It’s Devil’s Night!

First off…I wanted to thank you all for your encouraging words and support on yesterday’s post. They all brought [good] tears to my eyes. You guys rock! I feel a lot better admitting that it hurts and facing the fact that it has been affecting me. Pretending something doesn’t bother you, or hurt that bad, takes a lot out of you and makes you feel heavy and burdened. Admitting that it sucks and it hurts is liberating. So, thank you all for listening/reading my verbal spewing of said hurt and lifting me up with those fantastic comments. I feel the love!!
This weekend I’ve been focusing on my family and keeping busy, or at least as busy as I can keep. Yesterday, Nolan held his brother Archer for the first time ever…I obviously snapped a thousand pictures. Here are my favourites:

I also managed to get a video of Nolan massaging Archer’s head, just like we do to him {and now Archer} when they’re upset or over tired. HOLY CUTENESS.

In the morning, my SIL Nat stopped by with her little boy and we hung out for a little bit, chatting and catching up and watching the boys play together. We made our tentative plans for Halloween – we’re going to meet up at the mall for the Halloween treats they throw for younger children. They basically just keep all the stores open a little later so the kids can go trick or treating without getting too cold {it’s cold, up North, in case you were wondering}. I’m excited to get pictures of the boys together, especially because Nolan and Nat’s son, A, sort of match – totally unintentional but so cute. 
I am a little more than bummed out that we won’t be joining my sisters as they take out Xander and Dalya, but I’m thankful we have some family up here to make the experience a little less sore for me. Next year, if we still live up North, I’m still planning 100% on being down south for trick or treating so Nolan {and Archer} can trick or treat with Xander and Dalya. I’d love to take the kids trick or treating in my dad’s neighborhood, the old part of town. Mainly because the trees are insanely gorgeous.
Speaking of my dad, he drove all the way up to see us yesterday. With him was his girlfriend T, T’s daughter J and also, my sister Kate. It was really nice seeing them all, and I did manage to take a few pictures of my dad with the kids but then my battery in my camera died thanks to my over-using it for the past week, so the rest of the visit was paparazzi free – but that’s okay, although I’m super bummed I didn’t get pictures of Auntie Kate with Archer. Fail, fail fail. Although in my defense…I didn’t know she was coming too!! I knew my other sister, Jojo, was supposed to come but wasn’t expecting Kate. I wish all my sisters {and my nephew and niece} could have come…oh well. We’ll visit them soon enough. 


Nolan adores his Grampa so much, and he loves having visitors! When they first arrived, he ran around screaming with excitement saying “HELLO! WELCOME TO MY HOUSE, MY HOUSE!!” over and over again. It was ridiculously cute. He told them to take off their boots and come on in. Haha!
They could only stay for a couple hours, we got KFC and hung out in the living room. Nolan was so sad when they had to leave, and so was I. I really miss my family and wish I could see them more! But, like I said, it was a treat getting to see them for even just a couple hours!!!
After we got the kids bathed and Nolan to bed, Matt and I cuddled up on the couch and watched about four episodes of Sons of Anarchy because I’m seriously obsessed with that show and so is he. Then I went to bed with Archer….but was up a billion times dealing with wake ups and stuff so I am tired today!
Despite my tiredness, all four of us got out for a little family walk this afternoon. It was lovely, the fresh air was definitely needed!

I love my sling like so ridiculously much. Archer loves it too! He fell asleep and stayed sleeping for the entire walk, and we were both comfortable and cozy. Now that I’m somewhat confident in babywearing outside {as in: I know how to dress and how to dress Archer}, you can bet we’ll be going on plenty of family walks!!! I might even take the boys out myself in a couple of weeks {once bending down in jeans is more doable}. Not too sure if I’d be able to push the stroller and babywear {I’m most confident with keeping one hand on the back of Archer’s head to prevent him from lurching back, even though it’s not really necessary because he’s pretty snug in there} so I want to be able to move better to hold Nolan’s hand and react quicker should he try and escape.

After our walk, we snuggled up on the couch and Matt & I drank our coffees. Then we carved the boys’ pumpkins 🙂 it’s pretty difficult to carve pumpkins with a toddler and newborn. Archer wanted to feed the entire time and Nolan was all over the place, so we’re waiting until Nolan is in bed to carve the two giant ones! I’m pretty excited to see how they all turn out, and I’ll post pictures of the experience tomorrow.

I think I’ve rambled on long enough for this post though!
Thanks again for your support & kind words everyone 🙂

Happy “Devil’s Night”!

Oh, and a quick question: Are you putting your pumpkins out tonight?
I want to, but Matt thinks the neighborhood teens will smash them, so they’re staying in the garage. Seems kind of pointless to have them out for just one night though…oh well.


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2 Responses to It’s Devil’s Night!

  1. dramaticmama says:

    I LOVE these pictures of your boys together!!!

    And we put our pumpkins out early, the only problem we had was squirrels. lol.

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Dramaticmama: I'm so lucky I was able to get them lol! We ended up storing ours in the garage and bringing them out on Halloween night. They survived! And are still on my front porch lol

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