So, Halloween was today and obviously that means costumes and trick or treating and candy. I originally really wanted to have Nolan in a dinosaur costume and Archer in a dinosaur egg costume, but I couldn’t find the dinosaur egg and definitely am not crafty enough to make it myself. So, I just took Nolan Halloween costume shopping a while ago and let him choose the costume he wanted to wear {a tiger}. As for Archer, I couldn’t find anything season appropriate at a price I liked and at a size that would even fit him, so I just bought him a festive ghost bib and called it a day. 

We took Nolan to the mall for about half an hour, but it didn’t really appeal to any of us so we decided to just head home and do some trick or treating in the neighborhood. 

I took Nolan out around the neighborhood, but he wasn’t really feeling it. Most of the houses and the people made him uneasy, especially the guy dressed as a giant chicken that sort of pissed me off because he refused to move normally or talk normally but instead jumped out at us and spoke in a super creepy voice. Nice to do to a toddler, huh? 
After that, that was the end. We headed home, sat on the couch and watched some Jake & The Neverland Pirates while Nolan finished up his McDonalds fries.

Hopefully next year, Nolan will dig Halloween more. If not, that’s cool! We still scored some great candies.
Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

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6 Responses to Halloween!!

  1. {K} says:

    Your kids are adorable!! I love the tiger costume!

    Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm your newest follower here.

  2. jess ♥ says:

    {K}: Thanks!!!! And welcome 😀

  3. Very cute! I knew Landon wouldn't really handle trick-or-treating all that well so we took him to this thing called the BooFest. Basically a bunch of volunteers give your kids a ton of candy, it's just an alternative to trick-or-treating. Then we visited Ryan's parents and that's it. Because mine don't live here anymore 😦 I'm sure next year the boys will be ready for it a little more. Happy Halloween to you too Jess. Bring on Christmas (I think I just felt my hair turn more gray).

  4. dramaticmama says:

    Nolan looked super cute!!!! AWH!!! ❤

  5. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: That sounds fantastic!!! I tried to set up a visit with Matt's step mom but she didn't answer her text until Nolan was in bed 😦 neither did my SIL. Sigh. Oh well. And yeah, I totally already wrote a Christmas spew post buuut I'm debating on publishing it because its ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS!

    @Dramaticmama: Thanks! 😀

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