I’ve booked a professional photo shoot for November 5th to get pictures of the boys together and an updated family photo. The last time we had “professional” photos taken was in May of last year, so it’s very needed, especially since we have a new family member 😉
I’m super excited because this time we’re having an actual photographer take pictures, not just going to the Walmart portrait studio {although there’s nothing wrong with that!}. 
I was looking through both boy’s closets and realized that I really need to purchase some new clothes for them, not only for the photo shoot but for when we go somewhere nice. Nolan has outgrown most of his “nice” clothes, and the shirt that I adore of his is now covered in white crayon {thanks to a white crayon somehow getting in with the wash} so he is in desperate need of some new nice shirts and pants {that fit better!}. As for Archer, most of the clothes I have for him right now are sleepers and I want him in an actual outfit. 
So on pay day, I’m hitting up Baby Gap and biting the bullet to buy these boys some new clothes.
For Nolan:
Nothing like a cute plaid flannel shirt for fall! Plus paired with the cardigan below? Totally dressy 😉
I think I’ve mentioned my love for cardigans a billion times before, so yeah. Nolan would look totally adorable in this haha.
Nolan doesn’t have a pair of dress pants, except for the 12 month sized tux he wore to our wedding {that still fit him in September, shockingly – but it was a “big” 12 month outfit}. I like these because they’re dressy without being over dressy like the tux pants! {Obviously a tux is far more dressier haha}
Nolan needs a good pair of fall boots anyway, and the best thing about having two boys is I can justify purchases like this: I’m sure we’ll get some use out of them by Archer!
For Archer:
I want something sort of similar to what I’m going to get Nolan, but not identical because I think that’s kind of strange in family photos when everyone is wearing the same thing haha. I love this cute little bodysuit, and it will keep his tummy warm 😉

Archer doesn’t have any pants yet!!! haha. We must correct this 😉 these look like they’d stay put well enough. 
Because Archer also needs a cardigan for this photo shoot!
To keep his feeties warm!

For Matt {who also needs some dressy clothes}:
I don’t know if Matt will go for something this “light”, but yeah. We’ll see 😉
Matt loves to wear black, but has no plain black t’s.
I really don’t know if I could [ever] get Matt to wear a cardigan but I so wish, especially because both boys are going to haha. 
For Me:
I really like this shirt, it’s dressy yet casual! I have the perfect necklace for it too.
So, yeah. What do you think? I know, I know…lots of grays and blues and blacks lol. That’s what I’m feeling right now. Hopefully my local Gap store carries all those items because I don’t think I have enough time for shipping to order online {since pay day is the 31st and the photo op is THAT weekend}.
I can’t wait to go SHOPPING!!

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2 Responses to WANNNT!

  1. tierney says:

    the clothes are adorable. little boy's clothes are super cute! as a side note, i know that the adult gap is super expensive, i.e., i can't even shop there for myself! BUT if you have fortino's (yes, the grocery store) where you live (we do here in hamilton and surrounding area) they have a joe fresh clothing line with SUPER cute kid stuff. i get my nieces and nephews clothes from there and they have the sweetest things with super reasonable prices. just thought i'd through that out there for future shopping trips– they're even more fun when you don't have to empty the bank! haha. have fun!

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Tierney: We don't have the Joe Fresh clothing line local, unless it's at the Independent and I don't think it is {I've never seen clothes there before} or else I TOTALLY would lol. I'm planning on checking out thrift stores before we go to the Gap, I've already looked at Walmart and Zellers and they don't have anything that I'd want to buy for the boys so my last options are the thrift stores and then Gap {then I'm shit outta luck because we don't have many kids clothing stores in NB}.

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