Miscellaneous Updates

I’ve been incredibly sore lately, which doesn’t help with the fact that I have so much on my to-do list! There are so many little projects that I need to tackle around the house. I still haven’t gotten around to cleaning up and organizing the spare bedroom {although Matt did “organize” it, and basically piled all of the random junk against the wall haha}. I still haven’t cleaned and organized our walk in closet, I still haven’t rented a steam cleaner to steam clean the carpets and couches before baby’s arrival. My house needs a serious cleaning, and I’ve had no energy to do it.
So, that’s sucking right now…because I’m tired of being unable to move or accomplish all the things I want to accomplish. I’m constantly needing to ask Matt for help. Bending over kills my back and, er, girly bits. SO much baby pressure down there it’s ridiculous.
I haven’t seen my OB yet to ask about the strange rash on my belly. I was supposed to go yesterday, but when I walked in the office with Nolan in toe, the receptionist and nurse told me that the Dr literally just got called out to the hospital. So, that really sucked….especially since I wanted to ask him WHY my braxton hicks were so painful and find out if I should be concerned. Instead, I ended up going home and drinking an entire brita full of water. I felt a little better but the braxton hicks are definitely getting more uncomfortable and even painful.
Yesterday was just one of those days I guess. Matt’s engine finally blew in his truck, so we’re going to have to get those parts to fix it sooner rather than later. It’s always something, isn’t it? In addition, Matt finally told me a few things about our neighborhood that makes me super angry and worried.
Two months ago, he was in the garage tinkering on his new engine and he heard what sounded like someone trying to open his truck door. He caught two drunken guys in their late teens/early twenties trying to break into his truck and chased them down, frightening the daylight out of them. And our neighbor next door {the not so bad one} told Matt that there were a bunch of teens on our back porch trying to break in when we were down south. Awesome, huh? Makes me really want to live here.
Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about it. We have signed a rental agreement and need to stay here until May, I’ve heard horrible things about the rental company we are with screwing people over if they try to break the contract. But needless to say…I’m not impressed. What the hell is wrong with people these days?! Trying to break into trucks and houses? Like really? What are you gonna steal off us? Our Walmart brand electronics and secondhand furniture? Baby toys?
So, yeah. But yesterday wasn’t all horrible. I passed my G test! And Nolan started saying “OH NO! WHAT HAPPENED?!” and it’s incredibly adorable. I can’t believe how much this kid is growing on a day to day basis. 
Last night, he tried to get out of bed to ask for “more cuppy”, and fell. I guess he tried to scale over the top of the guard rail whilst half asleep and it didn’t work out. He knocked the wind out of himself and scared the crap out of ALL of us – I’ve never run that fast while half asleep before. I scooped him up in my arms and rocked him while he said in the sadest tone “I wanna cuppy juice”. 
Matt filled his cup and I cuddled Nolan while we waited. As soon as he got his cup, Nolan scrambled out of my arms and back into bed. 
When did he get so big?! For reals?! I can’t even comprehend how this happened. Seems like just yesterday we were preparing for his arrival and now he’s two years old and shooting sentences out like no tomorrow. He’s acting so much older, it’s ridiculous! I still see my sweet baby when I watch him sleep – he looks virtually the same, only bigger but still.
So, yeah. I think I’ve rambled quite enough. Matt is taking the day off today because we have to go to the hospital for a pre-admissions appointment. I’m hoping he’ll help me get this house in order and get caught up on laundry too but we’ll see 😉

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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to Miscellaneous Updates

  1. Late pregnancy is sore and uncomfortable. I'm so happy for you it's almost over. Are you finding yourself more uncomfortable this time around, having to chase Nolan all day? I think you're gonna have a big baby. That sucks about not being able to see your OB. It also sucks about your truck! Ugh, we had somebody break into our car a couple years ago. We went down to the parking lot (we were living in a highrise at the time) and some idiot had smashed the passenger side window to get inside the car. Then they busted our ignition to try to get the car started. Somebody must've ended up coming by though because they took off without stealing any of the change or CDs in the car and they left their screw driver behind. We had to get the entire steering column replaced. Soooo pissed. That is so scary people have been trying to break into your house! WTF is up with that? You live in attached townhouses right? Who would be dumb enough to try to get away with that?! I'm kinda glad my crazy neighbour is so nosy because I know she'll keep an eye on our place next week when we're in Philly LOL. Congrats on passing your G test…now if I could just work up the courage to go for my G1. Lmao. Landon's thing has been “oh no what happened!” For a while. He says it whenever one of his favourite TV shows are over lol. I love watching Landon sleep. You're right, they do still look like little babies when they're sleeping.

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Late pregnancy is so sore and uncomfortable, these two weeks seem to be dragging by SO SLOWLY. Feels like the rest of the pregnancy flew by and now time is standing still lol. Ugh, I know, our luck with the truck thing. Great huh? But we need to fix it. If we were to sell it now we would get NOTHING for it, but if Matt puts in the new engine and tranny we already have sitting in the garage {we just need to get the mounting brackets}, we will get at least 2 times what he paid for it originally {if we had to sell it for whatever reason}. I should have known the high maintenance biotch would demand a fix before the baby's arrival! I don't know WHAT is up with people. I seriously do not like West NB….last night some dude stole a tailgate from the Dodge dealership right behind our house. I don't understand why people can't just PAY for things they want, or work hard. They just take from others and it's pathetic.

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