Thirty-four Weeks

I am now thirty-four weeks, and…holy smokes. It’s all beginning to hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything! 30 more days until October 5th, the day that my OB wants to do the c-section. Four more weeks of being pregnant, either way. 

My to-do list is still intimidatingly large. I feel like we’re seriously running out of time. I was hoping to be done everything by this point…but will I ever be done? Probably not.

So, how am I feeling
Sore, exhausted, and super uncomfortable. My acid reflux hasn’t let off at all, I generally have to pop back two Tums before retiring for the night. I’m still having hip pain and can I just say that 3rd trimester pooping sucks so much?! I know, entirely too much information. But seriously, it sucks. Especially with my hip pain. Matt laughed at me so much when I complained about it this week.
I’m feeling a lot of movements still, and I’m getting more and more braxton hicks throughout the day…and night. They’re beginning to get painful too, but when that happens I just drink water and lay down.

Baby Center says that our baby boy weighs as much as a cantaloupe. Upon reading that, I instantly started craving cantaloupe. Um, yeah. I’m weird? Baby is also almost 18 inches long. That’s a whole lot of baby! His fat layers are filling out more, making him rounder which is awesome because those fat layers will help his temperature stay regulated when he gets out of that little cozy apartment he’s in.
Baby Center also assures me that babies born between 34-37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine, which is reassuring but still…stay in there kid. Until October 5th at least.
I keep having nightmares, silly ones. Like me going into labor while attempting to get my G license on September 20th. Seriously, what was I thinking tempting the pregnancy gods with that one? Attempting to get my license at 36 weeks pregnant? I’m asking for it.
Oh, and I keep dreaming that the baby boy we’re expecting is actually a baby girl. All thanks to my sister Shannon, who asked me what I would do if he was actually a she.
It doesn’t fit under the “nightmare” category of course, but it’s definitely a dream that shocks me awake. Mainly because I am an over planner, and I have over planned for this boy. All I can picture is my two boys playing together. I’m not saying I would be completely ticked off if he was a she, but the planner in me totally freaks the hell out haha.

So, there we have it…my 34 week update!! I have an OB check up appointment tomorrow, and an internist appointment on Thursday. I hope that we can confirm confirm the October 5th c-section date. My OB was hesitate to book it until I see the internist and now the hematologist but frankly, I think both the other doctors could use the time frame. It’s not like I can postpone having a baby, right?

And, because this picture is way too ridiculously adorable: here is a picture of Nolan saying “OH NO! MY PANTS” after his pants fell down. You’re welcome 😉


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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4 Responses to Thirty-four Weeks

  1. Baby time in less than a month! SO exciting. As always, you look great. Hopefully baby drops in the coming weeks so you can take a nice deep breath and lay down without heartburn!

  2. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: 29 days!! WOOHOO! Man, I thought he was low enough lmao. I'm afraid he's gonna fall out 😉

  3. Landon felt SO low to me too, all the time. But I'll never forget the day Ryan and I woke up, looked down at my belly and went WHOA, the baby moved way down!

  4. jess ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I can't wait for that lol!

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