Let me just tell you.. don't get the first one until you can have all 3 because I read the book in one night and it was AMAZING! I'm just dying to get my hands on the second one

  3. jess ♥ says:

    @April: Thank you for the follow back! And I shall check out your portfolio!

    @Ashlee – Learning to be: JUST one night?! Seriously? Man I need to get those books! I still have to finish the Game of Thrones series. Maybe Santa will bring me The Hunger Games series for Christmas 😉 and yeah, it was all because of my expectations that it didn't do well for me. At LEAST Stewart stopped doing that irritating lip biting orgasm thing so much!

  4. Heather says:



    Honestly, they are Twilight movies. I don't go in expecting them to be Oscar nominated movies but I do enjoy them for what they are. Definitely some cheesy parts though, I think they have to write them in as part of their contract.

  5. jess ♥ says:

    @Heather: LOL I read this in the comment section of blogger and I had a sad when I saw the Unfollowed thing cause I thought it was legit 😦 WAH lmao. Yeah, I will still buy Breaking Dawn 1, and I will still continue to watch it {when Matt isn't home to make fun of me}, but I just felt they could have done a little more. Still a guilty pleasure though!

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