Guest Post by Christa

I absolutely love Christa’s blog! I just found her a few months ago but have been a major fan ever since! I adore her stories of motherhood, and her photography too!!! She has the cutest little girl ever! 

Hello fabulous readers of Notes of Life and Love blog! First off, congrats to Jess and her new little one! SUCH an exciting time! So speaking of which, lets talk about the JOYS of newborns and bringing baby hom 🙂 But first, let me introduce myself, cant be rude now ;). My name is Christa and I blog over at Young & Restless Blog. Im 22, been married for almost 4 years, been with him for almost 6 years. We have a beautiful 2 years old tantrum throwing daughter named Braylee, and 2 angel babies in the sky (miscarriages). Im a kinda work at home mom doing photography and babysitting 3 little girls during the week. Oh and we live in Utah (yes the mormon state). Ok now lets talk about newborns!
Bringing Baby into this World:
There really is no way to describe the emotions that you feel when you bring a child into this word. Even with adoption. Meeting your baby for the first time is just… amazing. There are no words for a mothers love. But it can also be a scary time. So much to think about and worry about. I was induced at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia. I had a amniocentesis done where they stick a LONG needle in your belly into your uterus, draw out some amniotic fluid, and test the protein level to see how developed baby’s lungs are. Braylee was MORE than ready so I wasn’t worried about that. I actually wasn’t really scared at all. I was excited and anxious. Well everything went really smooth with me. My labor was only about 9 hours (READ THE FULL BIRTH STORY HERE). Due to complications with my epidural, I had Braylee pretty much natural. When Braylee made it into this world I was just BAWLING from joy, pain, and relief that it was finally over. The emotions were SO overwhelming but the most prominent emotion I felt was pure LOVE. But the BEST part of bringing baby into this world… free hospital food 😉

Bringing Baby Home:
This was the part I was nervous for. No more help from the nurses. You’re just thrown right into motherhood. Now I only have one kid, but I can only imagine that bringing home baby number 2 brings all sorts of different nerves.
The newborn stage is was the hardest stage for me. It was new, Braylee was backwards from her nights and days, she had colic, and I was doing it ALL by myself. My husband Jeff drives truck and gets up at 4:30am. You cant drive truck drowsy. So I got up with Braylee all by myself, every night. She was up all night, and only slept like 2-3 hours at a time during the day. She was a VERY alert baby haha. She cried A LOT from being colicky. Jeff was working 3 jobs to pay the bill (I had braylee in June and hadn’t worked sense February from my preeclampsia. It was a HUGE slap in the face cuz we NEEDED my income at that time and weren’t prepared for that). I was stressed out, Jeff was stressed out, and when Braylee was 2 months old, we “took some time apart”. I moved in with my sister while we sorted our heads out. But don’t worry, WE HAVE A HAPPY ENDING! When Braylee was 5 months old, everything fell into place and our relationship was stronger than it had ever been in all our 4 years (at the time) of being together.
I tell this story because adjusting to being parents is HARD work. Newborn are not easy but SO SO SO rewarding! Some have it easier than others, but my experience was tough. Even if you have an easy baby that sleeps a lot, its just new and sometimes difficult figuring out your new life. It really feels like you have a new life. And when it comes down to it, you do have a new life. You are now a Mom or Dad! Your home is now filled with bottles and formula and poopy diapers and baby bouncers and pacifiers and smells like baby puke! Its amazing! Haha. You have to adjust to not being able to just do whatever you want whenever you want like sleeping, eating, and showering. You have to learn to get things done while baby is sleeping or content enough to clean or make dinner. I mean you don’t really think about these things in this detail so its really something you just figure out as you go.
Babies bring so much joy. Being a parent is the best feeling in this world. Those of you who are parents can vouch and those of you who haven’t experienced it yet you are seriously in for a treat!
Best of luck with everything Jess! 

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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to Guest Post by Christa

  1. jess ♥ says:

    Love it!! You guys are such a gorgeous family ❤ Thank you so much for guest posting!!

  2. The picture immediately after giving birth is incredible!

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