New Present

Our camera has been on the fritz now for about a year, and we keep meaning to replace it but something always comes up. Yesterday, Matt decided to go ahead and purchase a new powershoot camera. We have two weeks {14 days!!!!} until the baby arrives, and we wanted to get one so we could take photos of baby’s arrival and what not. Plus, Halloween is around the corner!
Matt bought me a Samsung ST90, and I’m loving it! I took a bunch of random pictures yesterday, I’m still playing around with it trying to figure out how to keep it from taking fuzzy pictures {I know, the easy solution would be to read the user manual but…we don’t read instructions in this house apparently lol}. 

I took way too many haha. Those are my favourite, even the fuzzy ones {I just LOVE how Nolan and Matt are cuddling in that super fuzzy one so…that’s why it’s posted :D}
Nolan also got a new present from daddy {thanks to the Walmart anniversary sale!}:

A new bookcase! We are putting his old one in baby’s room because it’s narrower and I thought the darker would make his room look a little more masculine. 
{And in case you were wondering: no, the bookcase didn’t stay that clean and organized. AT ALL. haha}.
So, yeah…Nolan and I are spoiled! 
And I’m *almost* feeling prepared for baby!!! I’ve stocked up on diapers and wipes, washed tons of clothes {I still have more to wash!} and gotten all of the furniture set up in his room. 
Now it’s just a matter of hanging things on the walls, and getting these final things:
  1. More hangers & a closet storage solution {the kid has tons of clothes!}.
  2. A cozy cover thing for the car seat {Northern Ontario winter weather is HARSH}.
  3. A few more little baskets to hold newborn mitts, booties, hats etc.
  4. Get that pregnancy bridge photo developed 🙂
We’ve even decided on his going home outfit! I won’t post pictures of the main part, but I did want to show you all the “outterwear” sweater and hat:
This was my dad’s when he was a baby. Nolan wore it too, as did my sisters and I. It will probably be a little big for baby, but it will keep him nice in cozy in the October weather! 
Another outfit I am looking forward to putting on baby for old times sakes:
This outfit also was my dad’s!
So excited…only 14 more days left!
I will be spending those 14 days cleaning and organizing, or thinking about cleaning and organizing while I lay on the couch 😉 haha!


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3 Responses to New Present

  1. We went and spent $100 at the Walmart Anniversary Event aha. So glad you got a new camera. I didn't in time for Hannah's birth and all the pictures have lines through them. We got Hannah baptized in my father's baptismal gown, that I was also baptized in. It's cool that you have outfits for your kids that were your fathers! Kudos to your Grandma for keeping some stuff 🙂 OMG TWO WEEKS!!!!

  2. Jessa says:

    I don't know how we lived before digital cameras! And I've been reading your blog long enough to remember you camera starting it's freak out.

  3. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I definitely love hand-me-downs like that!! <3 so amazing.

    @Jessa: I know! lmao. I don't know how we lived before without them either 😉

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