Thirty-eight Weeks

 Crazy to think that this is my last “weekly pregnancy” update, since we’ll be having our sweet baby boy in a mere two days!! I can’t believe it. I’m so excited, and I can’t wait for Wednesday morning but I am trying my hardest to savior these last few days as a mama to one 🙂 Nolan has been getting ALL of my attention and then some. I’ve even laid off my obsession to have the house spotless by the time my MIL arrives, because I’d much rather be snuggling with Nolan or playing cars. The dishes can wait, and often do now until nap time or Matt gets home 😉

Things haven’t really changed since last week, not really anyway. The pain and discomfort has just increased…a lot. My back hurts so very much, sitting upright is totally uncomfortable. It takes me a while to stand up and straighten up. Bending over for any reason at all has been a major joke for the past month. Sleeping is difficult, and will be for the next few years probably. I’ve had to have baths every single night in order to relax my muscles in my back and hips even a little.

I’ve been having constant braxton hicks for the last month, and they are growing increasingly painful and uncomfortable. They keep me up at night, but what doesn’t at this point?

Despite all that, I’m still really enjoying and savoring every kick and movement baby makes. Even if he does keep me up. It’s not his fault, it’s mine…I just lay there with my hand on my belly, feeling him kick and acknowledging that I only have two more days of this. This is the last time I will get to experience a baby kicking me from within. It’s bittersweet, it really is…even though I am positive getting my tubes tied is the best option for our family, it doesn’t mean I don’t mourn the fact that this is my last pregnancy.

One of my favourite things to do during my nightly bath is splash warm water on my belly, and watch him flip around in response. It’s almost like he’s trying to kick off the water. I took a picture of it, but I’m sort of shy to show it…it’s not that you can see any lady bit parts but it’s still a very raw photo.  I think I will keep it to myself for now.

Anyway, I’m feeling about as prepared as I’m going to get. We have a place for baby to sleep when we’re downstairs – and I love it. The bassinet is super adorable, and super worth the $40 we spent on it. Matt thinks it’s girlie, but I think all bassinets are – except for the super expensive ones.
Aside from that, I just want to pick up more diapers and a new night light {since the one we bought baby is actually in Nolan’s room now, he’s developed a fear of the dark randomly}. My photographs are in at Shoppers too, but I need to hold off on purchasing frames for the moment. That’s okay though, there’s no deadline for completing a nursery…am I right?

I’ve also mentally been freakin’ out about the whole crib ordeal on a daily basis. I would love for baby to sleep in the same crib as Nolan did, but I keep having nightmares. Matt is back and forth on the subject too – on the one hand, Nolan was fine in a drop side crib. On the other hand, what if we got lucky? Or something…it just sucks because we weren’t going to buy a new crib this time around and it definitely isn’t in our budget.
BUT, I guess my dad mentioned this to my sister this weekend, and she’s going to let us have Xander’s crib. It’s not the drop side type, which is a relief. So I think our crib issue is also resolved.

Nolan is ready, I think. He keeps asking where the baby is, still in mommy? He’s also excited for Nana to come down! Which is happening tomorrow! I must admit, I’m excited too. I have some activities planned for us, after my hospital appointment. We’re going to get some paint and paint my belly! Such fun 🙂

So, yeah. I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and I know I will be having this baby in two days. It’s a really surreal feeling…knowing exactly when the baby is coming. It’s both a blessing and a burden, because I am counting down the hours until I get to hold him. Plus my anxiety is at an all time high. I suppose it was worse with Nolan – nothing like going in for your 37th week OB appointment and ending the day with having your baby, am I right?

Two more days!!!
P.S. I have asked some fellow bloggers to guest post about their newborn experiences & I couldn’t be more excited! This is my first time having guest posters on my blog! Not only am I excited to get to read their stories, but I am excited to have the “pressure of blogging” elevated ever so slightly so we can adjust to being a family of four! No worries, I will be posting on Wednesday at some point with a picture and his details {it will be from my phone though, so the “set up” will be funky until I can get home to fix it haha}, but after that I’ll mostly be keeping to Twitter until I’m back home!


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7 Responses to Thirty-eight Weeks

  1. The bassinet is beautiful and perfect for a beautiful and perfect newborn little boy to sleep in. 🙂 I agree…all bassinets look a BIT girly, they're frilly so there really isn't any getting around it. I still think you're gonna have a big baby, but I guess we'll see in 2 days time. So excited for you and your fam! Also glad to hear you're painting your belly. I never got around to that or maternity pictures, in either pregnancy. I regret it.

  2. Ashlee says:

    How fun to paint your belly! I love the bassinet. The ones they make for boys are frilly and the only thing 'boy' about them is the blue BOW! haha.

  3. Sarah says:

    We used that same (or VERY similar) on my son. Heck, my daughter used a BLUE ONE 😀

    With the crib, I've seen a LOT of the issues being people misinstalling them. We had drop-sides, the same one, a cheapie, with our kids. It got recalled because people were installing the drop-down part that HELD the sides upside down, though the instructions AND the piece itself were pretty clear on how to do it.

  4. Mrs. T says:

    You look SOOO good!! SERIOUSLY…. all belly!! Lukcy!

  5. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Oh sweets, that sucks! That's why I was determined to do weekly shots. I figured that even if I didn't post them, I would have them for myself, you know? {But I ended up posting them because I have no shame and don't really care how crappy I look lmao!}. I don't think he'll be big at all! Nolan was 5'11 at 37 weeks, so I'm thinking this guy will be no bigger than 7!

    @Ashlee: I can't wait to paint it hehe. I hope we get tons of pictures of Nolan's art hehe. And thank you! You're right, they are super girlie even if they are for boys lol.

    @Sarah: That's part of the argument, but what is the “expiry” date on cribs anyway? So confusing!

    @Mrs. T: Aww thank you!!! 😀 hopefully when he is out, the belly will go haha!

  6. I cannot believe he comes TOMORROW! I bet you are so EXCITED!?!??! You will seriously love being a family of 4! I cannot wait to see pics! Good Luck with it ALL!!! Also I would love to do a guest post just tell me when lol xoxoox

  7. jess ♥ says:

    @Allie: That would be great! Email it to me this week {notesoflifeandlove AT gmail DOT com} and I will post it for October 13th 😀 {lined up til then lol, besides I should be out of the hospital by then 😉 hehe} and I can't believe it either! I'm so stoked. SO STOKED!

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