Thirty-five Weeks

We are now entering the 35th week of pregnancy, and I am even more sore and large than I was last week. But I guess that’s just how this whole pregnancy thing works, huh? 😉

I’ve been bouncing around from appointment to appointment – I now have to see my OB every single week for a check up. Last week I also had to see an internist, which basically is just going to organize all of my pre-surgery care I guess. I was supposed to see my OB today, but he was on call and not going to be there at 11:30 {when my appointment was} and maintenance decided to finally install my kitchen cupboard doors. They have been here since 8:30am, and it’s now 12:30pm and they aren’t done yet. I’m predicting they will be soon – they just have to install one more door and two more knobs – but needless to say, I wouldn’t have been able to make my appointment anyway.
So, it’s tomorrow at 11:30. I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it. I’m looking forward to hearing the baby’s heart beat, and irritating my doctor on letting me get my tubes tied, but I’m dreading the fact that I’ll have to get ready and be there for 11:30. 

Getting ready is becoming increasingly difficult. I spend two hours just getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup, and I don’t really make all that much of an effort {see the pictures above for reference haha}. It’s just SO exhausting just standing that I honestly have to take a billion breaks. I can’t even wash dishes now without taking a break, or leaning heavily against the counter.

I’m definitely dreading next week. I have to take my G test on the 20th, and I have an appointment on the 21st at the hospital to meet with an anesthesiologist, AND I’ll need to see my OB at some point. I’m really hoping Matt can work out something with work so that he can watch Nolan while I do my G test, and come with us to the anesthesiologist appointment. I’m just gonna have to suck it up and take Nolan to the OB appointment…ah, scary thought. There is barely any waiting room, and definitely no toys. I hope he doesn’t think the pee jars are toys.

I keep telling myself 23 more days, and then I want to laugh and cry because that’s SUCH a long time to go when one is so uncomfortable and sore! BUT, I am enjoying this pregnancy, don’t get me wrong! I love feeling his movements and kicks. The only thing making this difficult is my hips and back! If only they would cooperate a little more and not make standing for longer than 2 minutes a nearly impossible fleet!

Baby Center tells me that he doesn’t have much room to maneuver now that he’s well over 18 inches long, but I scoff at that. This kid makes room, by beating my intestines to a pulp and stretching my stomach more than I even thought possible. Just the other day, Matt and I were trying to enjoy an afternoon nap and he was “walking up” Matt’s side as I laid against him. It was hilarious!
Baby Center also says that my uterus reaches up to my rib cage. I think I can safely say well duh, considering baby loves to kick super high and often gets his feet tangled in my rib cage. HAH.

My house is totally reflecting how I feel. For example, right now there is a bunch of kitchen utensils on the living room floor {thanks Nolan!} that I haven’t picked up yet because bending over to pick this up just can’t happen. I actually have to get down on my hands and knees and pick up after Nolan, or wait until Matt gets home and beg him to do it. The surfaces that I don’t have to bend over to clean are spotless though! So, there’s that, right?!

We’ve been lazy with the nursery recently too. Tonight, I’ll have to get Matt to put up the baby’s floating shelf and wall hangings while I finish organizing and putting away clothes. I still need to buy more hangers and a couple of baskets for receiving blankets and bibs. I’ll do a nursery progress update next week or so, PROMISE 😉
Tomorrow evening we leave for our trip down south, which I am both excited for and dreading. I’m excited because I’ll get to see family and friends I haven’t seen since JULY, and I’m dreading it because Matt will be leaving for home Thursday night, meaning I will be flying solo from Thursday night until Monday when my dad drives me back home. Scary thought, since I’ve been depending so much on Matt lately for like EVERYTHING.
What, moving sucks?

ALSO: I’m featured today over at Becky’s blog, From Mrs To Mama. Go have a read!



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3 Responses to Thirty-five Weeks

  1. Heather says:

    Have a good trip down South!

    You sound about as motivated as me in the housework department but I'm not pregnant, just lazy.

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Heather: Thanks love! And sometimes I wonder if I'm just lazy too, and just able to blame pregnancy LOL!

  3. Ryan used to love when I spooned him when I was pregnant because our babies “walked up” his back too haha. Late pregnancy really does suck. It really is uncomfortable. You're almost there though! Looking forward to the nursery pics update. 🙂

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