This Time

 around 7am, waiting for the show to start!
This whole experience has been SO different from our experience with Nolan. I don’t even know where to begin! For one, we knew exactly when Archer was going to make his big appearance. I figured I would handle this c-section effortlessly, since I did “so well” the first time. I admitted to myself that I would probably still freak out inwardly about the spinal epidural (since needles and my back do NOT get along) but I honestly thought that was all the trouble I would have. I thought I could get by simply on Tylenol again like last time.

How very wrong was I. The morning of the c-section, I actually was so nervous that I threw up in our driveway before we even left for the hospital. Classy, huh? We had to be at the hospital for 6am, and once I was all registered and had the IV in…I seriously started to freak out about the spinal epidural.

When we were headed into the OR, the nurses gave me a shot of some nasty salt drink that is supposed to calm my belly and nerves. It didn’t work, probably because it wasn’t a shot of whiskey (ok, so more accurately probably because they didn’t give it to me soon enough).

Matt had to wait in the hall while they did the spinal epidural. A nurse held me while I trembled and panicked and did her best to calm me down. When Matt was allowed in, I was already numb from the chest down and throwing up while they prepped me. I was also CRYING. Matt tried to calm me down and it did sort of work but man, I was really not as calm and cool about the whole thing as I thought I would be. I could feel everything more – pressure wise, you know? Obviously there was no pain. But I actually felt the moment he was pulled from me, and I started bawling because he was out and…well, he was out!

He was born at 8:30am on the dot. The peds nurses immediately took him and checked him out – he was fine so they gave him to Matt. It took all of eight minutes which felt like forever, and when I first saw him I couldn’t help but be completely shocked over the amount of hair he had! Nolan was basically bald.

Archer was actually allowed to stay in the OR room with Matt while the doctors tied my tubes and sewed me up.

The second half of surgery took forever. All I wanted to do was hold my baby! I finally got into recovery and was holding him in my arms by 9:30am. Archer instantly took to the boob and latched on like he had been nursing for years.

For the first 24 hours after my surgery I was on serious liquid limitation. Before my surgery I required a dosage of DDAVP, an anti-bleeding medicine. Apparently after receiving it there is a risk that you can get water on the brain from having too much liquid. So, that sucks…you can only imagine how thirsty I was.

But aside from the liquid limitation, the first 24 hours really weren’t all that bad. Archer was on the breast every two hours, we had tons of cuddle time and even had a few visitors. Uncle D, Auntie Nat and Matt’s mom brought Nolan by too. Nolan got to meet his brother in the afternoon, although he wasn’t too sure what was going on. He didn’t like seeing me in the hospital bed, that’s for damn sure.

Day 2 was slightly better. I was able to drink again, and they removed my IV, bandages and cathader. I also got to shower. My dad, his girlfriend, my grandparents and Kim and Nolan all came to visit in the afternoon. It was great seeing everyone’s expressions as they met Archer for the first time. We had to move from our large and comfortable birthing room to a room down the hall that was much, much smaller. My grandparents, dad, T (his girlfriend) and Kim helped us move our stuff over. After they left, our friends S & M came to visit too.

Outside our new room was a wall decal of a dog (Farley I believe, from the For Better Or Worse comics) covered in mud with dog muddy footprints leading to the peds area. Nolan saw this and instantly grew very concerned about the “doggy mess” and would not stop talking about it until Kim took him home for a nap. Later on that night he couldn’t fall asleep and kept talking about the “doggy mess” and mommy and baby and daddy and bawling his eyes out. It was sad and I really wanted to go home then and there.

But night 2 was really hard. I was super emotional about Nolan, and my body was so sore, the pains in my uterus kept me up and bawling. I had been using mainly Tylenol to deal with pain but it just wasn’t working. So my nurse brought some stronger pain killers.

Day 3 we got to go home in the afternoon. Which was amazing, I was so excited to finally be at home with both my boys! I had this huge adorable idea to dress Archer up in a hand-me-down out fit that my Granny made years ago, and little booties that she made just for him as well as a cute little jungle sleeper. But the booties were too small to go over top of the sleeper feet, and the sweater and hat outfit was too big too! So he just wore the jungle sleeper and the hat the hospital gave him. Oh well, I suppose it doesn’t really matter what they come home in, right?

The second we walked into the house, Nolan ran up and started talking to Archer in the sweetest, quietest voice ever, and when Matt put the car seat down on the ground Nolan started to rock it back and forth.

That night though? REALLY sucked. I was in tons of pain and couldn’t even get out of bed by myself. Matt had to wake up with me for every feeding to lift me out of bed. It’s day five post baby, and I’m still having difficulty getting out of bed but I’m at least somewhat able to do it. Hopefully tonight won’t be so bad.

On Saturday we had to take Archer back to the hospital to check his jaundice levels again, since he was a bit jaundice when we left the hospital on Friday. All was good though! After that, Matt ran into Walmart to buy more newborn diapers, a breast pump, milk storage bags and a monster energy drink for himself. The cashier ended up being someone he went to high school with, haha. 

Yesterday, we headed over to my SIL’s for Thanksgiving dinner. I was so exhausted I fell asleep on her couch with my boob hanging out after feeding Archer. Yeah, super classy. Thankfully my MIL helped save the day before anyone else could notice.

As for how breastfeeding is going: it’s going great! Archer latches like a pro and has since day one. He gets a lot of milk during each feeding because I have a super amazing let down apparently. The kid only has to feed for ten minutes and is stuffed like last night’s turkey. I’ve had to pump off after or before feedings to relieve some of the fullness, and I’ve got a nice little stash started – although we’ve yet to try Archer on the bottle. I’m sort of wary that we’ll mess up our awesome breastfeeding flow.

Nolan is great with him; he helps me change diapers and pump. Yep, you read that right – Nolan helps me pump. I didn’t ask him to, but when I brought out the pump the first time and was breastfeeding Archer on the other side, Nolan came up to me and held the pump in place and has done so ever since. It’s hysterical. He calls my boobs “mommy’s cuppy milk for baby”, and according to him baby is always “poopin, nappin, or eatin'” – and he’s right, haha. My only complaint is bedtimes…bedtimes are SO difficult right now. Nolan screams and puts up the worst fight, and cries at his door for us. Bedtimes used to be easy – we’d give him a bath and read to him for a bit and cuddle, then we’d leave the room and he’d either go right to sleep or he’d play with his toys quietly for a bit and then go to sleep. But this crying at the door is heart breaking and really difficult for me to hear because I can’t exactly do much about it. I’m really hoping tonight is easier than the last few nights…but I’m not holding my breath 😦

I meant to get this post up yesterday but it’s taken me literally five days to write it! Craziness.

P.S. I still have several more guest posts coming up over the next few days! Read them, they are awesome! 😀 Thanks again to all my guest posters!


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  1. That shot of grossness…to me it tastes like what I imagine carbonated piss tastes like. Oh wow, I didn't know they were tying your tubes now! I mean, good call…why go for another surgery, but I really didn't know you were doing it all in one go. I'm happy for you that Matt and Archer were allowed to stay with you for the remainder of your surgery. My kids were basically born and then whisked out of the room with Ryan and I remember feeling SO alone. You poor thing being so thirsty 😦 that really sounds awful. Nolan is SO sweet! It sounds like he's being a wonderful big brother! They're going to be best friends one day 🙂 I'm very happy for you about the breastfeeding. Actually, IF I should have another (but I don't think I will…in fact…I'm feeling more ready to tie my tubes than ever) I think you've inspired me to really try breastfeeding.

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