The Name List

If you’ve been reading my blog since I got pregnant with Archer, you’ll know from my multiple complaints that Matt and I had a very difficult time agreeing upon names. Heck, we weren’t entirely sure what we were going to call our baby even the morning of his delivery! We had to wait until we saw him. Here is a list of the names we tossed around for our baby.
1. Deegan: {Irish} “black haired” – Matt loved this name and pushed for it almost the whole pregnancy. He finally stopped because I just wasn’t feeling it, I found the name too harsh and dreaded the jockish type nickname “Deegs” that he would likely get in high school.
2. Milo: {English} “Solider” – I pushed for this name for a while, I think it is so adorable and still do. But Matt couldn’t get the movie Milo and Ottis out of his head and kept saying it was a “cat’s name” {it’s totally not, my husband is just crazy haha}. 
3. Ajax: {Greek} “of the earth” – we both liked this name, but it still didn’t feel quite right. Plus Matt was born in Ajax, Ontario. I liked the idea of calling him Jax more than anything lol. And the meaning!
5. Damon: {Greek} “To tame” – Matt pushed for this name for a while, probably because of my obsession with Damon from Vampire Diaries. Of course, for obvious reason I was against this name {how can you name your baby after a character you think is smexy?!}. 
And our two other “finalists” were:
2. Bentley: {English} “from the bent-grass field” – we both think this name is super cute, I love the name Ben too. But it’s super popular now…so that made it less appealing to us. We like names that aren’t so common.
1. Harlo: {English} “from the mound of the people” – I seriously am still massively in love with this name. I would love to have a Harlo in our midst, and this name was tied with Archer for the one. I wanted to wait until I saw him to decide.
As I mentioned, we weren’t sure what name {Harlo? Archer? Bentley?} we were going to give our baby until just after he was born. Matt and I gazed at him while in the operating room and I confessed to Matt that he was totally and completely an Archer. And so, thus ended our name battle.

EDIT TO ADD: I think it would also be fun to include a list of girls names that I like, but considering we knew we were having a boy all along they were never really an issue.


1. Sloane: {Irish} “expedition or invasion” – I don’t know, it just sounds kind of bad ass, no?

2. Sawyer: {English} “woodcutter” – Love it, especially because Emily has the cutest little daughter named Sawyer 😉

3. Hartley {old English} “stag meadow” – Hartley was my Granny’s maiden name, and I thought it would be an adorable first name for a girl.

4. Aubree: {English} “noble ruler” – I was so sure that if we had a girl she would be named this, partially because Matt was also in agreement {whilst he disliked most of my other loves} but the name has sort of lost it’s appeal to me…probably because of Teen Mom 2. Still think it’s an adorable name! Especially because I liked Josephine as a middle name. 

5. Norah: {English} “honor” – I love this name, luckily we have a beautiful little Norah in our family now, so I can love it all the more haha!

6. McKinley: {Irish} “fair haired foreigner” – I can’t believe I forgot the other top girls name we had “picked out” before discovering Archer was boy! I guess it was so long ago haha. McKinley was our favourite after Aubree got “old” to us. I liked McKinley Josephine but Matt wanted McKinley Anne {after me}.   

What names were on your list?


young and restless

Also, I’m participating in Christa’s Restless Blog Hop again this weekend! So for those of you who are new to my blog from the blog hop, HEY! 🙂


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10 Responses to The Name List

  1. I like Deegan. I'm not feeling Milo. Probably because my best friend growing up had cats named Milo and Ottis (sorry, Matt's not crazy). I do like the name Ajax. We considered Kingston and London for Landon…but like you guys, since they're both nearby cities we didn't choose either of those names. My version of Damon was Sawyer from Lost LMAO. Looooooove Bentley, wouldn't do it for the same reasons as you guys. I like Harlo too 🙂

    Overall I think you guys chose well! Little man looks like an Archer.

    If Hannah would have been a boy she would have been an Isaac. If I ever have another boy it's going to be Isaac or Jack. Other girl names I consider beautiful: Emanuelle (sounds too much like my own name though), Vienna, Vivienne, Anabella, Ava.

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I should do up a “girl's list” too! I like Sawyer as a name too, although Matt likes it for a boy and I like it for a girl. Beautiful names!

  3. Adriana says:

    love them all! milo is so cute and never thought to sue harlo for a boy but i like it a lot. sloane is on my girls list. i love loie for a girl lately its been stuck in my head.

  4. jess ♥ says:

    @Adriana: I agree, Milo is super adorable! And Sloane is such a bad ass girls name I think lol! Loie is cute!

  5. Liz says:

    When the time comes, I'm going to be screwed for names. I'm in love with Zoe or Michaela for a girl, but don't really have any favorite boys' names. Mike wants to name our son Michael Campbell III, but I hate naming children after their parents. I love Michaela and think that would work well, especially as a middle name: Zoe Michaela Campbell. It has a really nice ring to it, but Mike doesn't think so.

    So yeah, we're going to be just as undecided as you guys. Archer's name fits him very well, though.

    PS: I moved to, just so you're in the loop! I'm also using for email now. Let's talk NaNoWriMo soon, okay?

  6. Aww you updated with girls' names! I looooooove Norah.

  7. tierney says:

    I am obsessed with names and have been waiting since Archer was born to hear your list! So odd, but a lot of the names that are on your list as also on my list! I guess I just think it's odd because I love different names and how weird is it we both pick a lot of the same different names? Haha.

    My boy list: Arlo, Lake, Bentley, Bronson, Weston (West)

    My girl list: Tatum (my favorite!), Lila, Emery, Sawyer

    I love Milo, Sloane, Harlo and Ajax but not so much Damon– I don't know but I think 'devil' every time I hear it haha.

    Side note: LOVE Archer! did you get it from Private Practice? Or Sloane from Grey's? Or Bentley from Teen Mom? Haha don't mind me, I'm just uber curious!

  8. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I had to update again because I forgot another top name we had chosen lol.

    @Tierney: I love Arlo too! But I couldn't sell Matt on it, even for a moment lol. Which is why I liked Harlo, because Matt actually “considered” it. Tatum is adorable, so is Emery and Sawyer! Lila is pretty and different too! Damon definitely has that “association” lol. Sloane I did get from Grey's, but I don't remember there being an Archer on Private Practice lol. Actually I fell in love with it after reading Rebecca Woolf's book, Rockabye. Bentley I got from the baby name book and Teen Mom is what sorta killed it for me lol. Bentley IS cute but I hate how Maci says his name :\

  9. Tierney says:

    I haven't read that book but Addison's brother, the dude Naomi hooked up with, his name is Archer Montgomery- he's rarely in the show so if you blink for a second (or don't really watch) it'd be easy to miss. Either way, you have great name taste! Love Hartley too!

  10. jess ♥ says:

    @Tierney: Oh wow, no I don't remember that guy at all lol but I don't religiously watch Private Practice either, I've missed a lot of episodes lol. Thank you!!! Can't wait to see what names you choose one day 😉

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