Nolan’s Sick Kids Appointment

I’m posting again from my Android so I apologize if things are wonky – especially when I upload the photos 😉 I will fix the layout and everything when we get home on Monday. I wanted to share the news of his appointment though!
We were on the road by 6am this morning, Matt, his mom Kim, Nolan and I. Nolan was exhausted from being woken up at 5:30am but he was a good little traveler, even though he didn’t fall asleep. I worried the entire way there – that we would be late and miss our appointment, and that we would hear news we didn’t like. I was fully anticipating him having to go for xrays and worried about the results of said xrays. The bump on Nolan’s arm is large and I worried that it was already interfering with things. 
Turns out I worried for nothing! We weren’t super late, despite battling through ridiculous Toronto traffic and pedestrians, and within minutes of signing Nolan in, we were called to see the doctor.
Obviously they asked a lot of questions and examined Nolan. He wasn’t impressed at all with the examination, but I distracted him with Toopy and Binoo on Matt’s phone while Matt had him sitting on his lap {Nolan still hates sitting on the crinkle paper, although he does like to play with it – providing he doesn’t have to sit or lay down on it}. 
I guess the preferred method of treatment has changed since my childhood days. The doctor looked at the growths on Nolan and told us that none of them seemed to be in the pathway of any nerves. His large shoulder bump IS in right were a muscle is, but he still didn’t want to expose Nolan to the radiation of an xray, considering he doesn’t seem hindered by it at all yet. The other bone growths aren’t a cause for concern yet either, which is great news!
Dr. A doesn’t feel the need to see Nolan again for two years! Unless there is a concern {if Nolan tells us the bumps hurt, or if he stops using his arm/wrist etc}. So that’s great news! We were out of there by 9am!
I still have worries, of course – but about future things. I am so glad he didn’t need xrays today, and doesn’t need surgeries any time soon. What a relief!
The doctor appointment portion of our trip is now completed, thankfully. I was getting tired of driving the 401 haha.
I will be blogging about my appointment in Hamilton later on though…I have got a rumbling in my tummy 😉


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4 Responses to Nolan’s Sick Kids Appointment

  1. Oh Jess, I'm so happy I could cry! I'm so glad he doesn't need any invasive treatment right now. Thank you so much for updating us so soon.

    Gah, I think I might cry! I'm such a mess of girly hormones lately. I blame the Mirena and it's “low” release of hormones. Low my ass!

    On a completely unrelated note, I finished a story. It's 3,139 words, and about eleven pages long. I thought I'd let you know, because I really had to force myself to get it done… but I did! Which means you can totally do it, too. ❤

  2. Skywaitress says:

    That is such great news! I'm so happy for you and the little buddy.

  3. Karen S in Oz says:

    Fantastic news. So glad he doesn't need any Surgery at this stage. So happy for you all.
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  4. Well that is such great news. Saw it on FB and I was so glad to hear it. Everyone can breathe a big sigh of relief!

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