Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Breastfeeding #2

This weeks writing prompt for the Breastfeeding Blog Hop is all about breastfeeding #2! Which, as you all know…I’m currently doing!
I’m only three weeks and a bit into this whole breastfeeding #2 bit, and as I wrote last week I was surprised at how effortless getting started was. I was expecting breastfeeding to be extremely difficult while trying to entertain my toddler, but so far it’s pretty decent. There are moments when Nolan gets into trouble while I’m otherwise occupied with Archer, but for the most part he behaves himself. He helps me change diapers after {or sometimes, before} feedings: he’ll bring me over the diapers, lay out the baby’s change mat, and wait patiently for me to change Archer’s bum before taking the dirty diaper to the garbage pail for me. Nolan loves to help with this task, no matter how many times his little brother’s “poopin” makes him gag {Nolan refers to it as “baby poopin’ cheese” which is totally gross and makes me gag too}. 
I’ve heard about a lot of great tips for keeping toddlers occupied while you’re nursing, I’ve yet to implement them because I’ve yet to get my booty to the dollarstore BUT I think they are great ideas and certainly worth investigating 😉
One of the things I can’t wait to put together for Nolan is an activity box strictly for when I’m nursing. Yahbag suggested this! The activity box will be full of activities for Nolan to do while I nurse. Putting stickers in a booklet, colouring, little toys and things to keep him busy that go away as soon as I’m finished nursing Archer, to be brought out again next time.
Another thing that I think would be fun for him is a “sensory box”, maybe a bucket filled with water and soap bubbles and tupperware that he can play with while I nurse. The only thing is I’m slightly worried about the major spills that would undoubtedly happen. Nolan loves splashing and I’m not sure how well this idea would work out…I’m picturing the entire bucket ending up on my living room floor, or couch! {Although, both could use a good washing…}

Right now, when I nurse I bring out a bag of Nolan’s mega blocks and he builds towers, or I let him colour. We tried the sticker thing too, but he quickly went through all the stickers I had in my house.
I also try to keep Nolan occupied and the focus on him when Archer is sleeping. We build towers, do crafts, play with play dough, dance, or “make noise”. If I keep the focus on him for the majority of the time, I find he behaves better when I’m dealing with the baby. Of course, this isn’t always realistic – in addition to entertaining and caring for my kids, I have a house to keep clean and meals to make. In which case, if all else fails…MOVIES! 
As for juggling schedules, well…I haven’t really had to do that yet! My toddler doesn’t participate in any extracurricular {can you call it that when they aren’t in school?} activities yet. I’m hoping to get him signed up for swimming lessons sometime soon, or gymnastics, but it’s hard because we only have one vehicle during the winter months as we take Matt’s truck off the road {and it’s motor is dead anyway}. I don’t participate in any activities either right now, although I plan on finding an organization to volunteer my time at at least once a month, I really miss volunteer work and need to get back into it. I guess I’ll keep folks posted in that aspect!

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  1. Hey, I didn't nurse BUT…at Chapter's they have Cars sticker books. And the stickers are REUSABLE. That might come in handy for your toddler activity box!

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