Toddler Awesomeness

Seriously, I love this stage. For all the frustration of trying to tell with a more independent child who knows what he wants and when he wants it {but isn’t inclined to accept the word “no” or “not now”}, it really is my favourite stage.
I love that Nolan is talking, blurting out new words and sentences every single day. I love that he has such a great sense of humour, and he’s forever making me laugh purposely. You know how some times kids do stuff to make you laugh but not on purpose? Nolan does things purposely. 
The past few days he’s cracked me up by finding himself in the bathroom mirror and saying “IT’S A NOLAN! HI NOLAN!” and repeating mostly everything I say. One night I told him in response to his “where’s Daddy?” question that he would be up in a minute, and Nolan climbed the stairs saying “In a minute!”  
Last night was hilarious. While I was upstairs getting the tub ready for Nolan’s bath and PJs laid out for him to wear, Matt was downstairs with Nolan, cleaning up the cookie mess Nolan had made when he decided to crumble his after dinner cookie treat. {Yes, that’s considered cookie abuse…I know!}
While Matt was cleaning up, Nolan looked down from his booster said and said “Oh no! It’s a mess!”
“Did Nolan make the mess?” Matt asked him, and Nolan immediately shook his head.
“No Nolan! Mommy did it.”
I can already tell we will have our hands full…Nolan has been blaming other people – his little cousin Xander included – for quite some time now. I’m not sure where he got it from {maybe Max and Ruby? I blame that show for everything haha}.
They came upstairs, and we showed Nolan his “surprise” in his bedroom:

Which was met with a super excited “oh wow!” followed by a serious of hilarious monkey and lion noises.
When we showed him his new bath toys, he went nuts. “It’s a N! AN N!” {letters are an N, because of his name haha}.
After he played with his new bath toys for a good half hour, Matt dragged Nolan into his bedroom on the towel, just like Nolan loves. He’ll flop down on the floor towel {the one we use to catch water} and cover himself with his bath towel, then Matt will drag it slowly into the bedroom and Nolan will laugh hysterically the entire time. It’s his favourite mode of transportation at the moment. When I give him a bath by myself, he takes to just streaking all around the house. 
We spent an hour just playing in his room:

 We played catch, had tickle fights, & Nolan kept jumping on Matt. Then they were rolling around on the floor together, it was hilarious haha.
And Nolan started saying “throw!”. Usually when he’s about to throw the ball, he says “kick!” but last night he grasped that kicking and throwing were two different things, all but on his own. He’d chuck the ball at one of us and say “THROW!” and laugh. Twas hilarious!
We tuckered him out a lot before bed, but he still stayed up for an hour playing with his toys and talking to his stuffed animals. When I went in to check on him after he finally fell asleep for good, he had EVERYTHING in his bed – including his toy basket. 
What a kid!
I’m not really sure what’s on the agenda for today. Unfortunately I slept like crap thanks to the millions of times I had to get up to go pee, or woke myself up choking on acid reflux. The life of a pregnant chick is definitely not so glamorous.
My back and hips are still killing me, too. And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. I would love to have a bath, but I haven’t been able to get in and out of the tub for months now. 
25 more days of being pregnant.
And! Only three more sleeps until we head down south for our visit!
I’m super stoked! I need to find something to wear to my niece/god daughter’s baptism though. Suggestions?
Nolan’s in for a treat too, his Grampa wants to take him to the zoo while Matt and I are in Hamilton for my hematologist appointment.
Plus we are getting our pictures taken by JD and I am SO STOKED to finally have a great set of maternity photos 😉 I have a frame waiting for them! Too bad we haven’t “decided” on baby’s name yet, because I’d totally love to do something neat to announce it when baby’s born but alas…we don’t know what it’s going to be yet haha.
Sunday Matt’s dad is coming over for a visit, and Monday night we’re going over to Matt’s brother’s house for dinner. I can’t wait for Nat to make her steak rub…it’s seriously SO DELICIOUS. Plus I am stoked to see their new house, and perhaps have a bon fire 🙂
OH OH! And the rental company called me to tell me that the cupboards would be installed Monday at 8am. If they don’t stick to their word, I will be calling the rental board about it.
My fingers are more than crossed though, because I’d really like to have those cupboards in before baby arrives! One less worry. Or eye sore, anyway 😉
Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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8 Responses to Toddler Awesomeness

  1. Cute room! Added your button to my favorites tab! 😀

  2. dramaticmama says:

    I LOVE that you went out and bought him those toys for the bath!!! AWESOME! lol.

  3. jess ♥ says:

    @Rj and Jessie: Aww thanks love!! 😀 button love rocks 😉

    @Dramaticmama: I searched forever for those damn things lol! The one in the mall didn't have them, but I found them! Then forgot to buy two so I need to go back 😉 I wanna spell NOLAN for him haha.

  4. Sorry you're suffering terrible hip pain…been there before. Mine was pretty bad but I doubt it comes close to what you're going through 😦 I so have to try the towel thing with Landon aha. I know you're SO excited to meet baby number two, but glad to see you enjoying the last of your pregnant days and being a family of three. I spent so much of my last pregnant days in the hospital I never got to do that.

  5. It's a Nolan!” Heeheehee. I love it!

  6. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Let me know how Landon likes it! I think my hip pain is made worse by the fact that I generally ALWAYS have hip pain of a different sort and it isn't mixing well to pregnancy hip pain this time around. I weigh as much as I did giving birth to Nolan, and I know I didn't start getting uncomfortable UNTIL the last few weeks with him. I've been uncomfortable for a lot longer now! But they say that happens with every pregnancy, right? I'm sorry you had to spend the last few days of pregnancy in the hospital 😦 I feel bad for complaining!

    @Liz: I know eh?! I've been trying to record him saying it on video haha. It's adorbs!

  7. SO cute! I also love this stage! I love his little “Nolan-isms.” I also blame Max and Ruby for everything. When Ari says “HUNGRY!” instead of “I'm hungry,” I know he got it from Max and Ruby because Max says “HUNGRY!” GRRR. That show!

    Anyway, I love “It's a Nolan!” When he's looking in the mirror. That is so cute!

  8. jess ♥ says:

    @Old School/New School Mom: UGH I know! And he didn't start refusing food until Max did in that episode with the eggs. HORRIBLE show 😦 I love the “it's a NOLAN” too haha ❤

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