this & that vol. 1

There are days when I take 100 pictures using my HTC EVO.
But this week I went pretty easy with the pictures.
By the way, I freaking love my HTC EVO! I can thank my awesome MIL for it, she had a free phone upgrade and didn’t need/want it, so she picked me up the HTC EVO just after I had Archer because she thought I’d like the awesome 3d camera.
I still get a tad iPhone jealous {but only because Siri would entertain me for hours, and I want instagram so bad} but I think the quality of my camera is bomb.
Anyway, let’s get on with it!
  1. clapping & super happy for Thomas & Friends.
2. such a cutie pie!
3. brothers; playing nicely together 🙂
 1. getting ready for a bath!
2. Nolan ‘holding’ Archer {he asked to!}.
3. one very super tired mama, and one super alert baby!
 1. Nolan passed out before dinner & slept for half an hour.
2. he woke up super unhappy and cried for 2 hours straight 😦

 1. Mir came over for dinner & to watch Grey’s, and she read some stories to Nolan at his request!
2. Yummy breakfast of waffles and orange slices! NOM!
3. POW! Right in the kisser!!!
 1. brushing his teeth with MY toothbrush haha. If he weren’t my kid, it would totally gross me out but it’s really cute 😉
2. Matt broke his toes dropping his transmission on them. It’s been worse than a man-cold. HAH!
3. tired and pale, an example of why I need to invest in some decent cover up. Or DO my makeup haha.
We didn’t really do much this week, because I haven’t been feeling the greatest. 
I’ve had a lot of headaches and chronic pain issues this week. Plus I’ve been super tired {thanks Archer!}.
It seems like he is finally going back to allowing me at least a four to six hour stretch of sleep at night.
For a while there, he was waking up every two hours, all day and all night long. 
Archer knows how to take a bottle, but he doesn’t like to & fights it the entire time. Eventually he just gets so upset that Matt brings him up to me to nurse and sleep with me.
I love co-sleeping, but I must confess that I don’t sleep well right now when co-sleeping. Mainly because he is just so tiny and I’m afraid of forgetting his there, so I’m always super aware of him.
When he gets bigger, I hope I’ll feel more confident and get better sleep 😉
Today I am trying to get motivated to take the boys to the EYC.
But I need Matt’s help still, and since his toes are broken he’s using that as an excuse to not go haha.
{He dislikes the EYC, he thinks everyone who goes is annoying haha}.
So, we’ll see! 
A family walk is out too {which is why I wanna go to the EYC}. Matt can drive but he can’t walk {without tons of complaining – I’m telling ya, it’s worse than a man cold haha!}, and I’m not exactly moving fast either so to take both kids out solo would kind of be suicidal on my poor tired body.

But I need to start going back to the EYC, especially the one within walking distance. I’m nervous about walking with two kids – one in a carrier, one holding my hand – but I need to get used to it!

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5 Responses to this & that vol. 1

  1. Kelly-Marie says:

    Your boys are just so cute x

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Kelly-Marie: Thank you!!! xo

  3. misc.alaina says:

    Ahh, brotherly love! Such a precious family!!

  4. your boys are so cute… i love all of archer's hair!

  5. jess ♥ says:

    @misc.alaina: Thank you!! 😀

    @Amy@agoodlife: Thanks!! I love his hair too haha. I'm constantly putting it into “new styles” and taking pictures. The kid is gonna hate me when he's older 😉

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