I woke up way too early this morning. Couldn’t sleep. I came downstairs to find the kitchen a complete write off – even though Matt had said he was going to actually WASH {like, with soap and water} the dishes from dinner etc…he hadn’t. He piled them “neatly” on the counter and emptied the clean dishes from the dish rack. Which obviously did nothing to improve my already sour mood. I can’t function in a dirty kitchen – he knows this about me, like I will do the dishes right after dinner before I even leave the kitchen/dinning room. Usually. Some days I’m in such pain that I can’t, so I ask him to do it and get the promises and the “I’ll make sure it’s done later”. 
So lucky me got to the dishes and clean the kitchen before I even had a morning cup of coffee or my breakfast. Fun times. 
And Nolan has been incredibly grouchy this morning. Last night he woke up shaking and screaming again, pointing at the closet corner in his room. We plugged in the night light we bought for the baby and he went back to sleep…so I’m thinking he might have developed a fear of the dark. 
I’m seriously hoping he will nap this afternoon…he needs it and I need it.
Anyways, there are only six days left until our scheduled c-section. It feels like time is passing by incredibly slowly. We’re so close yet so far away! 
I’ve decided that we’re going to purchase a new crib sooner rather than later. Right now, we are using the drop-side crib that was Nolan’s…but now they are banned {or if they aren’t now, they will be shortly!} as they are linked to infant suffocation. We had no issues at all with Nolan in it, but obviously…if it’s banned we’re cautious about using it. Since we already have one major expense in October, we’ll be holding off until November. 
I have my eyes on this one though:

I love the shape of it, and the fact that it’s convertible. We could use it until we’re ready to buy BOTH boys new bedroom furniture sets. I’ll be buying it in cherry to match the dresser, and because we like the cherry. 
I was super hoping to use the same crib for both our sweetlings, but if it’s banned…sigh.
I think we’re decided on the name – because I’ve all but given up hope on the fact that my top name choice will never be acceptable to Matt. I got Nolan to say baby’s name yesterday {the one Matt is 100% hell bent on having}, and it was adorable. I’d share the video but we’re not spilling the deets until he’s born haha. Plus, maybe I will end up getting my name? {Although I seriously doubt it}. 
Nolan seems excited for the arrival of his brother still, although he isn’t so sure about sharing his toys with baby {or at least, that’s what he told me yesterday}. Hopefully the sharing bit won’t be too difficult on him.
And since today is such a crummy, rainy day we will be spending it in our jammies and snuggling. As soon as I hunt down that smell of mystery poo…
It’s too early for mystery poo smells.
Yeah, that.


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2 Responses to Six…

  1. If you call the crib company, they send you the parts and instructions to make your drop side crib safe. For FREEEEE. Woo. I love free shit. We did that for both our kids cribs because it was just financially IMPOSSIBLE to get two new cribs at that time. Also, men suck. Fuck.

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Our crib is second hand and the name of the company is so worn I can't even read it! I'm not sure of the make. Matt has decided that we'll just get a new one, since our current one doesn't convert anyway – baby will be spending MOST nights in the play pen so we're okay for a few weeks.

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